First Look at 'Teen Wolf' Season 3

December 28, 2012 04:33:12 GMT

Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien take fans behind the scenes of the first day filming season 3 and read some fan mail on the set.

First Look at 'Teen Wolf' Season 3
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Behind-the-scenes footage of "Teen Wolf" season 3 has landed online to tide fans over the summer premiere. "Welcome to Season 3 of 'Teen Wolf,' first day of filming! Merry Christmas," lead actor Tyler Posey opens the video.

In it, Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Hoechlin and more cast members are featured on the set during the first day of filming the new chapter. They are mostly seen shooting the scenes in vet's office and in the school, with Miss California 2007 Meagan Tandy showing off her skill with a stick in locker room.

New faces Charlie Carver and Max Carver, who portray twin brothers Ethan and Aiden, also appear in the video. Toward the end of it, Posey and O'Brien sit down to read some fan letters.

"Teen Wolf" will return with its third season in summer 2013, but no exact premiere date has been announced by MTV. It, however, has been confirmed that Colton Haynes won't return to the supernatural drama series after his character Jackson Whittemore was killed off in the second season finale.


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posted by Secret on Apr 06, 2013
I'm sorry but that's a lie . Colton Haynes (Jackson ) should be in season 3 because he was not killed in the end of season 2 .. He was perfectly fine after he finally became a werewolf .! So he should definitely be in season 3 !!!
posted by G- dog on Mar 31, 2013
I can't wait until season 3! I can't wait until Scott turns into a werewolf again! He's soooo hot! And so is stiles!
posted by Amby on Mar 14, 2013
Hello... Teen Wolf is awesome of course. I read that Jackson is not going to be in Season 3... And this is my answer for that... On the one hand, I'm happy that he is leaving cuz Stiles deserves a chance with his love, Lydia. But, on the other hand, although I didn't really like Jackon, in some memories and in the beginning he was so sweet to Lydia. But, still, that's not the reason that I wanted him on the show. Ok, sure, he can be good. But do you remember what happened in the end of season 2? Yeah, sure, he was the Kenema but when they "killed" him but then he came back as a werewolf. So, he's still alive. They can't just say that he is dead and move on. 'Cause he is not. Do I remember that scene correct? Or am I wrong?
posted by Big g on Feb 22, 2013
Colton Haynes is on arrow on wb
posted by TEENWOLFISAWESOME on Feb 18, 2013
Omg i luv u guys so much! Hurry up and finish so i can mark it on my calneder! Oh and P.S TYLER I WANNA KISS U SO BAD I LUV U SOOOO MUCH! ;) U too Dylan. LUV YA
posted by jay on Feb 14, 2013
colton haynes have to be in season 3 we all want to see what would happen to him.
posted by Emilee on Feb 12, 2013
neither Colton who plays Jackson or Gage who plays Erica will be in season 3.
posted by Deyang on Feb 08, 2013
I can't wait for season 3. Luv u guys especially scott,stiles and allision. Lydia pls can u give stiles a chance!
posted by wolfan on Feb 07, 2013
cant wait for season 3 ... whole fam big fans!! thank you MTV!!!
posted by TEENWOLFFAN1 on Feb 06, 2013
HURRY AND FINISH SEASON 3!!!!i cant wait !!!!!! u guys are awsome>.<
posted by Breezy on Feb 06, 2013
Well i am a Teen Wolf fan but its sad to say that i didn't know about the alternate season finale with Colton so please don't be mad with me. I am slighty shocked not to have known but if there is anything else happening with season 3 please.
posted by crazy bout u on Feb 05, 2013
I love teen wolf so much. I'm crazy about that show,its my favorite.
posted by crazy bout u on Feb 05, 2013
I love teen wolf my favorite show. I love them so much.
posted by Alpha on Feb 05, 2013
jackson is not on season 3 because they couldnt agree to a contract which is stupid because he woulda been a cool ass werewolf
posted by Im not a creep on Feb 02, 2013
I know Jackson turned into a werewolf
posted by Burg on Feb 02, 2013
I agree, you can't just take the season 2 ending and say that Jackson died, when really he didn't
posted by Annaturn💕 on Jan 29, 2013
When I first heard of teen wolf I was like ha that sounds stuiped.....then I watched it and feel In love I am addicted!! I love DYLAN and TYLER I wish Dylan had a power!!!!;(
posted by Megamind on Jan 29, 2013
Wow!! Finally season 3! Derek is the coolest 4 me!! Can't wait 2 start watchin it!!PS. I luv teen wolf!!
posted by alex on Jan 28, 2013
First two seasons were awesome and great. I love the show!! specially Allison;)
posted by stiles on Jan 27, 2013
teen wolf is my life...i just love everyone there bt i have to say i love sterek the most..them to are just soo adorable<3
posted by teen wolf<3 on Jan 26, 2013
I LOVE TEEN WOlF Specfialy scott !!<3
posted by ghost on Jan 24, 2013
posted by ThatAce on Jan 24, 2013
annonymus you are wrong they made two second season finales one where colton haynes became a wolf and the other where he actually dies. Since colton haynes is not returning they are using the second season finale to say that he died.
posted by stilesboothing on Jan 24, 2013
i am so obsessed with teen wolf I WISH I WAS A WEREWOLF.p.s.i want to meet u guys in person exspecailly stiles
posted by love lahey 3< on Jan 23, 2013
I really love Isaac and stiles but mostly Isaac I really hope nothing happens to them. p.s. does anyone know how to turn the 3 around???? 3<
posted by Fangs hair nails wer on Jan 23, 2013
Watching teen wolf makes me to wish I was werewolf
posted by Emond on Jan 23, 2013
Teen Wolf is Awesome!!!!
posted by Abel on Jan 21, 2013
Great movie
posted by TEEN WOLF FAN on Jan 20, 2013
posted by butterfly123 on Jan 20, 2013
You right annonymus
posted by TEEN WOLF#1 on Jan 18, 2013
posted by annonymus on Jan 17, 2013
colton haynes will be on the 3rd season, jackson wasn't actually killed

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