John Mayer 'Thinking of Some Witty Way' to Respond to Taylor Swift

October 22, 2010 04:36:53 GMT

A source says that Taylor Swift is playing with fire for taking aim at John Mayer since she has no idea how his revenge would be.

John Mayer 'Thinking of Some Witty Way' to Respond to Taylor Swift
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It seems that John Mayer has heard of Taylor Swift's song "Dear John" which is rumored to slam him over their brief fling. According to a friend of Mayer, the "Your Body Is a Wonderland" hitmaker is now thinking of revenge and Swift should be worried about that.

"She can bet that right now he is sitting in his apartment thinking of some witty way to respond," the source told PopEater. "Writing a response to 'Dear John' called 'Dear Taylor' would be too obvious, so expect something much bigger than that." The insider added, "Sure Taylor has a right to say whatever she wants but she needs to know she is playing with fire."

John Mayer is well known for going public with details of his past romances. He upset Jessica Simpson when giving explicit details about their relationship in a Playboy interview. He has also let the world know about his ugly break-up with Jennifer Aniston.


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posted by emeyers on Dec 06, 2010
Soo When is John supposedly going to respond?It should be good if its taking him this long. Now I love John Mayer, but he needs to get going or its almost as if he is giving up. I enjoy Tswift's music but she really should not have targeted a popular musician and icon like John just yet
posted by honey on Nov 09, 2010
Most of you have it right. Taylor swift is a big joke. Number one she can't sing. Number 2 she has no self respect. Why is she going from man to man and then singing about them. People I'm telling you there is something fruity about this. This is not normal. She is not the sweet young country singer that people make her out to be.Someone need to write a song about why she cannot keep a man. She need to check her self. Don't blame John Mayer. A man can only go as far as a women will let him.
posted by lol on Nov 06, 2010
If he wants to further destroy himself- go for it. He's already said too much, and unless this is an apology to her, he's over.
posted by Hana on Nov 01, 2010
Taylor should write a song about Jake G and the media will forget this shit. John Mayer FTW
posted by hey-you on Oct 30, 2010
wow...keep it real people. john is talented, taylor is talented. both made dumb publicity stunts. guess what...they both sold tons of albums over this. they are probly having dinner together right now, laughing at us all.
posted by Katie on Oct 30, 2010
Taylor Made
posted by GinaNYC on Oct 25, 2010
A little on the declasse side for anyone, male or female to "kiss and tell", particularly publicly. I'd advise Swift to put a sock in it about her past (and future)romances. TMI, Toots. As for Mayer, he long ago established himself as a man-ho. What these women see in him is a mystery to me. Somewhat talented, but homely as a mud fence, jmho.
posted by layla on Oct 25, 2010
John Rocks. End.
posted by Hope on Oct 25, 2010
How many people does Taylor Swift have to catch in her not so innocent web for her next album?
posted by Cheyenne on Oct 25, 2010
John has much better things to do with his brain then think of revenge. If anyone thinks that of him they are not thinking of John Mayer.
posted by jane on Oct 25, 2010
every song of hers is the same. he reinvented his sound but still kept commercial sensibilities. She is a pop star who is not that good a singer and he is a better songwriter. Fine he said a few things about Simpson but no explicit details, she goes and writes the same song over and over about other idiots like Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner. Man people hate John so much for the same reasons they should be hating her, plus shes prissyl She recently talked about how she "didn't need any co-writers at all" for her new album. He never has, never will, because he's an amazing musician. She is a tween wet dream with one sound.
posted by voice of reason on Oct 24, 2010
Nobody knows what went on between those two if anything at all. @rocker and @realz, you're wrong, not everyone is on her side. Some people are mature enough to understand that there are 2 sides to every story and if you weren't there you don't know. Some people are wise enough to know that sometimes a person can fall in love, lose her head and misinterpret what is going on especially if she's young and falls for lots of people. And some people have enough critical thinking ability to understand that people who write tabloids are trying to make money from sensationalism and don't know the people they're writing about. What I do know is that every interview I have seen when Mayer talked about Taylor, he was always very complimentary and respectful of her, talking about her talent and personality. Yes, once in his 12-13 year career, he said some inappropriate things about two women he has dated. Have you said anything inappropriate in 12 years @rocker or @realz? If this song is about Mayer and she's actually using his name, then she has done exactly what people have accused Mayer of in the past and she's wrong to do it. Can't have it both ways. Oh, and I don't believe there's a "source" as per this article. It's just more tabloid nonsense.
