Diggy Simmons on Dissing J. Cole: I Was Just Sticking Up for My Family

April 03, 2012 07:03:01 GMT

The son of Rev Run also says that his rapper father has heard the diss song 'What You Say to Me' and he gave him his blessings.

Diggy Simmons
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Diggy Simmons caused a buzz over the weekend when his song "What You Say to Me", which took a jab at fellow rapper J. Cole, hit the web. While Cole hasn't commented on the diss, Simmons has addressed the matter when doing an interview on 99.1 KGGI in California recently.

The rapper said he wrote it a year ago to defend his sister Vanessa Simmons. He revealed, "My sister over a year ago told me that [J. Cole] was saying that he did this, that and third with her, 'cus they went to the same college, but they didn't really know each other like that, so it wasn't like that."

The son of senior rapper Rev Run continued his story, "She also told me that he subliminally talked about her in a song called 'Purple Rain,' which was also false. So it was just me sticking up for my family, that's all that it really was."

Insisting he didn't leak the song, Simmons said, "I was gonna put it out, but I didn't feel like it was appropriate." Still, he noted, "That's my over everything. [My dad Reverend Run] had already heard the track and he was like the same thing: 'Family over everything, that's your sister,' so he wasn't mad at all."

The Run DMC star indeed gave his blessings to his son. The rapper-turned-preacher, whose real name is Joseph Ward Simmons, wrote on Twitter, "J Cole.. Puts out 2 records Dissing family & Diggy & nobody cared.. Some1 leaks a old Diggy record & there's a problem?"

Cole took shots at the Simmons family in two songs 2010's "Purple Rain" and 2011's "Grew Up Fast". In the former song, he talked about his sexual relationship with a "good girl" whose "father was a preacher." In the latter, he rapped, "You ni**as is not Russell, you more Diggy/ Me? I'm more Biggie."

Answering the two songs, the young Simmons fired back in his own song, "The other day I was listening to 'Purple Rain'/ Couldn't believe all of the things I heard him say. .. Heard you lying on my sis, tellin' people that you hit/ When ya album drops, I'ma hit you with your brick."


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posted by GetRight! on Jun 21, 2012
I love both j cole and diggy 1,000%. But that waz a little unfair that ppl wanna tlk mess bcuz diggy fired back! While on the other hand,vanessa cuddav handled this on her own since they r the same age.#ClearEverythingUp
posted by diggy lover on May 11, 2012
iii lovee diggy !!!! fuck what ya'll sayyy u fulll tiim e wastemanz !!!!!!! NO FUCKING LONG TING!
posted by Stace Hamilton on Apr 09, 2012
He rashedddd!!!!
posted by Essence on Apr 09, 2012
omg those songs that j cole made wasnt even a diss to diggy or his sister if diggy really listened to those songs he would know it too
posted by Cpt\'n Crump on Apr 04, 2012
Diggy will kill J Cole any day of the week.... wtf wrong with y'all ... smh
posted by cyh from NC on Apr 04, 2012
I like Diggy but J Cole hotter. Diggy music is for kids. I feel like Diggy sister shouldn't put herself out there like that. She should act like a lady to be respected like one.
posted by Tutai Jessie on Apr 04, 2012
J.Cole_ _. _. _Diggy ___ No match, sorry.
posted by emoney21212 on Apr 04, 2012
Diggy leaked this crap cuz is album went no where..j Cole isn't goin to respond cuz he could of been talkin about anyone Diggy sis ain't the only good.Also Diggy not on j Cole level he is a baby nd need to fall back.Diggy ain't about that smh
posted by sandrawbossin on Apr 03, 2012
All ya'll need tha calm down! Diggy did his thang ;) What if it was J Cole talking bout yall sister! Aha ya'll wouldnt like it too much now would yall? NO!
posted by Real Talk on Apr 03, 2012
I hope Cole dont respond too diggy he like 12 years old he not even worth the time
posted by WTF?? on Apr 03, 2012
Do me a favor and use your senses 1. J Cole is like 27 and diggy is 16 why is there beef between then 2. If someone was talking shit bout my sister id be mad to 3. And everyone saying diggy aint shit is not true as much as you just don't want to admit it he got bars thats all i gotta say
posted by V3ezi on Apr 03, 2012
he deserves every single thing he got good for u diggy.
posted by Purpledranktown on Apr 03, 2012
Who cares what all these little people have to say about you not even being worth mentioning diggy. You got dope bars, and can't no one take that from you bro!!
posted by Capitann1 on Apr 03, 2012
diggy sux COLE WORLD
posted by Capitann1 on Apr 03, 2012
diggy sorry AF J cole would murder him i understand he sticking up for his fam but dont finish something u aint gon finish
posted by Cole World on Apr 03, 2012
Lets be real, J not lien just because she is a so called "Good girl" doesn't mean she didn't go bad.

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