ABC's 'The Gates' Is Officially Canceled

October 16, 2010 07:33:08 GMT

Two of the supernatural show's stars tweeted the sad announcement, giving as well goodbye messages to crew and fans.

ABC's 'The Gates' Is Officially Canceled
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Drama thriller "The Gates" sadly only survives one season on ABC. Although the official announcement from the network has not come out, a confirmation came from star Frank Grillo who has been grilling the execs at Alphabet upon the show's future.

Back on Wednesday, October 6, Grillo wrote on Twitter, "I'm told from a friend at ABC that The Gates are closing. No season 2 Still unofficial but that's the latest." Then on October 13 he sent a message to the network, writing "Note to ABC; get off your asses, some people need to feed their families. What's is gonna be."

It is only on Friday, October 15 night that Grillo got what he demanded. He announced to his followers, "Don't shoot the messenger....The Gates is officially cancelled. I new my source was right. Thanks to all of you for supporting us. It made the whole thing worth it. Lots more fun stuff coming."

His co-star Colton Haynes meanwhile tweeted, "THE GATES is officially cancelled. Was a great/fun experience and thk u all for coming along for the ride! THE GATES cast and crew: thk u all for the good times! Learned alot and had a great summer with u all! Cheers to the future!"

The first season of "The Gates" concluded on September 19 with two-hour finale. Despite picking popular supernatural theme like vampires and witches, the show is rating challenged due to lack of promotion and summer debut. The final episodes pulled 2.84 million viewers and a 0.9/2 rating.


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posted by Aya on Mar 20, 2015
Oh for love of God! Bring back the god damn show. Your making the "the Gates" much worse upset. Get your act together I'm pretty sure they will never give up after you had done to the show!!!!!!
posted by lovely on Jul 24, 2014
posted by Javygonx on Jun 16, 2014
This is an amazing show. I was waiting for years a second season an today I noticed it was canceled due to low rating? No way!! This series is great. I can say it is better than Being Human US Version!!
posted by Scarey supernatural on May 19, 2014
Really ABC if u see all these people who loved the show get iff ur lazy asses n do something right for once. Loved this show so much chiller is doing a season recap . Too bad U assholes couldnt start season 2. U might actually get better ratings if u didnt disappoint your watchers. Ive not watched ABC Since the Gates were canceled. Hmmm mayb u should rethink this
posted by TotalBS on Mar 24, 2014
Bring it back this is total bull$*** I loved that show ABC sux balls so much
posted by sad on Jan 26, 2014
i am crushed about the gates being cancelled :) please consider bringing it back people miss it
posted by Matthew Ly on Nov 20, 2013
Why why it was cancel I am so sad :(
posted by ojo ehigie on Nov 05, 2013
ABC!!!!!u guys should try nd bring back de gate for christ shake,,do u guys knw hw i so much love de move..pls listenin to ur gate is my best move so far....pls ooo we ar beggin u
posted by pissed on Aug 24, 2013
shame i love the gates soo much
posted by TCapone88 on Aug 22, 2013
wow that's the only thing ABC had going for themI just watch the whole season on Netflix you guys are crazy for stopping the show. Matter of fact Netflix you should just take over you're doing so well already with hemlock Grove And orange is the new black
posted by me on Aug 21, 2013
this is exactly why i dont watch abc shows anymore....they always cancel the good programmes...glad i never watched the gates...
posted by angry on Aug 08, 2013
I can't beleive they ended it. They should really look in to creating a season 2. The cast were amazing and I loved how it was about supernatural creature. I hate abc for canceling the show.
posted by The Gates on Jul 29, 2013
I think you guys should bring back The Gates. I thought the tv show was pretty good and the books were phenomenal. I was very disappointed to see there wasn't a season two once I finished the first season up on Netflix.
posted by sad:( on Jul 25, 2013
I am now really upset, I've just finished this series on netflix. It seems that abc is always cancelling the good shows.