posted by Me on Oct 24, 2010
@rocker are your serious, I suggest you go back and read the blog sites because, the press may be behind her but the majority of the population seems not to be and have realised that she is just a vindictive immature winger who runs round picking up boy after man after boy and then complains when they get over her, which they seem all do, oh but it's never her fault - Girl can't keep a man, must be something lacking.
posted by Whatever.. on Oct 23, 2010
It makes me sick that this vindictive little twit Taylor Swift is looked at like some kind of "hero" for constantly bashing all the guys who dump her. She seriously has another song on her new CD about Joe Jonas (which includes quite a shot at Camilla Belle-someone who did NOTHING to her). For God's sake, they broke up 2 yrs ago! And he has never once said a bad word about her. He wrote a song and left it at that. He didn't talk smack to gossip sites and tabloids. I have so much more respect for him and all the other guys who just keep their mouths shut and move on. And why is it she's always the one getting hurt, always the one getting dumped, always the victim, going back to her middle school days where she was "an outcast"? Does she not see a pattern here? This girl has some serious growing up to do. She is nothing more than a bully herself, dragging people thru the mud for looking cross-eyed at her. If she really wanted to empower young girls, she would write songs about holding your head up high with dignity and some sense of self-respect when dealing with a tough situation. Deep down I hope John Mayer blasts her and puts her in her place.
posted by Clare on Oct 23, 2010
Mayer is brilliant at what he does, the media probably always make him out worse thatn he is. Taylor needs to get over herself...
posted by gator on Oct 22, 2010
i thought taylor had higher standards but she went for that skunky monkey john mayer and now she's crying about it and seems to fall in love with to manny guys to easily.
posted by Jus sayin on Oct 22, 2010
@sugarplum,I'm all about finding unity within a song,but I'm jus sayin the innocent act is gonna get tough to pull off,if the list gets too long! I actually like her music,n yes I said she was pitchy,but she is obviously still very talented! She's jus gotta make better choices,a reputation is hard to lose,jus sayin!
posted by chef on Oct 22, 2010
Mayer is a great guitar player and song writer but he is a complete DICK!!!
posted by Realz on Oct 22, 2010
@rockers right,the greater percentage lies in her favour,they're on her side! Noone wants to see this kid who grew up in suburbia get bullied.People gotta remember she didn't claw her way in like some artists.Jus let her sing her heart out,if she keeps a bunch of chicks from feeling alone
posted by Sugarplum on Oct 22, 2010
I think it's about time John gets a bit of his own medicine!!! N @jussayin okay Taylor's not the greatest singer,but I don't think writing her way thru a heartbreak makes her words "nutty" It's not her fault,she gives a guy a chance,than finds out he's a jerk,I can relate!
posted by Jussayin on Oct 22, 2010
As much press as there's been about John,u would think she would've refrained.However c'mon,if she's written all these songs about all these guys,in my hood,thats called gettin around.I mean she's got a longer record than Katy Perry! I think Taylor is a great writer,n let's b honest,her voice is as pitchy,as her hair is curly! So pretty much we've glorified the fact that's she's a boy crazy/clingy fatal attraction kind of chick! Which I guess represents the majority of women/girls out there,since they're singing along with her every nutty word,jus sayin :-)
posted by Scoobie Doo on Oct 22, 2010
Mayer moved past Taylor and her heart is now broken,...Boo hoo!!
posted by CoCo on Oct 22, 2010
This should be good!
posted by rocker on Oct 22, 2010
Taylor should be afraid?! Are you serious?! Did that loser John Mayer miss last year when kanye's attempt to take on Taylor all but obliterated his career forcing him to beg to be let back in. The facts are that with the exception of the miniscule population of Taylor haters Everyone including the media is on her side and has her back! Good Luck Johnny boy, Commit career suicide.

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