The Big Bang Theory

Episode 6.01 : The Date Night Variable

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Episode Premiere

September 27, 2012





Show Period

2007 - now

Production Company

CBS, Warner Bros. TV

Cast and Crew


Mark Cendrowski


Steven Molaro, Jim Reynolds, Maria Ferrari

Main Cast


Howard is still in space, but he's able to connect with the group on earth via webcam. During a call with Bernadette, he's caught in an argument between his wife and his mother over the topic of where he'll live when he gets back. Meanwhile, Raj is feeling very lonely while Wolowitz is away, so he tries to tag along with the two other couples (Sheldon/Amy & Penny/Leonard). Sheldon invites him to go out to dinner with Amy and himself, but neglects to tell him that it's a dinner for their two year anniversary. Amy is completely annoyed that Raj is there until she reveals this to him, and then, being Mr. Romantic, he creates a phenomenal dinner experience for them. When he gets booted out of their date, he crashes Penny and Leonard's date and that goes all wrong when he tells Penny she should just tell Leonard she loves him once and for all. Later, Raj talks with Stuart from the comic book store, who is the only guy more lonely that he is. They bond and Stuart becomes Koothrappali's new best friend.

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