The Chicago Code

Episode 1.12 : Greylord & Gambat

The Chicago Code Poster

TV Info

Episode Premiere

May 16, 2011





Show Period

2011 - 2011

Production Company

20th Century Fox Television, MiddKid Productions

Cast and Crew


Paris Barclay


Virgil Williams

Main Cast

  • Jason Clarke as Detective Jarek Wysocki / Jarek Wysocki
  • Jennifer Beals as Teresa Colvin
  • Matt Lauria
  • Todd Williams
  • Billy Lush
  • Delroy Lindo


Police superintendent Teresa Colvin tells grand jurors that city trash truck driver Ronnie Underwood was transporting methamphetamine for Irish mobster Hugh Killian to whom Alderman Gibbons sold the city's trash contract.

Detectives Jarek Wysocki and Caleb Evers arrive at Ronnie's apartment to bring him in to testify, but he's gone. The state's attorney is angry to hear this, so Colvin tells the jurors that an undercover officer will testify he witnessed Killian commit murder.

Jarek and Caleb tell handpicked officers, including Vonda Wysocki and Isaac Joiner, to find Ronnie, and Caleb learns that Ronnie has a brother nearby.

As Gibbons reviews his forthcoming mayoral campaign posters, his aide, Ellis, reports that Colvin told the grand jury there's a witness who ties Killian to Gibbons - and that there's an undercover officer in Killian's crew. At first Gibbons doesn't believe it, then he wants to see Killian.

Meanwhile, Killian's daughter, Elizabeth, asks undercover officer Liam Hennessey to accompany her on a date. When Liam refuses, citing her father's objections to such things, she replies that it's her decision - and reveals that she's the mob's accountant. Before things can heat up, Killian calls Liam.

Ronnie's brother tells Jarek and Caleb that Ronnie told him and others about the grand jury and suggests contacting his girlfriend, Penny, who works at a local massage parlor.

Killian orders his crew to find Ronnie, then - knowing Ronnie recently applied for a marriage license - gives Mikey and Liam cash and Penny's home address, adding that they should call him when they find her.

Jarek informs Colvin that Ronnie told people about the grand jury meeting. Colvin says the state's attorney gave her 24 hours to produce a witness.

Gibbons asks Colvin's chief of staff, Lt. Kelly - whom he handpicked for that job - why he didn't know about the grand jury. Gibbons wants the undercover officer's identity. When Kelly resists, Gibbons threatens his family.

While Jarek and Caleb visit the massage parlor, whose owner gives them Penny's address, Mikey and Liam arrive at Penny's home. Liam offers her $20,000 so that she and Ronnie can honeymoon in Mexico. Penny calls Ronnie.

Gibbons interrupts Colvin's meeting with Alderman Sanchez, turning on the charm. Afterward, Sanchez suggests that Colvin investigate Gibbons' relationship with his executive assistant, Lily Boshon.

After calling Killian, Mikey tells Penny that they'll take her and Ronnie to the airport, then tells Liam that Killian wants them killed - and Liam has to do it. Mikey, angry that Liam's getting this prime assignment, hands him a knife, noting that gunshots would be too loud. He says that Mack and Tommy will help them clean up afterward.

When Ronnie arrives, Mikey decks him and ties him to Penny. As they howl for their lives, Liam stalls, so Mikey angrily pulls a gun. Liam forces his shot into the ceiling, and shoots Mikey. When Mack and Tommy arrive, Liam says that Penny and Ronnie killed Mikey and ran; Liam says that Killian knows this and wants them to take Mikey's car to Indiana. He then tells them to not use their phones, because they're tapped. OK. Then Liam exits, leaving Penny and Ronnie in a closet.

As Gibbons meets with Killian, Lt. Kelly produces files on undercover cops who could pass for Irish. Killian identifies Chris Collier as "Liam Hennessey." Gibbons notes that Liam has nothing on him. Killian alludes to Liam's seeing him commit murder.

When Liam phones Jarek and Caleb and fills them in, Jarek orders Liam to drop the undercover act, but Liam refuses. He wants to trick Elizabeth into giving him evidence first. Meanwhile, Gibbons gives Lily $10,000 to leave town.

Liam tells Elizabeth that her dad's in trouble and wants the mob's records taken somewhere the police won't find them - and don't call anyone.

Colvin tells Ronnie that if he doesn't testify, he'll go to jail and Killian will have him killed there. But Ronnie refuses to cooperate. Jarek tells Colvin that Liam's missing and wants to ensure his safety. Colvin wants to arrest Killian for murder based on what Liam knows, get him to rat out Gibbons to save himself, and lead them to Elizabeth and Liam.

Before Colvin can interrogate Killian, Caleb gets Elizabeth's number from Killian's phone and locates her. Meanwhile, Elizabeth takes Liam to a warehouse, shows him the ledger in a floor safe, and exits to answer a phone call, claiming they must've tripped an alarm. Liam notes the ledger shows payments to Gibbons and hides it under his jacket.

Elizabeth returns, pointing a gun a Liam, who admits to being a cop, adding that Gibbons is the target and if Killian cooperates, they'll go easy on him. Elizabeth shoots Liam, who returns fire, wounding her, and runs.

When several thugs arrive, Elizabeth tells them what just happened, and they start searching for Liam. Meanwhile, Colvin offers Killian a deal to give up Gibbons, but he refuses, saying Gibbons will outsmart her.

The thugs capture Liam and are beating him savagely when Jarek and Caleb arrive and chase them off. Liam hands Jarek the ledger and is rushed to the hospital. Jarek leaves Caleb to stand watch. Meanwhile, Colvin learns that Gibbons has disappeared, Lily is leaving town, and Liam's been shot.

Jarek finds Gibbons waiting for him at the police station. Gibbons wants Jarek to ensure that the grand jury investigation is dropped and offers to name the man who killed Jarek's then-undercover officer brother. Jarek orders Gibbons to leave, which he does, saying he'll be in touch.

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