'Merlin' Season 3 Finale Part 2 Preview

November 29, 2010 03:23:55 GMT

The British series would show the true Merlin legend coming to life as well as bring back some faces from the past in 'The Coming of Arthur Part 2'.

'Merlin' Season 3 Finale Part 2 Preview
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"Merlin" will wrap up the third season next week on BBC. In the second part of "The Coming of Arthur", Morgana has been crowned Queen of Camelot, and brings about its downfall. Meanwhile, Arthur forms a resistance against the new monarchy, Merlin believes he'll struggle and goes to retrieve Excalibur. Can the new monarchy be stopped?

Lead star Colin Morgan revealed to Digital Spy, "Huge iconic elements from the legends are happening. You'll see the formation of a certain famous band of knights, possibly seated at some form of table! There's also elements from the past. Things that have been buried since season one are going to resurface, literally! You're also going to see the kingdom and those who rule it overthrown and taken over by a dark force. Camelot is in dire straits. All the heroes are forced to form a vigilante gang to fight against it all."

The season finale airs Saturday, December 4. Stateside, the series which was ditched by NBC, would premiere the third season on Syfy this January 7. In the meantime, Morgan said the fourth season would start again next year around March in U.K. The actor is hoping his character would grow wiser and use cool magical stuff.


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posted by All American girl on Apr 16, 2011
This show is my obsession!
posted by fe on Feb 14, 2011
its e best should share it on face book
posted by majoe on Dec 09, 2010
i really love this show...hope to see more arthur!...
posted by a watcher on Dec 04, 2010
does anyone else feel Morgana's shriek at the end totally freaked them out... only thought that went through my mind, why didn't Merlin just kill her already? Geez, i think by now you all you she's evil. >>
posted by JOHN.CENA on Dec 01, 2010
posted by s on Nov 29, 2010
the best series ever please tell your friends, colleagues, and all about Merlin!!!!
posted by b on Nov 29, 2010
i love this show
posted by lia10 on Nov 29, 2010
cant wait!! love merlin

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