Suge Knight Had Drawn Guns Pointed at Him

November 30, 2013 15:21:01 GMT

The Hip-Hop mogul is reportedly considering to file a lawsuit against the law enforcement who mistakenly arrested him.

Suge Knight
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Photo credit: Michael Wright/WENN

Suge Knight may have frequent run-in with the laws but the latest put him in the innocent position. The music producer and rapper fell victim to a mistaken identity and bogus assault report.

Per TMZ, Knight's car was chased by police and pulled over in Los Angeles on Friday, November 29. The police officers jumped out of their vehicles and had their hand guns drawn, ready to shoot Knight who was standing in the middle during the scary stand off.

Knight agreed to come to the police station where he explained that he was not the man they were looking for. The police, according to TMZ's sources, received a report of assault whose suspect description matched Knight's. The police reportedly now believed that the initial report of an assault was bogus.

Knight was eventually released but sources close to the Death Row Records head said he was considering a lawsuit. He was reportedly extremely upset about the incident.

Knight is in the middle of a three-year unsupervised probation for driving with a suspended license. He was arrested back in September this year for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. The warrant was issued back in February after the 48-year-old failed to appear in court for driving without a license.


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posted by Tiger 5 on Dec 01, 2013
Yeah, he should sue the police. He could have got killed over nonsense of mistaken id.He's no saint but he got rights like everyone else in this country.
posted by EBX60 on Dec 01, 2013
no...just do the same...

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