Rebecca Black to Topple Justin Bieber for Most-Disliked Video on YouTube

March 29, 2011 06:49:13 GMT

The 'Friday' music video is one of the strong contenders for becoming the most-disliked video since it has got more than 1 million 'dislikes' in less than a month.

Rebecca Black to Topple Justin Bieber for Most-Disliked Video on YouTube
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Both Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber went through similar path in rising to stardom by becoming online sensation. The former gained her fame via her critically-panned "Friday" viral clip, while the latter got a lot of fans through his much-praised music videos including "Baby" clip.

Since her music got negative reviews, it's not surprising that Black scored as many as 1.1 million "dislikes" out of 60 million views on YouTube. She collected the number less than a month after dropping the video on the web. This puts her as one of the strong contenders for the "most-disliked video" on the video-sharing website.

Last year, Bieber reportedly was the one who got the title with over 1 million "dislikes", despite the fact he also got the most-watched video. Now the "Baby" video, which has been watched by 500 million people, has moved to only 1.1 million "dislikes". Thus, it will pass the "honor" if the "Friday" clip continues to rapidly gain the "thumb-downs".

Black herself keeps her head high despite the criticisms. In her recent message to The Sun, she hit back at the haters, "You think you are bringing me down and making me not want to do this any more. But you're making me stronger and want to do it even more."

She's ready to show what she's capable of in a debut album. "Here I am in a studio working on my debut album. I'm going to prove you wrong. Just like Friday, the new songs are pretty catchy," the teenager gushed.


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posted by moe on Apr 03, 2011
um guys im new and i dont know what the hell im doing so can u help me
posted by moe on Apr 03, 2011
um that is werred and that descusing and i dont think thay shoud be togogether
posted by Heinrich Himmler on Mar 29, 2011
Mein Führer,Ich kann helfen!
posted by Hitler on Mar 29, 2011
Dear DGH, Hallo there mien kinder I agree that they should not say that justin bieber should die. but I do believe that i have some wonderfull camps that he would love
posted by Justin Bieber on Mar 29, 2011
I love you rebecca, finally another girl with a vagina like mine. XxX
posted by DGH on Mar 29, 2011
Shut the fuck up telling her to do die, you jealous fucks. Seriously, how fucking low and pathetic are you? Dah bitch is making money & doing what she loves! Let her do whatever the hell she wants. Telling someone to go die is EXTREMELY fucked up and people like YOU are the ones who should kill themselves. I haven't even seen the damn video but I'm 13 too and she's gorgeous & I'm actually jealous of her, and so are yall, obviously. Stupid fucks. Your parents should have their ass beat for the horrible job they did on yall.
posted by rebecca bieber on Mar 29, 2011
rebecca black & justin bieber are suck
posted by AdiBieber on Mar 29, 2011
I Love Both Rebecca and Justin . Friday is good song why the people dislike this :@
posted by prick on Mar 29, 2011
leave justin and rebecca alone, there on there periods...
posted by rebecca black on Mar 29, 2011
if you look at the bit were she gets in the car with the justin bieber look alike he has a boner
posted by rebecca black on Mar 29, 2011
only if you give me your vag...
posted by justin bieber on Mar 29, 2011
i have no dick, can i have ures rebecca?
posted by redtube on Mar 29, 2011
why is rebecca black white?
posted by Rebecca Black on Mar 29, 2011
why u all being mean to me ?? i only try get laid :(
posted by rebeccablack should on Mar 29, 2011
seriosly please just die, no on likes you, it would be eaiser if you kill yourself
posted by Simon Cowell on Mar 29, 2011
By "catchy" she means "f*cking disgusting"
posted by arijan dreshaj on Mar 29, 2011
weri good bieber
posted by kendra tomassi on Mar 29, 2011
i love you
posted by kendra tomassi on Mar 29, 2011

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