posted by no..... on Jul 23, 2013 suck. I just finished this show on netflix and had my heart ripped out because this is the first link that appears when I search "The Gates season 2" on google. PLEASE bring it back!!! I bet you so many more people have found this on netflix. And if you actually PROMOTE it this time, it could be a success...especially now because of Colton's fame since Teen Wolf.
posted by Disappointed on Jul 23, 2013
Bring back the gates
posted by Lamrak on Jul 02, 2013
cancelling the gate it just like cancelling me from watching ABC forever and ever, so please bring back our show ok!!!
posted by Still Amgry on May 30, 2013
I haven't watched abc since they cancelled the gates. I kept my promise. Stupid network. Doubt they are bringing it back now. Was just surfing and saw these new posts.
posted by Madi on May 28, 2013
ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! bring the gates back i fell in love with the show and I want more!!! It's such a good show. I'm never watching anything on ABC ever again and I will make sure to let everyone else I know also not to watch it.
posted by onose suleiman on May 06, 2013
pls in the name of God,bring the film back.
posted by Eamon on Apr 21, 2013
Please bring back the gates! I never heard of this show until Netflix. I watched it in 2 days. Great actors! Great story lines! So much potential on new stories. Plus you left us hanging! What happened. I hate series like this that just end. Like terra nova! Great shows that some idiots don't know how to advertise so the show fails. Too bad your loss! Don't want to see your shows again if that's what you do to these great shows and the viewers! Please bring it back. Or at least to Netflix
posted by tribaltattoo on Apr 17, 2013
Wow this is so sad They bring back horrible series and pull the plug on the gates. I hope somehow it could be brought back
posted by TheGates on Apr 13, 2013
I just finished The Gates on Netflix and it was so great!! What a cliffhanger! I hope it gets picked up again, it is a great show!
posted by courtney on Apr 09, 2013
i love the gates people may not watch it cause so many people r pore i love the gates
posted by courtney loves the g on Apr 09, 2013
I love the gates i was watching it and it went off and i looked for another season but no more that sucks ABC MAKE MORE OF THE GATES AM I RIGHT people post more and ps MORE PEOPLE WATCH IT THAN YOU THINK 5 OF MY FRIENDS WATCH IT WITH ME
posted by NIKKITRUE on Apr 04, 2013
posted by Meagan on Mar 14, 2013
Im very disappointed. I found this show on Net flix.. watched the whole series in two days. I loved it!! Went to search for season 2 and was very disappointed.. Claire and dylan wrre my favs and ABC you suck for this
posted by LPLPLPLP on Mar 07, 2013
I am really interested in where this might go and was disappointed to learn no season 2 oh well your loss but I think it's a mistake les ave another season and give the area a chance, please, can you do that ABC?
posted by Ramona on Mar 06, 2013
I just found about The Gates on Net Flicks......I am so mad that there is no more seasons this sucks. I love this show ABC Listen to your fans
posted by No ABC fan on Mar 05, 2013
The Gates, Earl, The Riches, those TV tycoons need to fire the numbnuts who supposedly know what the public likes. All great shows, but some morons cancel them. Get some decent marketing people that get of their chair and talk to the public.
posted by blah on Jan 14, 2013
ugh!!!! ABC needs to get their s**t together!!!! Stop make tv series if you can't finish them!!!!!!
posted by dgoodoson on Jan 10, 2013
Loved the show. I just dont like being left hanging.
posted by JessPissedoff on Dec 30, 2012
I LOVED this show. I am so sick of getting stuck on shows that end up canceled. THIS is exactly why I am not a TV person. I HATE when I am left hanging like this. Just like the series firefly. At least with that one they made a movie to give up some closure. The least you can do with this show to give all us Gates fans some closure. Just sayin. I'm not gonna watch anymore ABC shows till I start at least gettin closure to the shows that have gotten canceled.
posted by Bizzerk on Dec 29, 2012
Disappointing!!! I liked the show a lot and it makes me mad that they did this again. They did they same thing with heroes. I will quit watching ABC all together if they keep cutting great shows off with loose disappointing ends!!!
