Nude Picture Leaked, Chris Brown Tweets 'WTF'

Chris Brown

The self-portrait image was reportedly taken just last week for sexting and leaked by his ex-girlfriend.

Chris Brown might want to think twice before taking and sharing his naked picture in the future. WorldStarHipHop has gotten its hand on a new image featuring the R&B singer posing in nothing but his birthday suit in a bathroom.

The unflattering image was taken by Brown herself with an iPhone and sent for sexting to one of his ex-girlfriends who then put it up on the internet. The photo is said to be a recent one since the "Crawl" singer sports his newly dyed platinum blond hair in the image.

Soon after the photo hit the web, he tweeted, "WTF!!! Here we go!!!" Brown later deleted the status after it remained on his Twitter page for about 8 minutes. As of press time, his rep has not responded to the nude picture.




    Mar 11, 2011

    What u mean nigga dick is yall racist r something y ya mad almost all black men r packing and some white u just mad ca u pissing on ur balls and don't nobody want that lil dick

    Mar 10, 2011

    crazy world nwdays,not even funny,so digusting who leaked it is crazy and he or she is stupid,hw could u,hw he or she wil benefit from that.People dnt you fear God,one thing u shld knw we are created in the image of God

    Mar 07, 2011

    chris really disappoint me with the things he does. He was sexy until he showed the whole world his peen, now he just looks like a pervert

    Mar 05, 2011

    is he crazy loco or wat

    Mar 05, 2011

    Unflattering? It's huge! I love it! Who are these micropeens hating on Chris' endowment?

    Mar 05, 2011

    where can i see it aty? I cant find it anywhere!!

    Mar 05, 2011

    lol he wasnt playin in his songs wen he said he was packin! but it is bigger than i though!!!

    Mar 05, 2011

    Its an ugly pencil thing penis. I dont like niger dicks.

    Mar 05, 2011

    It's bigger than i thought it would be really, i wonder if he leaked it himself, you know nikkaz have no problem taking photos and blastin it out there if they got somethin to show, i think he impressed a lot of chicks. i know i am.. he can get it.

    @CB is a Disgrace
    Mar 05, 2011

    u just mad cuz his dick is bigger than yours or if ur a girl ur mad cuz he will never tap ur ass

    Mar 05, 2011

    Chris is HOT! Poor thing though. I hope they find the bitch that leaked the pictures.

    CB is a Disgrace
    Mar 05, 2011

    He leaked that picture himself for promo purposes for the other leaked song talking about his peen and he has been in photos lately constantly holding it and in his rap for his other song look at me now he talks about his peen. So this is all a stunt. It has back fired, no parent of a preteen will let them be involved in this perverted mess except little girly boys just like him.

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