Video: Scotty McCreery Missed Cue at Macy's Thanksgiving Performance

November 24, 2011 18:03:49 GMT

Taped for such a big broadcast, McCreery's performance of 'The Trouble With Girls' shows how lip-syncing is applied to the event every year.

Scotty McCreery
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Scotty McCreery became a laughing object after he missed his cue on Thanksgiving performance. The latest "American Idol" winner was caught in the worst lip-syncing while performing his hit "The Trouble With Girls" on top of a float at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The song began a few seconds too early and caught the country singer on guard. McCreery managed to stay calm and finished the song but the moment had been captured at close shot for all the nation to see.

Lip syncing is a common thing at the annual Thanksgiving day parade because the organizers prefer to have such way for complicated broadcast. Kylie Minogue was put in the spotlight at last year's event for "miming" the words to her "Get Outta My Way". She defended, "I would have much preferred to sing live, but what do I know about the parade? I was just doing what they told me to do."

For McCreery, this is the second time his performance is put under scrutiny in recent months. His version of "The Star Spangled Banner" last month for Game 1 of the World Series in St. Louis was deemed too drawling that people wonder whether he had flubbed the lyrics.


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posted by Carolina ELVIS on Dec 30, 2011
1 mistake, BUT Millions of FANS...We all have our moments...Great job & Keep it up...ELVIS
posted by Emy on Nov 24, 2011
I didnt get to see him..but are you sure itd just the camcorder and not Scotty??

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