House Not Trying to Kill Cuddy in 'House M.D.' Season 7 Finale

June 04, 2011 04:33:13 GMT

Although Hugh Laurie's character crashed his car into Cuddy's living room in the season ender, creator David Shore insists House is not a murderer.

House Not Trying to Kill Cuddy in 'House M.D.' Season 7 Finale
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House left an impression that he was trying to kill Cuddy in the season 7 finale of "House M.D." after he crashed his car into her living room, but now David Shore has explained that it is not the case. "I'm aware of that reaction [and], though it's not universal, it's something we have to think about. It wasn't intended," the show's creator insisted.

"He was clearly doing something crazy and visceral, but he wasn't trying to kill. If you watch the episode closely enough, [Cuddy and Co.] are leaving the room before he drives into that room. He sees that," Shore continued. "Certainly, it was crazy and irresponsible and dangerous, but it wasn't an attempt to murder her."

Laying another argument, he told TVLine at WGA Foundation event, "Second of all, when he leaves, he says [to Wilson], 'You're right. I do feel better.' And he does feel better, which to me means he got what he wanted out of that. He did intend to lash out. He did intend to hurt her, but not physically. He got what he wanted, which was to strike a blow against her world."

Regarding Lisa Edelstein's departure, Shore said he would have crafted a different season ender if he had known her plans. "It probably would have involved more closure on the character," he shared. "I was really disappointed. I am still reeling from it..."

Asked whether Edelstein would return in season 8 for an episode or two to properly finish her storyline, Shore said, "We have to plan for her not coming back," because "there's no indication that she would at this point." Scribe Peter Blake, meanwhile, claimed explaining Cuddy's departure will be easier than figuring out what would happen next with Huddy if she was still on the show.

Talking about a new character who will take over Cuddy's job, Shore told Entertainment Weekly, "It depends on how things unfold but there definitely may well be more than one." One thing he knows for sure is that "House is not going to be totally changed or different."


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posted by James on Jun 22, 2011
Dude..everyone who thought he was going to kill her obviously didn't have a clue as to what the ep was about...>.< or the whole season for that matter.
posted by Mimori18 on Jun 07, 2011
Either way I am excited to watch the next season.
posted by Bonnie on Jun 04, 2011
It's things like "definitely may well be" that nailed this coffin shut.
posted by ernie.cordell on Jun 04, 2011
I get the whole 'lashing out' thing: It even may be characteristically irresponsible, but I don't buy that "House," either the series or the character isn't changed by Edelstein's departure. It might have been different if they hadn't succumbed to the temptation to build a romantic relationship out of a little sexual tension.

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