Selena Gomez Sued for Similarity in 'A Year Without Rain'

April 28, 2012 18:58:47 GMT

A band named Luce claimed their 2005 song was ripped off in the chorus for Gomez's 2010 song.

Selena Gomez Sued for Similarity in 'A Year Without Rain'
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Selena Gomez's name is dragged to a $1 million lawsuit filed by a band named Luce. The plaintiffs, Tom Luce, Brian Kroll, Lawremce Riggs and Matt Blackett, claimed that Gomez's song "A Year Without Rain" stole the sound from the chorus of Luce's 2005 song "Buy a Dog".

Luce said Gomez's song, which was co-written by Lindy Robbins and Tobby Gad, was "virtually identical" to theirs which appeared on the group's second album "Never Ending". Both Robbins and Gad were also named in the lawsuit as co-defendants. The band accused Gomez and her co-defendants of infringing on their copyright.

"A Year Without Rain" was picked as the title track of Gomez's second album which was released in 2010. It was performed with her band The Scene.

According to Courthouse News Service, the complaint stated that "Buy a Dog" was "a No. 1 record on several radio stations around the United States, including WRLT in Nashville and KFOG in San Francisco, at both of which it was among the 10 most played records for the entire year of 2005".

Gomez's camp has not given a comment about the lawsuit.


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posted by Tony on Mar 17, 2013
Are you kidding me!!! It's a total rip off of LUCE's song! and LUCE has more talent than this fake bitch will ever have! and by the way Luce has been around since this little Prima Donna was a small child and has had plenty of success!If they had the money thats behind Selena....They could steal songs and get away with too!
posted by Sally on Jul 08, 2012
The 2 songs sound alike for like ONE MOMENT of the chorus, certainly nothing to SUE over! These money-hungry, fame-desperate Luce ppl need to leave Selena alone!
posted by Kate on Jun 09, 2012
I never heard of the stupid Luce band and plus there is no similarity. If they want fame it will never happen, cuz there are now tons of haters. Leave Selena alone stupid bitches in the Luce band
posted by David on Apr 30, 2012
This is the first time I have heard Luce's song - and I like it. The chorus melody is very similar. I don't think the lawsuit will result in $1 million award. I would expect a out of court settlement for a far lesser amount.
posted by Sky on Apr 30, 2012
Luce, enjoy your 15 mins of fame ... because you guys will soon just disappear. Selena Gomez FTW.
posted by Courtney on Apr 30, 2012
That stupid band has issues. I never heard of those fame-whores or that song until now. I do not find any similarities between the songs. I love Selena's song and it is such a shame this is happening. Dammit.
posted by Gee on Apr 29, 2012
Ok whoever this people are need to leave Selena alone, I have never even heard of them. We had the same problem with One Direction, why do this unknown bands or people always looking to sue those are well are well known then them? Obviously money. Fuck Luce whatever and leave mamacita alone. Love you Selena :))
posted by Mimmy09 on Apr 29, 2012
Both the songs sound totally different! Leave Selena Gomez alone! I hate the Luce Band!
posted by Moe on Apr 29, 2012
All they want is money and fame.
posted by Laura on Apr 29, 2012
I find this stupid! leave selena alone. 1) they only sound sort of the same and only for like two seconds! 2) Selena's is way better anyway so who cares really?! Love you Selena!
posted by KB:) on Apr 29, 2012
I can't believe that Selena's songwriter would do that! I does sound the same! But...... SELENA shouldn't sne sued, her songwriter's should! And you guy's are right! Even if this a was true.... nobody has ever heard of them before!
posted by 123abc on Apr 29, 2012
I listened to each of them twice and they are way differnt types of songs. I heard maybe one beat that sounded the same and it was barely noticeable. The band that sings buy a dog no ome has even heard of , they are obviously not popular and just are looking for money in a ridiculous way. They have no lives to look that deep into another song.
posted by Idc on Apr 28, 2012
Wow!!!!!Never heard of them it does sound similar once you listen closely. But she didn't steal the lyrics just he tune of the chorus.
posted by Audri on Apr 28, 2012
OMG!!! That is only a little similar which is just a coincidence!!! It's not like the whole chorus sounds the same!!! That is soooo stupid!!! =.=
posted by RR on Apr 28, 2012
OMG!!! It's only a little similar!!! It's not like the whole chorus is similar!!! That is sooo stupid!!! It's just a coincidence!!!! =.=
posted by iluvsel19 on Apr 28, 2012
This is stupid they sound nothing alike! Nor do they seem alike in the video!!! Leave SEL alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by mggmaggie on Apr 28, 2012
Yes it does when you listen to Buy a Dog in 1:03 mins it sounds the same as Selena in mins too. I would sue.
posted by vik on Apr 28, 2012
sounds nothing alike. i have never even heard of them
posted by Donna on Apr 28, 2012
Remotely similar. Coincidence.
posted by Joe on Apr 28, 2012
That sounds nothing like A Year Without Rain, are you kidding me?! Leave Selena alone.

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