The Duggars' 20th Child Expected to Be Born This Spring

November 08, 2011 16:07:14 GMT

Michelle Duggar is already three-and-a-half months into her pregnancy and is taking care of her unborn baby extra carefully.

The Duggars' 20th Child Expected to Be Born This Spring
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TLC may have to change the title to "19 Kids and Counting" again. The reality show's stars, Bob and Michelle Duggar, are expecting their 20th child who is expected to be born this April. "We are so excited," Michelle said. "I feel good. I am past the sickness stage now."

The pregnancy came rather a surprise even for their 19 kids. "The kids were all asking, 'Are you joking or are you serious?' " said Michelle. "It was a big surprise. The little ones started jumping up and down when they realized he was serious." They broke the news while taking a family picture.

Their youngest , Josie, went through a difficult birth in December 2009. She was born following Michelle's preeclampsia diagnosis at a mere 25 weeks, weighing only 1lb., 6 oz. But Josie is doing well despite her early birth.

Asked what made them to decide to have another baby, Bob said, "Michelle is probably in better health now than she was 10 years ago. She has been getting on an elliptical for about an hour a day and is very careful of what she eats." Michelle added, "We are just going to do the best we can. I am taking a nap every day, and we are just taking good care."

This would be Michelle's first time scheduling a Cesarean because Josie's premature birth required a special cut on the inside of her uterus. "So this one will be different," she said.


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posted by Alison Que on Dec 13, 2011
Yes the baby is dead and gone! to bad for u
posted by May Patey on Dec 13, 2011
I prayed that you would. My dream came true. THANK-YOU GOD! : ))))
posted by fefe patey on Dec 13, 2011
:) I lost my baby at 37 weeks i know how you feel. it was a girl and we named her juliana mary johnasn. Pray the lord for you to have another one
posted by mary patey on Nov 08, 2011
Congrs are in order. Whatever God wants. Just as along Mother & baby are doing well. I lost my baby at 3months old. I know how they feel

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