Episode 1.04 : Better Luck Next Year

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

July 09, 2012


ABC Family



Show Period

2012 - 2013

Production Company

Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions

Cast and Crew


Daniel Palladino


Daniel Palladino

Main Cast

  • Sutton Foster as Michelle Simms
  • Kelly Bishop
  • Kaitlyn Jenkins
  • Bailey Buntain
  • Emma Dumont
  • Julia Goldani Telles


Michelle is surprised when a moving truck shows up at her new home carrying not just her personal items from her Vegas apartment, but all the furniture that was there when she moved in. Fanny demands that the furniture be removed immediately due to the upcoming Joffrey auditions being hosted at her dance studio. So Michelle crowds all of the extraneous furniture into her little guest house. Later, Truly helps Michelle decorate her new living space.

Elsewhere, Boo is practicing and dieting in preparation for the Joffrey audition. But she is distraught when she discovers her mother bought her a cake even before the auditions that says, "Better Luck Next Year!" on it. Once Sasha hears about the cake and learns that Boo needs new (and expensive) dance shoes before the audition, she steals money from her parents and gets the shoes for Boo. She lies to Boo and says her father bought the wrong size, so they were just going to go to waste.

Meanwhile, Fanny learns that Joffrey wants to host the auditions in Ojai so she and Michelle set out on a mission to fix the ballet studio floor in order to impress the Joffrey people. They manage to make the changes just in time for the auditions to be held at Fanny's studio. Boo doesn't make the cut, but thanks to a little creative thinking on Fanny's part, Boo gets to audition a few times and ends up feeling really proud of her audition regardless.

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