posted by reallyabc on Dec 28, 2012
I just finished watching this show on netflix and decided to see if there was a season 2. I was sadly disappointed that there wasn't. I belive that if there were more advertisment for the show then more people would watch it. Also you can not end a show with loose ends..What the hell is CHARLIE? What happens to Devon, Dylan and Caire Radcliff?!?! This is not right!!!!!
posted by MadGirl on Dec 24, 2012
Why....... It was so good... ABC pull it together and fix this... you want people to wacth then fix this Now!!!
posted by Haven on Dec 23, 2012
Really ABC! You guys are so stupid for not keeping this show going. If you had made another season and ADVERTISED it you would have got all the viewers you ever could have wanted. I just watched this on netflix and if I had actually seen advertisements for this show I would have started watching long ago. I was sooo dissapointed when after watching the first season I went online to find out about the second and discovered there was no more! You cannot just start something and never finish! You had a wonderful thing and obviously could not see that.
posted by Candy on Dec 03, 2012
We Luv the show. We can't stop watching. Bring it back & advertise the show more to have good viewers rating:(
posted by ilovethegates on Nov 25, 2012
posted by whatever on Nov 18, 2012
Y nw when it is geting more interesting they cancel it. Thts ridiculous. I hope they change and start making season 2
posted by Netflix Viewer on Oct 24, 2012
I just finished the season 1 on netflix... and the way it ends leaves you wanting for more. I'm not a fan of regular TV but this was/is a great show... I find all the Season Series on Netflix that have been ABC aired/broadcasted.. are great but ALWAYS Canceled. Not a promising feeling ... but advice to the network "advertising brings ratings" I'm sure if you bring this one back now... and advertise - the ratings would soar! "Just a thought"
posted by Wendy in SA super br on Oct 23, 2012
Even I in South Africa am so heartbroken over this still. I watched season one again and am so haunted by the absence of an ending as with each time I watch it. This decision really sucks.
posted by realityiz on Oct 17, 2012
I absolutely Hate ABC and I will never again watch another program on that station again. I loved the show that much that it hurt me to my soul. You suck for this and obviously didnt think about the fans at all. I will make sure everyone I know will never watch the station or any other sister station again. Y not sell it to someone with bigger balls
posted by leeanne on Oct 17, 2012
at least let netflix pick up season 2 and not just for the gates but also terra nova and the river,which are all good tv programmes
posted by lee on Oct 17, 2012
well promote it better and how about other countries getting thier hands on it,for gods sakes at least give it an ending,to many cool programmes with no endings, youy arse holes and its always the good programmes that they can/pull the pin on and then we are left with all these stupid reality programmes like one born every minute and all those other crappy shitty stupid bloody things,please keep the good stuff going and do us a favour get rid off reality bull crap.
posted by lee and pissed off on Oct 17, 2012
stop making programmes if your not going to continue with them,ya get ppl hooked and then you cancel the next season,at least put an ending to the bloody thing,or dont make any at all
posted by sepideh on Sep 29, 2012
i love the show i am so mad where is season2
posted by JannelleM on Jul 30, 2012
I love The Gates I have watch the first season a few times now thanks to Netflix. It makes me sad every time I watch s1e13 knowing there will never be a season 2 :(
posted by Dissapointed on Jul 28, 2012
I officially hate you ABC. You stopped a wonderful show because of your own poor planning and promotion. This will be the last time I ever support you or any of your products. Goodbye, and good riddance.
posted by TheGatesAddict on Jul 16, 2012
I am so disappointed that they would do this. This show was very well done. The cast was good. The story was excellent, the only thing bad about it was the time slot, they would get so many more fans and views if they just pushed for it to be earlier they would have a legit show. OMG i finally watched the first season again hoping there would be some miracle or statement saying it'd be on again. Please bring it back its been about 2 years aarrrrggggh!!!
posted by Megala on Jul 07, 2012
Damn Right everyone! This show was AMAZING and, once again proving how clueless corporate bigshots are, they cancelled it. I am SO done watching ABC.
