Catya Washington Arrested for Drug and Firearm Possession

Catya Washington Arrested for Drug and Firearm Possession

The American reality TV star reportedly was taken into custody on Wednesday, November 3 and she was caught with cocaine, mushrooms and ecstasy, as well as a gun.

American reality TV star Catya Washington was arrested on Wednesday, November 3 after police allegedly found her in possession of hard drugs and a firearm. Washington, who appears on "Bad Girls Club", was caught with cocaine, mushrooms and ecstasy, as well as a gun, during a drugs bust, according to TMZ.

Cops booked her for illegally possessing the drugs and one firearm, a Philadelphia District Attorney's Office representative confirms.

A bail for Washington, who appears in a music video by Drake called "Best I Ever Had", was set at 500,000 dollars. She recently said that she was done with all the drama going on in "Bad Girls Club", claiming they were too dirty, too catty and nasty for spitting on one another.




    Dec 06, 2010

    wat eva cat say she classy an da whole shxt da bxct is jus like us. a hood bxtch. stop trying to deny it yhu aint shxt bxtch find some thing to do besides get arrested an going on reality shows

    Nov 30, 2010

    Still not loving police, still got love for the vaginal crease. Cat is my bitch. She a pretty Nigga n she got caught keeping it gully. She got lawyer money from modeling. Hopefully its just a bump in the road for her.

    Nov 24, 2010

    Personally I think that those damn polices should let my qirlie Cat out of the "slammer". What she did was wronq and all but qot damn did they really have to take it that far? So you know what FUCK DHA POLICE!!! ILY KITTY!!!

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