Amanda Seyfried and Taylor Swift Officially Offered Key Roles in 'Les Miserables'

January 04, 2012 06:49:39 GMT

Seyfried has been offered to play Fantine's daughter Cosette, while Swift has been eyed to star as Thenardiers' daughter Eponine after beating other contenders like Lea Michele and Scarlett Johansson.

Amanda Seyfried and Taylor Swift Officially Offered Key Roles in 'Les Miserables'
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"Les Miserables" might be close to find the right actresses to play Cosette and Eponine. Twitch reported that Amanda Seyfried and Taylor Swift have been officially offered to tackle the essential roles of Cosette and Eponine respectively.

Seyfried is eyed to play the daughter of Anne Hathaway's Fantine, though in fact Hathaway is only three years older than Seyfried in real life. Seyfried's opera background is expected to give her some helps in playing the character.

As for Swift, the country singer auditioned along with Lea Michele, Scarlett Johansson and Evan Rachel Wood back in November 2011 for the role of Eponine. It was now reported that director Tom Hooper has set his eyes on the Grammy winner and has sent a formal offer to her.

In addition to Hathaway, "Les Miserables" has already cast Hugh Jackman as leading man Jean Valjean, Russell Crowe as police inspector Javert, Eddie Redmayne as baron Marius Pontmercy, and Sacha Baron Cohen as villainous Monsieur Thenardier.

Based on a famous play inspired by Victor Hugo's novel, "Les Miserables" revolves around the struggle by ex-con Valjean to outrun his past and his relentless pursuer Jarvert. Serving as the screenwriter for the high-profile musical is William Nicholson. Universal Pictures has scheduled to release the film in the U.S. on December 7, 2012.


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posted by gemma on Jan 06, 2012
Never seen or really cared about Les Miserables, but given this outpouring of excess estrogen, I will now buy a ticket to see what all the fuss is about.
posted by gurn on Jan 05, 2012
Why you gotta be so mean? I love Taylor as do millions of others. I was at her 50,000 plus stadium show in Dallas this year and let me tell you that girl can sing. So give her a chance, even if you know nothing about her and are going with those standard put-downs that are so cliche. She won the role. It wasn't given to her.
posted by SuiteSue on Jan 05, 2012
Taylor Swift can act and sing. Sounds like the director knows what he's doing.
posted by Clint3011 on Jan 04, 2012
posted by cuu on Jan 04, 2012
Taylor for Eponine?? Is this kind of Joke or something? Taylor's act in Valentine's Day is terrible! Lea is much much better than her,,
posted by MILLA on Jan 04, 2012
embarrassing, Taylor Swift is so wrong for the part. [2]
posted by Her bro on Jan 04, 2012
find out more about real Scarlett by typing Scarlett Johansson clone in Google search bar and you would see much more then in The Island movie..
posted by kim on Jan 04, 2012
embarrassing, Taylor Swift is so wrong for the part.
posted by Frank R on Jan 04, 2012
I am a tried and true theatre junkie and even I can see the merit of bringing a Taylor Swift to this cast. She is a superstar name and has dabbled into a variety of arenas with incredible success. It always boils down to the audition and it would appear that Ms. Swift nailed it.
posted by Adam on Jan 04, 2012
Anne Hathaway's character dies when Amanda Seyfried's character is just a child. Seyfried (should she accept it) will play Cosette as a young woman

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