posted by Justice on Jun 15, 2012
posted by ReallyABC? on Jun 15, 2012
I watched The Gates and I LOVED it!!! It had an amazing cast and a great plot until ABC had to ruin it and leave the show on the biggest cliffhanger EVER!! So thank you ABC for screwing the show, the cast and all the devoted fans and regular watchers of the show. PLEASE ABC find it deep deep down in your cold hearts to bring The Gates back to us so I can live in peace knowing what happens.
posted by Pissedoff on Jun 12, 2012
Just got finished watching Season 1 on Netflicks... Pissed off to find out the news!!! ABC I'm boycotting you!! You suck!!! Maybe its time for the old folks at ABC to retire!!!! Thanks a bunch for making a great first season...dicks!!! Actors were great by the way!! Did I mention ABC SUCKS!!!!
posted by ScrewABC on Jun 05, 2012
Ok I friking love the Gates and to end it like that was ridiculous. The only reason it didn't do well is because of timing if you have the right show on at the wrong time no one is gonna watch it. You cannot put a new show at a faulty time because then people already have other shows that they wanna watch at that time and if it is already an old favorite then they will choose that one! You have to bring it back and you have to change the time! You are going to loose a lot of people watching your channel if you haven't figured that out by now if you don't bringing the gates back. PLEASE just TRY ANOTHER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Totallypissed on Jun 05, 2012
Look ABC if you wanna get rid of a few shows go ahead but dont get rid of The Gates. If you wanna get rid of some shows get rid of Jimmy Kimble show he's old and loosing style, get rid of missing and Nashville and the neighbors. Get rid of The Family Tools for crying out loud but NOT The Gates!!!!
posted by Lis on May 31, 2012
Okay. I am so sick of watching GOOD SHOWS getting canceled all the time while all the crappy ones continue to run for 6-8 seasons with no real plot or direction. Good call, Guys. Good call. Just hope you realize how many devoted fans you pissed off.
posted by Kadz on May 28, 2012
bring back the gates season 2. its the best series i have ever watched. ABC stop being silly!
posted by why on May 24, 2012
Why did u cancel the gates it was an awesome show please bring it back
posted by Super annoyed!!! on May 18, 2012
I only recently discovered The Gates and watched the first season within a few days. I was so engrossed in it, the characters were good, old ideas were put together in an original way, the writing was good, the graphics, and the actors were amazing (especially Luke Mably). I am so angry with ABC and other television networks for always cancelling good shows after one season and then keeping a bunch of crappy shows. So I just wanted to say that ABC sucks! and I wish someone would bring back this show.
posted by Steview101 on May 04, 2012
This sucks. I really liked the show n they did leave us hanging. ABC did the same thing to KyleXY fans. They end the season with a cliffhanger n cancelled the show. Very disappointing.
posted by jazzhands on Mar 21, 2012
I can't believe this was cancelled on such a cliffhanger. What a kick in the teeth. This channel has no respect for their viewer, you would think they would at least try to wrap up the story before they cancelled it for the fans who had gotten into it. It isn;t the fans fault they didn't advertise the show at all! I would have watched the series a lot sooner but I had never heard of it. Now I'm gutted I watched the whole season 1 for no reason. Absolutely gutted.
posted by Pissed Off on Mar 01, 2012
I was just told about this and watch all 13 episodes in one day. ABC please bring it back!!!! I've got my entire office watching it now. BRING IT BACK!!!
posted by BOOO :( on Feb 16, 2012
posted by chaxi on Jan 22, 2012
you jerk ABC, the gates and nine lives of Chloe King you didnt released. Fuck u off
posted by screwabc on Jan 20, 2012
they definitley lost alot of people due to this show. i just got to watch season one cause i just heard of it. now im angered because there is no second season. Pissed off. Thank you ABC for being a disappointment
posted by jessica_clw` on Jan 02, 2012
Please bring back the show...i totally love it and now we're all left hanging,, I have to know what happens..PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!
