Michael Jackson's Doctor Conrad Murray to Be Released From Jail in October

July 29, 2013 09:00:18 GMT

After being sentenced to 4 years and serving less than 2 years in prison, MJ's former physician Murray is set to be a free man.

Conrad Murray
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After serving less than two years out of his four-year involuntary manslaughter sentence for Michael Jackson's death four years ago, Dr. Conrad Murray is set to be released from prison in no time at all. The convicted cardiologist is set to become a free man on October 28 after being sent to jail back in November 2011.

The news has enraged Jackson's mother Katherine, who believes Murray should have been tried for murder which carries a stiffer penalty as compared to that for involuntary manslaughter. "It is not right I will never be able to see my son again, while his mother can see him," the devastated matriarch said.

A source who says Murray should have at least served the complete sentence for his crime calls the early release "an insult." Murray's sentence was apparently shortened by his good behavior, as prison authorities have described him as a "model inmate," with some additional help from an overcrowded California jail system.

The Jackson family is also furious at Murray for refusing to give evidence in the current wrongful death trial against concert promoter AEG Live, feeling he has key evidence to prove AEG acted negligently resulting in the King of Pop's untimely death. Murray supposedly wants nothing to do with the lawsuit for fear of being incriminated and has even gone on to threaten that he will reveal secret information about the singer and his family if he was forced to testify.


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posted by karen on Feb 07, 2014
man... shut up you domt know nothing.
posted by dicking her on Feb 07, 2014
man... shut up you domt know nothing.
posted by POTUS on Oct 02, 2013
Karen, what do you mean about everyone may start killing each other. Look at this country, it is a jungle. The Blacks are killing everyone. Fortunately for us, they mostly kill their own.
posted by POTUS on Oct 02, 2013
Sorry Ms. Jackson, but you need to accept that your son is dead because he was a drug addict and that is all.
posted by maphuthi on Aug 02, 2013
can someone please answer this question. why would Dr conrad do his utmost best to get an education,go to medical school and then kill a pop star of all people? it doesn't make sense. i mean Dr conrad grew up with nothing and he made something of his life, there after kill MJ?? really let's think about it why didnt he kill an ordinary person instead?
posted by maphuthi on Jul 31, 2013
i am very extatic that Dr conrad murray will be realesed, he didnt not deserve what he got. judging from what his patients and former patients where saying Dr conrad murray wouldn't kill someone, he know the consequeses of killing a patient if you are a medical doctor. so Dr conrad iam happy for you. start afresh.
posted by karen on Jul 29, 2013
o so its ok for them to release conrad murray who killed michael but its not ok to release the other criminals that killed so they can do it again as well. what a lovely world we live in. you just might as well have everyone killing each other off cause with you releasing muderers in the world one will be left on the planet.

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