Report: Jason Statham Will Replace Shia LaBeouf in 'Transformers 4'

July 06, 2011 05:52:33 GMT

Following speculation that there'll be another 'Transformers' sequel, a Hollywood insider reveals that the boyfriend of Rosie Huntington-Whitley is considered as the new leading man in the franchise.

Report: Jason Statham Will Replace Shia LaBeouf in 'Transformers 4'
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After the successful debut of "Transformers: Dark of the Moon", there are various speculations mentioning that there will be a fourth "Transformers" film. In relation to this, a Hollywood insider said the production team is currently looking for a new leading actor and Jason Statham is rumored as the possible replacement to Shia LaBeouf.

The boyfriend of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who replaced Megan Fox as the leading lady in the third installment, is believed to have the capability to bring different image for the upcoming autobot-war film. "It's clear the franchise still has huge potential but with a new leading man capable of taking 'Transformers' in a new, darker direction," so the insider said to Showbiz Spy. "Jason could be just the man to do that and his relationship with Rosie would be an added bonus in marketing the movie."

The rumor saying that Jason might star in the possible new sequel of "Transformers" emerged after Shia and director Michael Bay hinted their retirement from the franchise. "If they're going to do it again, they have to attempt it with somebody else," Shia said on the NYC premiere of "Dark of the Moon". "We took it to the limit. We tried as hard as we could. I don't think we can turn in a movie that's better than this, really."

However, some critics believe that looking for Shia and Michael's replacement won't be easy for such huge franchise. "Unfortunately, making a deal for a property this big won't be easy," editor Phil Contrino said. "I'm sure a bunch of directors and stars will be kicked around publicly before new hires are made."


