Nona Sivley Named 'Hell's Kitchen' Winner, Competitor Unhappy

December 16, 2010 10:30:49 GMT

Although Gordon Ramsay gave him a 'well-done' remark, Russell Kook failed to congratulate his opponent and went on blaming his team for his struggle in the kitchen.

Nona Sivley Named 'Hell's Kitchen' Winner, Competitor Unhappy
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Gordon Ramsay has picked the new winner of "Hell's Kitchen". Nona Sivley, a mother of one from Texas, won over Russell Kook in the one-hour finale to cook a five-course meal judged by Los Angeles' notable foodies.

Sivley created a Southern-inspired menu and impressed the judges. She was the contestant whose door was unlocked, allowing her to walk through to a podium filled cheering crowd including her husband and son. As the winner of eighth season, Sivley is to take the head chef position at LA Market in the JW Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles. Plus, she would be the official spokesperson of Rosemount Estate Wines.

"I fought and I fought and I fought, and this is so amazing," Sivley said. "I am so thankful. This was a huge sacrifice, missing my son's first birthday, missing his first steps. But it was absolutely worth it to make his life better."

She said before the finale that her motivation to join the competition is to provide a better future for her family. "My dream would be to set up a college fund for my son, so he wouldn't have to worry about coming up with the money for school or end up in debt," she said.

Kook is not happy with Sivley's victory. He blamed his team for not being effective, even believing in a sabotage. "I'm not happy at all," he said in the exit interview when he did not blurt out profanity.


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posted by JIGZA on May 12, 2014
Nona is the best there is. When they had to say things about the show individually, she did not swear at all or about the other contestants. And I think, she's the most beautiful woman that I've ever seen on Hell's Kitchen. Man, she's cute, she's hot & her chubbiness just adds more spark to it. You are indeed a remarkable woman. I love you Nona, mwah
posted by nonaisaloser on Feb 08, 2014
Nona was not talented and is a lousy cook. She also looks so gross. I doubt they hooked her up with a good job.
posted by nonaisalosee on Feb 08, 2014
Nona was not talented and is a lousy cook. She also looks so gross. I doubt they hooked her up with a good job.
posted by ArmyWife7711 on Jul 06, 2013
I thought Nona was very professional acting and her cooking skills looked very creative and high end. I am glad she won. I hope to eat at her restaurant someday.
posted by pluisje74 on Aug 10, 2011
Russell lost because he was agressive and a bully, if he had been a teamplayer and more professionell(not threaten to beat everybody up all the time)he probably would have won. he's an idiot.
posted by Turbo UK on Apr 18, 2011
Nona blew the first round of the final and her service in the second was terrible. Let's see how long the LA Market put's up with her amatuer southern menus and service! I am not sexist, just love cooking and Russell should have won it easy. If the winner was going to a Ramsey restaurant Russell would have won for sure.
posted by fuzz on Mar 29, 2011
russell suck ass!
posted by glenn on Jan 24, 2011
It seems like the farther Ramsay gets from the UK version of Kitchen Nightmares, the more of a soap opera his shows turn into. Was this show even about cooking, or just Ramsay finding out who can tolerate his level of abuse long enough to work for him?
posted by anonymous on Jan 23, 2011
Does no one see that Nona is just a talking pig ?!?!?
posted by Don\'t worry about i on Dec 28, 2010
Please. Nona didn't win from talent. She won, because Hell's Kitchen did want to break their patten. Male, Female, Male,Female, Male, Male and Female, Female.
posted by Palms on Dec 26, 2010
Great win Nona! You worked hard and perservered. I wish you and your family the best of luck. Poor Russell was his own worst enemy. Gordon Ramsey could never hire a bully like him.
posted by Alan on Dec 23, 2010
Well done Nona. More proof that if you want to be a team leader then you need to be a part of the team not a dictator. Russell is a great cook but cannot inspire those around him like you did. You deserved the win and i hope it brings to you all that you wished for.
posted by mike on Dec 18, 2010
Nona congratulation for ur winning I knew u were going to kick russell ass
posted by DJRok on Dec 17, 2010
Russell is a big loser. He disgraced himself on every show. I'm not sure how he even made it as far as he did. I will never eat anywhere he is at.

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