Octomom's Son Gets Restraining Order Against Obsessed Ex-Nanny

Nadya Suleman

Another controversy arises at Nadya Suleman's home as her son asks protection against an alleged obsessed former nanny.

Things are not exactly all good at the Suleman home. Nadya Suleman, also known as Octomom, is helping her eldest son get protection against a seemingly vengeful obsessed ex-nanny who allegedly would not leave the kid alone.

Eleven-year-old Elijah Solomon claims his former nanny, Gina Bryson, is harassing him and will not leave him alone. According to Elijah, Gina has been calling him and continuously sending text messages to his phone. The boy, who has received a restraining order to keep Gina at a safe distance, also calls her "bizarrely obsessed" with him.

Sources close to the Suleman family reveal to TMZ that Gina's harassments began when Octomom fired her over the summer. After getting dismissed, she allegedly started her incessant phone calls and offensive text messages to Elijah. Gina was also accused of spreading malicious rumors and false stories about the boy to the media. She claims Elijah sexually molested her younger sisters and watched porn.

For now, both Octomom and son can sleep soundly as the judge has already prohibited the ex-nanny from going within 100 yards of Elijah and contacting him in any way. Octomom is also taking care of more papers needed to get additional restraining orders for two other children whom Gina has also been allegedly harassing.

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    Nov 05, 2012

    The efforts to discredit the "nanny", who was not a nanny or paid to take care of Nadya's children all summer, are nothing short of amazing. Nadya asked her to interact with Elijah, as the older children were feeling left out of the wonderful interactions and experiences the octuplets were getting while in Gina B.'s care. Nadya and her manager will do anything to deflect attention from Nadya's ineptitude as a mother. The children will suffer unless and until the legal or social services system rescues them .

    Nov 05, 2012

    This article is BS. Nadya didn't file the Temporary restraining order, her Porn Star Manager did, and gave her own address as the kid's. Why not get a statement from Gina Bryson before you defame her in print by calling her "vengeful" and "bizarrely obsessed". Bryson is one of at least 5 different caretakers who went to CPS over a 2 year period of time about abuse and neglect in that home. Nadya's and her publicist are trying to discredit and retaliate against a very credible witness. So much for "best interest of the children". blech.

    Nov 05, 2012

    THE WHOLE FAMILY is nutter than a fruit cake. think the drugs have her paranoid. why does she have those kids?

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