Sinead O'Connor Splits From Fourth Husband Again, Vows to Stay Away From Romance

Sinead O'Connor

In a statement she posted on her official website, the 'Nothing Compares 2 U' hitmaker blames the Irish media for causing 'enormous damage deliberately and maliciously' to Barry Herridge.

There's no "happily ever after" for Sinead O'Connor after all. A little more than a week after reuniting with husband Barry Herridge, the "Nothing Compares 2 U" hitmaker took to her official site to announce that her fourth marriage is finally over for good and vow that she will never again associate herself romantically with anyone.

Having thanked fans for supports, O'Connor wrote on a post dated Friday, January 13, "Ireland is a very f**ked up country." She went on to explain, "Certain sections of our media are pure evil. These people, along with others caused enormous damage deliberately and maliciously to my innocent flower of a husband, purely because he was with me."

"And so his association with me became something very bad for his life," she continued on sharing her side of the story. "And slowly since we were married I became very ill as result of what was done to my husband and i was unable to cope. And became depressed.."

"The behavior of one particular paper resulted in very serious damage to my husband and myself personally and consequently made the marriage untenable so that it is now over and I hope the media will kindly leave the poor man alone to get on with his life. ... I have been told by the one paper who tried to destroy my husbands job that it is entirely my fault they did as I don't just shut up and sing."

While admitting that she is back on medications, O'Connor assured fans that her psychiatrist has told her that she's "not bipolar and [does] not need to be on meds for longer than a few months just to lift me out of what depths I was dragged down to since the mis- treatment of my husband and therefore destruction of our marriage began. So I will be fine again within days."

O'Connor tied the knot with Herridge in Las Vegas on December 8, 2011. However, the singer parted ways with her therapist husband after just 16 days of marriage because of pressures placed upon him by "certain people in his life". In early January 2012, she tweeted that he has reconciled with Herridge after having "a mad love making affair" with him.



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