Tila Tequila Loses Bid to Stop Her Sex Tape Release

Tila Tequila

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge rejects the star's plea to keep her X-rated video she made with a boyfriend several years ago private, noting 'Tila exploits her sexuality.'

U.S. reality TV star Tila Tequila has lost her legal fight to stop release of a sex tape she made with a boyfriend several years ago - a judge has rejected her request for an injunction. According to TMZ, the star, real name Tila Nguyen, filed for an injunction to stop the release of the explicit video, made during a holiday with a boyfriend more than seven years ago.

Her lawyer claimed the tape is an invasion of her privacy and a misappropriation of her image. But a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge rejected the argument on Thursday, October 7, noting "Tila exploits her sexuality".

The judge also ruled that there wasn't enough evidence to issue a restraining order against the star's ex, whose name has not been released. Tila rose to fame as a popular internet pin-up on MySpace, and has since become known as the bisexual star of U.S. reality dating show "A Shot At Love".

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    my nutts itch
    Oct 21, 2010

    trust, ima be lookin for that tape.

    little dick wit big
    Oct 21, 2010

    fuck tila tequila, thats wat i'd do lol. Now where can i get my grubby lil hands on that tape.

    real time with me
    Oct 08, 2010

    she's loving this- publicity! her image is 100% sexual, she has nothing else to offer, so why is she pretending she is offended by this tape???

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