posted by Cindy on Dec 03, 2011
NOOOOOoooo! Bring the gates season 2 back! I'm totally hooked! What's wrong with ABC! Can't u c fr here, u haf so many supporters!
posted by Really? on Dec 01, 2011
Why would such a awsome show be cancelled. Just watched season 1, never heard of it until a few days ago... Not real good advertisement for it.... I definately have no plans of supporting ABC if they are going to keep canning the shows I like, back to FX I go!
posted by PISSED on Nov 29, 2011
Why why why is it that evertime ABC or any broacast for that matter starts a good show it is canceled leaving eager fans hanging? This is an out-rage. I makes me not want to view any show in fear that i will be cut off as soon as my intrest is sparked. ABC GET ON YOU GAME!!!
posted by Geensh on Nov 02, 2011
Seriously they cancelled a good show but can keep that american teenager girl um hello we all see little girls pregnant abc. Wtf is your problem its like your showing girls "its ok to be pregnant and in high school cause she did it" abc ceo or w.e you all need to be younger.
posted by vera3625 on Sep 12, 2011
posted by Ivi on Sep 05, 2011
I want second series... now!!!
posted by hefab on Aug 25, 2011
This has just been aired in Malaysia's start world.. and i have to say, the best tv show that i starworld has. so sad to hear that it did not survive season 2.. i wish ABC or any other tv network would be kind enough to revive season 2 for this.
posted by The Gates on Aug 18, 2011
That seriously sucks!!! That was a Great show...I've been waiting all year to see it! Now there is NOTHING to watch on that channel...Thank God for AMC!!!
posted by sjs587 on Aug 18, 2011
we can vote to kick abc out or the ceo of abc. for not doing their job. its wrong to cancel the show which its not finished.
posted by whatup? on Jul 26, 2011
I can't believe that the Gates was cancelled. I just found out and I was waiting all summer for this show. I don't even watch all the other vampire series on tv. ABC you had a good show. You should have advertised it more. I hope another network will pick it up, but I did notice some of the Gates stars on other programs. Another good show gone.
posted by robinson on Jul 25, 2011
you know what, the hell with abc,cancelling another good show.just put it in the right time slot (idiots)
posted by magia27_2000 on Jun 17, 2011
posted by mossup on Jun 16, 2011
In the UK too
posted by mossup on Jun 16, 2011
i just found out it was dropped, shame i loved it and was looking forward to it aswell, 2nd show i liked to get dropped by ABC, I DONT CARE WHO MAKES IT I JUST WANT TO WATCH IT.
posted by SUNDANCE on Jun 16, 2011
posted by ABC..listen to ur fa on Jun 14, 2011 put this show on Sundays at 10pm and cx it because it had no viewing. I had to only watch it once to get hooked...10pm is a bad time to try and get people hooked! For those of us you did hook..what about us. Those that have summer's off, late nighters,etc? I don't watch ABC...I struggle with your stupid reality TV but you had me with this show! Well, there are some new series on HBO, Starz and the new MTV Teen Wolf...Bye ABC.
posted by Beautifulprlady on Jun 12, 2011
WOW... I can't believe that they cancel the show I was soo looking forward to watch the next part but ABC and to do something stupid again when ever they show something go they always cancel it but then they keep showing the stupid shows that's why I'm going to show watching ABC.. Good-Bye ABC
posted by Madashell on Jun 09, 2011
What the hell ABC... I've been waiting and waiting and now 2 know you canned my show... I had it programed to record, so I can catch every episode. BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK!!!!!
posted by Die-goo on Jun 06, 2011
I'm from Czech Republic and I love The Gates, I know many people like me and they love it too, bring it back!!!The Gates rules, thx all for support
posted by scap on Jun 05, 2011
BRING BACK THE GATES! I know many of the cast have gone onto new shows, but I bet if the show was given more opportunity, it would be a success!! We love Vampire Diaries and WE(my family)LOVED the GATES too!! Please reconsider!!! WE DID and WILL WATCH!!!!!