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posted by kukay on Nov 29, 2012
Statham might be inapopriate with this role,. Its not literally an action movie using thier physical structure,. Its a scifi movie
posted by ShiaLabeoufneedstost on Jul 11, 2012
jason? hell no keept him out of robot movies. Shia is the best in transformes and michael bay is prolly gonna stay to do more TF films just like he did for te third one when he said he was leaving but stayed yea rosie cant act like when the building was getting drilled by the driller bot she like "woah woah woah" looking all dumb and late...shes hot tho. Anyways if shia is not gonna be in it at least make it about War for cybertron or fall of cybertron dont put jason statham in it hes a good actor but not for transformers XDD screww all TF haters
posted by Justsaying on Jan 31, 2012
If this true. I just won't watch it. I am happy theres a new one. But replacing Shia and Bay would be a huge mistake..It won't be worth my money.There is a reason why TF4 has made billions.. I wouldn't even try to make another movie if the two most important people left. Whos going to top them?..It's not going to work.
posted by TFFan on Jan 30, 2012
All you haters need to deal with it! Its going to be awesome and whoa and retired, not quit, and they r fine with it!
posted by Trans4mer on Jan 04, 2012
Jason is not a good fit for this kind of movies, and Rosie is pretty but everyone agrees she cannot act so bring Megan back. The SAM character has to be part of the movie is this is going to be a sequel, and obviously Bay has to direct this thing otherwise it will be "The dark bat transforms to donkey poop" give people what they want and forget about the stupid critics....
posted by Transformers on Dec 06, 2011
It doesnt matter what the next one is about but that all transformer fans will love it no matter what as long as it has the same characters
posted by transformers on Nov 16, 2011
shia and bay please don't go i don't want a bald, old and ugly guy to take over it wouldn't be the same so please stay shia and bay
posted by bobo on Nov 01, 2011
keep shia and bay .the whole point of the movie was sam as the main character and bumlebee his protector.and who would want an old bald guy to replace shia.and bring back megan fox cause the new girl sucks at acting
posted by trans on Oct 08, 2011
i think all you haters are a bunch of bitches, all three have been awesome. if you dont like the movie why do you even bother looking at the transformer blogs. go fuck yourselves with a transformer haters.
posted by shadow on Oct 03, 2011
Replacing Shia would be a poor decision. And if you put Jason in his place the film will fail. When you replaced Megan Fox it was no big deal the only thing she really has going for her is her body, you got another girl who can't act with a nice body. If your thinking about replacing the main actor then I wouldn't even bother making a fourth movie it would end up being like batman every time someone different.
posted by tffan88 on Oct 02, 2011
I would love another transformer. Keep characters they same tho jason is one hell of a actor but would not be right in transformers please don't bring megan back having her then tkkng her out and bringing her right back would not make any sense but def please one more movie
posted by Janarthan on Aug 11, 2011
I don't think shia should leave transformers is nothing with out him and Rosie hunting wood cant act all. Shia should not be replaced in the next transformers. He is the main chracter in the movie and replacing him would make transformers not interesting at all,Also megan should return in the transformer franchise she is a important role in the movie. She is a way better actress the rosie.
posted by Transformer_no.1 FAN on Jul 21, 2011
please for god shake dnt replace Micheal bay & Shia labeof. I know critics will say for replacement but in reality peoples love transformer in there original Look, Jason is old and in my view shia is best no no Mr perfect or i would say he born for this Movie "Transformer" and Mr Micheal Bay dnt leave us your absence will me missed in Movie Action & your outstanding work what you give. I dnt know what you think about your work but in my view you give your best and Transformer Movie crew give there best. We love to see transformer not for any lady character. we love it for you Shia & Mr Micheal Sir.
posted by bro on Jul 17, 2011
why jason and and why in part three it is no t megan fox
posted by mark on Jul 16, 2011
no,we don't want to change shia his perfect in the transformers,even michael bay should not be change,because for us(transformers fans),they are the talent,back bone of the movie,and brains,so please don't change them.,
posted by miller on Jul 07, 2011
No no no!! You can not replace shia labeouf, it would be like puttin Jackie Chan as the lead role in pirates of the Caribbean just wouldn't be the same film!! Can understand Megan fox cus they split up in the end of the second one, have to agree her replacement can't act Tho :-/
posted by kkk on Jul 06, 2011
no way shia labeof is one of a kind,, even megan fox its kinda frustrating that she was replaced with a new leading lady who doesn't even knew how to act - for instance in the part where the building was about to fall in half she just screamed and screamed without any facial expression.....Transformer4 should be casted with the original cast that the people saw in the first 2 films bec. its where people loved and appreciated transformers much its the original cast tundem... don't replace any of the characters.. i so like shia labeof nd megan fox...
posted by Energon Cube #84 on Jul 06, 2011
Transformers 4, hell yeah bring it on. Sooner the better. Id say Bay will be back to direct. His last three TF films have made bucket loads of cash. If it isnt broke, dont fix it. The critics dont like Bay or the TF movies, but the fans who spend their money do. Bring on TF4.
posted by surfzzanthony on Jul 06, 2011
You are so right, Jason Statham is old, bald and unattractive. Maybe the animators can edit his face to look somewhat attractive.
posted by joseladodgers on Jul 06, 2011
Statham who? Are you kidding me? Staham has never carried any movie worth even renting. What blockbuster has ever been carried by a lead whom is bald and old and been around the block way too long. Paramount needs to pay Shia more money to keep him because he can clearly carry this franchise.
posted by NO on Jul 06, 2011
posted by bimboprime on Jul 06, 2011
actually who replace who does not matter. the main about transformers are just robots. just my 2 cents
posted by Boom on Jul 06, 2011
Statham would never involve himself in such trash. The Transformers franchise has been eviscerated just as badly as Lucas' Star Wars when he decided to create that awful prequel trilogy. Bay and LaBouf pretty much ruin any film they're involved with.
posted by derka derka derka on Jul 06, 2011
If so this would be the first Transformers movie I'd even consider watching. Shia Ladouche can't act his way out of a colostomy bag.
posted by TTumMM on Jul 06, 2011
Will Jason and his Audi transformer tare decepticons apart with their bare hands?

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