Kim Kardashian Gets a Laugh Out of Her Ugly Crying Face

February 01, 2012 05:13:21 GMT

Admitting she does not look cute crying, the 'Kourtney and Kim Take New York' star shares a number of screen shots that capture her in various stages of tearful breakdowns.

Kim Kardashian Gets a Laugh Out of Her Ugly Crying Face
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Kim Kardashian apparently doesn't mind taking a jab at herself. After sending the Internet abuzz with her new hair color, the estranged wife of Kris Humphries took to her official blog on Tuesday, January 31 to admit that she has an ugly crying face, and has got a good laugh out of it.

"Ok, I have to admit I do not look cute crying! LOL! And I do cry a lot," so the 31-year-old reality star wrote on her blog post. "These pics are so ugly I just had to share." Along with it, she included five screen shots, most of them came from her reality shows, that capture her in various stages of tearful breakdowns.

The crying shots aside, Kim recently revealed that she has dyed her hair to a lighter color. On Monday, January 30, the "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" star tweeted a photo of herself showing off a lighter brown shade. In its caption, she wrote, "I dyed my hair lighter yesterday! I'm loving it! New hair color = new beginnings for me. You like?"

According to Us Weekly, Rebecca Friedman, the co-owner of the Goodform Salon in Hollywood, California, described Kim's new hair color a "cooler, chocolate-y brown" with "sun-kissed streaks that are close to her childhood color." She added Kim is "definitely keeping it like this for now," though "she'll want to go lighter" if possible.


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posted by Geronimo on Feb 04, 2012
Anyone laughing at someone else crying is HEARTLESS, and is only concerned with themselves. If you laugh at yourself, that is your perrogative.PUFFY eyes, but losing your breathing pace, that is from DEEP down.You are heartbroken & U need to change something.People can SEEM like they care, but NOTTA chance. If you can laugh at yourself, that is FINE, but nothing should even set you into that situation.
posted by mjames2000 on Feb 01, 2012
Show the girls ..we won't see yo ugly cry face
posted by side on Feb 01, 2012
Heard her box feels like a pound of ground beef....nasty excuse for a lady
posted by ddrocks on Feb 01, 2012
Answer me two things..first are any of the "k"'s famous for any important and second......who the f@#*cares. Grow up. You're not that imporrant
posted by JustTelling on Feb 01, 2012
Not a news story
posted by emma57 on Feb 01, 2012
oh please! what a douchbag!! Get over yourself

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