Taylor Swift Refuses to Edit Songs About Ex-Boyfriends

December 08, 2010 04:23:56 GMT

Knowing that she would have ended up censoring the lyrics if she thought about how people would react to her songs, Taylor Swift decides to put her feelings aside when writing.

Taylor Swift
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Despite controversies surrounding her songs especially the ones which talk about her ex-boyfriend, Taylor Swift never wants to censor them or change the lyrics. When writing lyrics about her former flames, she pretends no one will ever hear her songs because if she took their feelings into consideration, she would have to edit her work "down to nothing."

And by doing so, Swift never worries about what the men or other people will think of her confessions. "I started writing songs with the idea that no one would ever hear them - and that's how I continue to write. If I considered (everyone's) opinions, I would edit songs down to nothing. Writing from the place 'I can say whatever I want because all I'm doing is telling the truth and no one is going to hear this anyway', you tend to be more honest," she said in a magazine interview.

Taylor Swift has frequently become talk of the town for penning autobiographical songs which lead speculation about her love life. Those tracks give reference to her former love interests including Taylor Lautner, John Mayer and Joe Jonas, but the singer who is currently linked to Jake Gyllenhaal never specifically confirmed it other than admitting that they're indeed based on her personal experiences.


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posted by hfsk on Dec 18, 2010
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this song is very nice for people are same like Taylor Swift...
posted by Brian on Dec 08, 2010
Fuck Taylor Swift, Kanye West should rape and kill this ugly bitch, i fucking hate her with a passion, this fugly ass cunt needs to die.

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