Rep: Lindsay Lohan Did NOT Steal Clothing From 'Scary Movie 5' Set

October 24, 2012 17:46:11 GMT

The actress was accused of taking home nice clothes from the movie set last month, thinking it was complimentary like soap in hotels.

Lindsay Lohan
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Lindsay Lohan could be in for another legal trouble but her spokesman stopped the rumor before it spreads out like wildfire. Steve Honig denied that his client has stolen $15,000 worth of clothing from the set of her new film, "Scary Movie 5", telling Mail Online "This is pure National Enquirer fiction."

Enquirer got its story from a set insider who said Lohan took "nice tops and skirts" from the Atlanta set last month. "I guess Lindsay thought she was entitled to it, like free soap at a hotel. All the other actors knew about it, but the producers just put it down to the price you had to pay for doing business with Lindsay," the source said.

Lohan stars in the horror film for a small role and reportedly was unhappy with her part. She was threatened with legal action for stealing the clothes, "but at the end of the day the producers decided it was more trouble than it was worth to try and get them back," the source said.

The actress has been accused of stifling a necklace worth $25,000 from the Kamofie & Co store in Venice Beach, Los Angeles last year. This time, her act was caught on surveillance tape and she was charged for theft. She pled no contest and was subject to supervised probation. She also completed the required community service and therapy in March this year.


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posted by Tits McGee on Oct 28, 2012
Maybe she really did steal thwem, and that is why her publicist quit> because if this and well, she is Lindsay Lohan and has consistent, bi-weekly fuck-ups. xoxo
posted by jDelaney on Oct 24, 2012
Damn, doesn't this guy get tired of denying Lindsay did this or did that every week? I sure hope he gets paid good for kissing her'd be like kissing a big hunk of some particularly pungent cheese, I imagine, so, regardless, he has my sympathy.

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