Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Pictured Holding Hands in California

February 07, 2011 08:34:59 GMT

The twosome shares smile to each other while strolling down the streets in Santa Monica, California on Sunday afternoon.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Pictured Holding Hands in California
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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber may still play coy about the nature of their relationship but action speaks more than word. The couple who keeps denying their romance reports has been spotted holding hands while strolling down the beach side streets in Santa Monica, California on Sunday, February 6.

The 18-year-old Disney cutie who donned a white top was pictured putting her hand on Justin's shoulder in another picture. The rumored lovebirds were also seen smiling at each other that afternoon before they headed home to watch the Super Bowl.

Their latest public outing is another evidence that they are indeed dating. Selena and Justin were previously reported holding hands after visiting IHOP in Pennsylvania and caught engaged in some PDA during a New Year's vacation in St. Lucia.


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posted by zecret on Mar 07, 2011
cute couple! i thought jb and selena are only joking but the time i see in the tv that jb and selena get serious i was shock!!
posted by DAY on Mar 05, 2011
posted by tauhira on Mar 05, 2011
my 2 fav.... selebz are 2gether im soooooooooooo happy lov u guyz 2 the max and al this other people jst shut up coz u ppl dino wat 2 say
posted by dayyaan on Mar 05, 2011
all boys dat think they can get wit selena go sleep shes takin shame hope u find one soooooon love u selena
posted by tauhira on Mar 05, 2011
u people are soooooooo damme stupid leav them alon they are ment 2 be cn i think they cute 2gether love u justin and selena u guyz are the best!!!!!!
posted by louzviminda on Feb 27, 2011
i never ever wantd that justine and selena could be together because selena is old enough she kust wanted money from justine bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pataie gutom maghguwat lang uhg tagak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
posted by louzviminda on Feb 27, 2011
haie you know what i like you so much :) i want to meet you in personal so that i can kick your ass hahahahahahya p-eruh tinoud diay bantaie lang kah buangah kah anhih lang kah sah guizo birahan lgih tkah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by robert sanders on Feb 25, 2011
I think Justin bieber and selena gomez are good together.
posted by jordan sims i live i on Feb 15, 2011
selena u are sexy i love u call me i will give u my cell number in a week but u should come to south bend and go to jefferson middle school and ask for jordan sims in mr lile class come on a friday pls for we can talk f2f wright me on this website love u love that ass to
posted by jordan on Feb 15, 2011
that bich i love her & wii find her and the bieber who sings like a girl i wii kick his ass & me & selena wii be together
posted by 5 on Feb 08, 2011
they make a cute couple i love justin beiber
posted by Yu Lee on Feb 07, 2011
How many media outlets have incorrectly repeated over and over that she is 2 years older than him? This is sloppy journalism, why don't they find out her exact birthday? I think she's only 15 months older, and anyways Justin is quite mature for his age! In just 3 weeks on 1st March, Justin turns 17 years old. So now will they all exaggerate the other way and say he's “ONLY 1 YEAR OLDER”?!
posted by wtf on Feb 07, 2011
I hate her now. She ruins everyone. Thanks alot, Justin. You just HAD to take that fag. :/
posted by Blake on Feb 07, 2011
OMG selena serious you are like his mom back off Jeez LEVAVE HIM :@
posted by BIEBER FEVER on Feb 07, 2011
posted by jade on Feb 07, 2011
i don care
posted by eggs on Feb 07, 2011
i dont like both of them but selena is 18 and hes only 16.i like demi, shes way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
posted by <3 on Feb 07, 2011
U bitchez r just mad cuz u can't get him.. And um who the screen name is K da stupied shez already famous u dome ass.. Man Selena don't listen 2these gurLs who r crazy over Justin beiber if u r happy with him stay..<3
posted by bernie on Feb 07, 2011
yer saddddd
posted by beiber fan &selena on Feb 07, 2011
yeah why does she always say that he is like a brother you would'nt date a BROTHER just sayin
posted by k on Feb 07, 2011
i just hope she's not just using him because of his fame....that what i think
posted by Oh on Feb 07, 2011
And Selena is 18 years old, that doesn't make her ancient or a hag. 2 year difference, wow...such a huge gap. (That is called SARCASM)
posted by Seriously on Feb 07, 2011
Can you beliebers learn to spell? Its not that damn hard and quit threatening her. It is not illegal for her to date him and to be honest none of you ever had a chance. You're just fans, you buy his record, what his movie...fill his bank account. That's it.
posted by parker on Feb 07, 2011
i think if selena gomez and justin bieber together,justin look not matured okey!!!Selena gomez please leave justin bieber alone!!!
posted by jh on Feb 07, 2011
u got some fake tan mine iz way beta n itz real.!!!
posted by h on Feb 07, 2011
leave him alone u old hag.
posted by me on Feb 07, 2011
urgh selena is ugly

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