Kristen Stewart Wears Robert Pattinson's Old Shirt When Heading to LAX

September 06, 2012 02:27:19 GMT

Heading to Toronto International Film Festival for her first red carpet event post-cheating scandal, Kristen is also spotted wearing a golden ring which was rumored to be a gift from Rob.

Kristen Stewart
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Photo credit: Sean Thorton/WENN

Kristen Stewart seemed to find it hard to move on from her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Despite their romance woe, the "Twilight Saga" actress, who was caught cheating with married director Rupert Sanders, was spotted rocking Rob's old T-shirt as she headed to LAX airport on Wednesday, September 5.

In a series of photos that made its round onto the web today, Kristen was noticeably donning a loose white shirt with the word "IRIE", which happened to be the same shirt Rob was photographed wearing on July 19 last year. Not only that, but she's also spotted wearing a gold ring which was rumored to be a gift from the British heartthrob.

Kristen was snapped stepping out solo at the airport, looking casual in denims and leather boots that she paired with thick-framed spectacles. Carrying her trusty brown leather jacket, she was also spotted wearing a cast on her left middle finger.

The 22-year-old actress was heading off to the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival to promote her latest drama "On the Road". The premiere will be held on Thursday night, September 6 and it will mark her first red carpet appearance following her cheating scandal with the "Snow White and the Huntsman" filmmaker.

It has been reported that Kristen was "fretting" over her first red carpet appearance at TIFF. A source told RadarOnline that the actress was nervous and worried that her personal issue might affect critical reception on her film. "Kristen Stewart hasn't been able to get a wink of sleep in the run-up to the film festival," said the source.

"Even though members of the media have been strictly told that questions about her cheating scandal are off-limits, she's been fretting over the film's premiere," the source added. "She really hopes that the critics are kind to her when it comes to the reviews and they don't judge her on her personal life."

"On the Road is a project that's very close to Kristen's heart. She is a big fan of the original novel by Jack Kerouac and wants the movie to get the praise she thinks it deserves. Kristen's worried that because it opens the festival, a lot is expected of it and just prays that it's well received."


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posted by Anonymous on Sep 06, 2012
Robert Pattinson is a talented and classy guy. Luv him.
posted by team robsten on Sep 06, 2012
You can't have love only when it is great, you have to take love during the bad times....if it is strong and real and we are able to let go of our egos and hurt, the love we have will be even more special and neither will take it for granted...good luck you too...will always be team robsten
posted by jerseypeach57 on Sep 06, 2012
Agreed, this girl does not deserve this! She made a mistake and has paid dearly for it. If Rob truly cared for her, he would give a second chance. I am sure he has made his too. But t-shirts, hatred, really! Rob needs to show his maturity and if he really cared, stick up for her and work on the relationship, stop running away! Deal with it and pick up the pieces. She deserves a second chance as most do.
posted by jerseypeach57 on Sep 06, 2012
Thank you for some sense to this! Clearly a case of bad judgement. She did not anything different than alot of college students. I am so surprised though that if Rob loved her as much he said (to be so heartbroken), why he cannot forgive and start over with some new understandings? Everyone makes mistakes...what counts is if you learn from them. They need to find out why it happened and what their relationship lacked? Don't toss it if it really meant something. As for Rob's sisters, they are just being sisters and overprotective, its natural. He needs to do what he must to save the relationship if they truly care about one another.
posted by Jhomhy on Sep 06, 2012
Am just glad as more and more people are now having an open mind (no longer biased or one sided) about what happened to this two. If he really loves her and that a lot of good things(outweighs the bad ones) they shared together - yes I believe it is worth to give it a second try. That is really if there is something between them more than just a "publicity stunt" as what Angelina Jolie has said. As well they should appear together at the Twilight opening. Their personal lives is another story but the movie is their work. Whatever happens between them be professional enough to show up and support the movie you made.
posted by Mahra sheikh on Sep 06, 2012
No problem try try u will get Robert back Kristen
posted by star1990 on Sep 06, 2012
Totally agree with you Marichromatium! Hope her career and everything works out for her in the future. Dang! I really should read something else. LOL!
posted by Missy on Sep 05, 2012
Poor girl why must condem what she has done no body are perfect give her a break
posted by lucyb89 on Sep 05, 2012
Did anybody stop to think, that maybe he was wearing HER t-shirt?
posted by Marichromatium on Sep 05, 2012
Leave the poor girl alone! I am horrified at the way she has been treated. Perhaps I'm even embarrassed that I've followed this silliness given that there are so many more important issues in the world today. Have we "devolved" to the point that our only interest is trashing any well known figure to the brink of suicide? This girl can't hold a candle to the things I've done and I suspect most of us WOMEN are in the same boat! Why must we trash each other? We don't need anyone to keep us down. We'll do it to ourselves! Kristen, make us proud tomorrow!

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