Farrah Abraham Fires Back at Catelynn Lowell's Comment on 'Backdoor Teen Mom'

Farrah Abraham Fires Back at Catelynn Lowell's Comment on 'Backdoor Teen Mom'

The 'Teen Mom' alum disses her MTV reality show's co-star for making harsh comment on her and James Deen's porn.

Farrah Abraham is definitely not pleased with anyone who says bad things about her porn. In a recent interview with Us Weekly for the magazine's latest issue, the 21-year-old reality TV star dissed former "Teen Mom" co-star Catelynn Lowell, who said Abraham sounded "like a dying horse" on the porn video entitled "Backdoor Teen Mom".

"I know what jealousy looks like," Abraham told the magazine. "I am trying to be a role model for the other Teen Moms. I try not to knock them down. I try to better them." Abraham didn't stop right there. She then pointed out Lowell's personal problem, saying, "Catelynn has a weight issue, but I don't say harsh things about her to hurt her self-esteem."

In the interview, Abraham also dissed her "Backdoor Teen Mom" co-star, James Deen. Abraham, who was rumored dating the professional porn star last month, claimed that Deen had a crush on her. "I feel like James wanted to date me, but I don't trust him," she told the magazine. "And I don't want to date a porn star."

The single mother to 4-year-old Sophia went on saying, "This was a one-time moment for me. But now that I've seen the footage in full, doing something with me was probably, like, the highlight of his life."

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    Jun 07, 2013

    How is making a porn movie being a 'role model' for other teen mums'. Your just a money hungry twat wanting to get more plastic surgery. You want to do a porno, thats your deal, im not dissing you for that, but you cannot say your being a role model. You need to stop being so up yourself and focus on Sophia and not yourself, and be nice to your parents!

    May 28, 2013

    Haha , my personal opinion is farrah's a moron. Deff was never a fan of her from the beginning. I think its pretty nasty that she did that. "Yeah here shopia your moms paid someone to have sex with her" pathetic !

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