posted by purplemist on May 29, 2011
think of the actors and writers in the devotion this series. my heart goes out to all of you and to the fans who made this show the greatest. I will truly miss everyone involved. the gates memoirs will stay with me forever.
posted by diegoo on May 27, 2011
that is not possible, please, we can know what is with Charlie, this is best serial, we all need it!!!!!!!!!
posted by rediculous on May 24, 2011
i find it interesting that even though they had a popular cast, dedicated fans, almost 3 million viewers on its finale, and people STILL begging for it back a year later, ABC is ignorant enough to not bring it back. without viewers the station is nothing. if you want to be as successful as FOX, USA, TBS, abcfamily, and NBC, bring the show back. you actually had a future with it -__-
posted by nycsteven on May 24, 2011
This was the best show on ABC! Please bring it back. Don't let the fans of this show down! Steven
posted by WHY!!! on May 19, 2011
What ever the political issue is please bring back "The Gates"! You guys are killing us fans here, this is like reading a good book half way. If you don't want to atleast don't end it like that. This is just wrong ABC , you can't do this to the fans who watch it religiously. DAM DAM DAM!!!!!!
posted by Spookyfeet on May 16, 2011
Yep. The Gates was the only reason I watched ABC. Not anymore...unless they bring it back, which would be the smart thing to do.
posted by johnny birchfield on May 14, 2011
Wow, I really loved the show. I watched the pilot episode and was hooked. I first started watching it on netflix, and googled to find out what channel it was on, and found out it was canceled. That really sucks. The show was awesome. Please, bring the the gates back.
posted by guitargamery on May 11, 2011
the gates was one of the worst shows i ever seen..i just dont get how a few people say its good...the show was just empty and without any juice..surely abc cant afford this kind of writting
posted by brazilian guy on Apr 30, 2011
Please ABC you have to put the gates back on the in brazil we love this series. At least why don't you think in a end for the series on the video games? imagine we controlling nick monohan on a xbox 360.
posted by Mr. Pissed on Apr 29, 2011
I agree with 'pissed'!! ABC is super lame! I loved the Gates and will be officially boycotting ABC until they decide to stop sucking and bring the show back!!
posted by pissed on Apr 29, 2011
wtf!? The Gates was amazing! Clearly ABC doesn't know what a great show is. PLEASE bring it back!
posted by Carlton on Apr 25, 2011
Man, this show was great. Bad Form ABC. Bad Form. The show had great characters and writers. I was totally invested. Like ^^^ No more ABC for me....
posted by ctr on Apr 25, 2011
I can't believe ABC cancelled The Gates. This was a great summer show-please bring it back
posted by Ladybug on Apr 21, 2011
Crap! That's the only show on ABC that I actually liked.
posted by I <3 the gates (fan) on Apr 15, 2011
Please bring it back it was and is my fav. U need to bring it back please we love it. And for all u fudging people who r writing on this sucked and glade it is gong then don't look it up u fudge people that's just stupid just like u. Now please bring the gates back PLEASE with a cherry on TOP
posted by abc suck on Apr 13, 2011
no more ABC for me to thay suck the gate kick ass
posted by grrrrrrr on Apr 11, 2011
That really sucks!! Loved that show! :(
posted by Isabella on Mar 17, 2011
No more ABC for me [2] I can't believe it!
posted by Sasha on Feb 26, 2011
Serija je super! Molim vas, vratite je nazad...
posted by Li Li on Feb 23, 2011
I won't loose hope. The Game, which is awesome show was cancelled and later picked up by another network. The word will get out and someone will pick them up. This show is better than Twilight and any other Vampire movie or series. And I am a serious Twilight and Buffy Fan. It's coming back...just believe it. ABC you made a big mistake.
posted by sunny on Feb 22, 2011
bring back gates it was a great story line ABC go to hell and bring back the gates. obviously you don't know the difference between bad and good shows. take your stupid dancing with the stars and shove it who want to watch a bunch of has beens make fools of themselves for a piece of glass.
