Tupac Shakur Movie Will Concentrate on His Final Day

August 31, 2010 06:35:27 GMT

Helmer Antoine Fuqua's upcoming movie about the rapper will detail on the star's last day when he was gunned down and killed in Las Vegas in 1996.

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"Training Day" director Antoine Fuqua's much-anticipated movie about Tupac Shakur will concentrate on the rapper's last day. The hip-hop hero was gunned down and killed in Las Vegas in 1996 and the new film will feature flashbacks that link to Shakur's final day on earth.

Production on the film, which was originally planned as a documentary, is expected to begin in November. Fuqua hopes to cast an unknown as Shakur.

Oscar-nominated screenwriters Stephen J. Rivele told Rolling Stone, "He was just beginning to shed that anger and look for a purer voice... He was in the process of changing himself, and entering a new phase of his life. He saw the contradiction between the musical persona of 'Thug Life,' and his essential nature as a gentle, sensitive person. And that was partly responsible for his murder: He was not a gangster, but the people around him were."


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posted by smitchy on Sep 19, 2010
posted by kwame on Sep 01, 2010
the guy doesn't doesn't look lyk a gangster. Ppl rather gone appreciate Darris Love( Janky Promoters (Mondo)) as Tupac Much better than ths fresh looking guy
posted by kwame on Sep 01, 2010
ths is rly cool - it's all tht we've bn expecting for so many yrs. the only thn is the guy doesn't look one bit like tupac. I may not be able to appreciate ths guy or accept him us Tupac. this cd really be a big hit so the producers shd just tk their time and find the right Tupac match else it gon flop
posted by Crazy mad on Aug 31, 2010
I wish someone would tell the real story about how this movie came about. When did this become Antoine Fuqua's movie? He nor the new set if writers had anything to do with this movie from the beginning. But leave it to the press to post anything......
posted by ainzzz on Aug 31, 2010
A movie for Tupac...FINALLY!

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