Common Law

Episode 1.02 : Ride-Along

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

May 18, 2012


USA Network


Drama, Comedy

Show Period

2012 - 2012

Production Company

CBS Television Studios, Junction Entertainment

Cast and Crew


Dermott Downs


The Wibberleys

Main Cast


Wes and Travis get a surprise when they learn that Dr. Ryan will be riding along with them for a full day. It's news that annoys Wes, who sees the interference as counter productive. Travis, on the other hand, sees the ride along as an opportunity to learn a little more about Dr. Ryan - mainly, if she's single.

Meanwhile, Travis and Wes investigate a suicide at a local hotel, but the seemingly open and shut case is complicated by the discovery of two hundred thousand dollars and a bloody earring at the scene. However, the real surprise comes when the detectives notify the husband of the deceased: it seems the victim, one Justine Winfield, is actually alive and well.

Digging deeper, Travis and Wes soon uncover a tangled web involving identity theft, failing marriages, and an accountant who isn't as adept at hiding his indiscretions as he thinks he is. The detectives soon learn that the answer was right in front of them the whole time, but that may not be enough to save Justine Winfield from becoming a victim for a second time in this complicated case.

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