Video: Taylor Swift Accidentally Exposes Granny Panties During Concert

August 16, 2011 02:24:58 GMT

The country music star suffers the minor wardrobe malfunction when a wind machine on the stage blew up her blue dress in the middle of her 'You Belong With Me' performance.

Video: Taylor Swift Accidentally Exposes Granny Panties During Concert
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Joining a list of celebrities who have fallen victim to wardrobe malfunction, Taylor Swift had a Marilyn Monroe moment during a recent St. Louis concert. When taking the stage last Saturday, August 13, the "Mine" hitmaker accidentally exposed the nude granny panties she was wearing underneath her blue dress.

The 21-year-old country singer was belting out her hit single "You Belong With Me" when a wind machine on the stage blew up her dress. Handling the situation like a pro, she quickly backed out of the wind path and continued to sing. A part of the back of her dress, however, stayed up for quite a while following the little mishap before she smoothed it down.

While many young stars played up their sexual appeal by wearing revealing clothes, the Grammy winner has admitted that she doesn't feel comfortable flaunting her figure. "I wouldn't wear tiny amounts of clothing in my life, so I don't think it's necessary to wear that stuff in photo shoots," she said in an interview with London's The Telegraph back in April.


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posted by HiC-Love on Jul 11, 2012
She can get away with it because she's still HOT!
posted by the bestSwIfTy on May 09, 2012
i dont like it when stuff like this happens to her although she was brave enough to keep going btw...... i like her dress
posted by darron on Apr 03, 2012
posted by trev on Mar 13, 2012
btw hottest girl ever and she wound 'nt have known better
posted by Ishiro Takoda on Feb 03, 2012
Pantsu (longleg panties or full-coverage panties. "granny panties" in USA an other countries") are the sexiest knickers thhan a girl can use. Pantsu are the real ladies underwear. Thong, g-string, hipster or any other knickers a totally slutty. I love Taylor Swift because she`an authentic lady.
posted by Swifty <3 on Nov 17, 2011
amazing how she recovered I would of just ran away crying!
posted by Taylorlover on Aug 23, 2011
I'm so sorry for Taylor :( I hate when that sweet girl is put through these kind of situations, but she reacted well ;)
posted by nathalie morales on Aug 20, 2011
I really love taylor swift and her music videos.. eventhough her panties was seen she dont bother it she keeps on performing.. for her fans,, love you taylor,;
posted by Joshua on Aug 19, 2011
btw..don't make a concent again that the date is 13!! hate that date!...btw 13 is your fav. no. so.... :)
posted by Joshua on Aug 19, 2011
BTW.......she wears undies.. but the show must go on!!.. <3 you TAYLOR!!!
posted by taylor\'s fans on Aug 18, 2011
by the way, its not granny panties ok? it's what we call safety pant....... i love you taylor... u r the best...
posted by Shara on Aug 18, 2011
OMG! Them bloomers are what my 80 year old grandmother wears!
posted by Ph.D. on Aug 16, 2011
For Christ's sake, Sam, learn how to spell. If you fill out a job application with gibberish such as that, you'll be lucky to land a job driving a garbage truck.
posted by hey Ph.D. on Aug 16, 2011
Why don't you just take Sam's message for what it is: a great one. You really do need to get over yourself. Seriously.
posted by Lexiiii on Aug 16, 2011
Those are spanks (or however you spell it)... not granny-panties. You know, those things you're supposed to wear under you dress? Yeah...
posted by Rick on Aug 16, 2011
My Granny never looked that + hot + in her panties! There form fit panties bye the way!
posted by tswiftforever on Aug 15, 2011
I hate these kinds of things!I hate it when people have to make her looke bad!
posted by sam on Aug 15, 2011
luv er shez da best singa,shes got talent aswel as dignity and selfrespect dat sum ov oda stars lack.wish er gud luk in er career an personal life. luv u taylor thank u 4 wearin dem pants coz u set a great example xxxx

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