posted by Vomit on the Country on Feb 17, 2011
I need a hug.
posted by Vomit on the Country on Feb 17, 2011
If only we could get Oprah, Jay Leno, Donald Trump and Regis and Kelly to back the show and resurrect it on NBC. Oprah backed Obama and look what happened. That should be a lesson to us all.
posted by Vomit on the Country on Feb 17, 2011
I would like to apologize to ABC on behalf of all the potty-mouthed comments left by the angry viewers. It is the cancelation grief talking. I wish I could get in touch with someone who would listen to me about the show. I fear I googled this way too late and I repproach myself. I find myself getting very annoyed because at this time NBC is airing "Outsourced" and "The Gates" was canceled? I guess I'll go to bed and think about this then one day in the distant future we will all be dead and "The Gates" will be a fond memory for some of us and a blemish on the face of ABC. Oh the humanity!! If anyone is aware of an online support group for those devastated by "The Gates" cancelation please drop me a URL here.
posted by Vomit on the Country on Feb 17, 2011
Please, please bring back the Gates. This is "Twin Peaks" all over again. If you bring it back with "marketing" things will be a lot different. The show had a following and excitement and intensity and a lot of actors who really did look like Vsampires and Werewolves when they were their regular selves. There was something for everyone as it appealed to several generations. Only in "The Gates" could you have lesbian vampires but I digress. I have bad teeth and can't afford dental treatment and I DO have insurance. "The Gates" was a great distraction to the shame of my mouth. You might think that sounds stupid but trust me when I say I am being very sincere. I know networks have to make hard decisions after all ABC is a business but I beg you to reconsider. You really have something good on your hands. When "Twin Peaks" came back it was then that I got hooked on the show. Poor Laura Palmer but I disgress again. On behalf of many Americans feeling drenched by the projectile vomit ABC has spewed on us, please for the sake of the country and the pain and boredom many Americans are feeling, bring back the show and I predict ABC will prosper beyond their wildest expectations. Sorry for the run on sentence and I am not a psychic "by trade".
posted by Pk on Feb 17, 2011
What do we do nowadays? Work it ourselves by all means (if you know what that means) if u cant. SERIOUSLY HOW COULD YOU!?!?!(ABC?!?!?!
posted by linda k on Feb 14, 2011
oh my god, i really loved the gates. i was so looking forward to it this season. what the heck is wrong with abc.
posted by mad@youABC on Feb 08, 2011
another great show bites the dust!! Now there are only a few things on ABC to watch ~ thk GOD for cable...
posted by From Russia on Feb 08, 2011
We are share the prevailing view here: the show was excellent. And yes ... ABC ... Here you also hated now.
posted by Alldat on Feb 03, 2011
I was so peeved to hear that this show was cancelled after just one season. It has only just started on Australian TV which makes me even angrier that they could start a show, get people sucked in and then know that it wont be back for another season. GGGGGrrrrrrrrr. So mad. this was my new favourite show, and now I get let down yet again.
posted by angry on Feb 03, 2011
I dont understand why ABC keeps really bad shows, especially the reality shows and stupid half hour sitcoms, and cancels a really good, creepy show. The show never got the promotion it deserved and it's way better than Supernatural and just as good as Vampire diaries. Really don't understand it at all.
posted by eyecandy on Feb 02, 2011
mad as hell why why why did u cancell the gates???? I loved that show pleassse bring it back, abc won"t be sorry.
posted by MobyDick on Feb 01, 2011
What is wrong with you stupid ABC execs. You leave the most unpopular shows on the air and cancel The Gates and Happy Town? All of you need to be fired. Sure glad I've got cable.
posted by Not Happy! on Feb 01, 2011
Oh my gosh, The Gates has just started showing here in Sydney, Aus ... and everyone I know who's seen it absolutely loves it. Now I find out it the show has been cancelled -- What a HUGE disappointment, I really thought this was a show I could really enjoy! Thanks for nothing ABC!!!
posted by littleladtking on Feb 01, 2011
i cant believe your taking the gates off the was truly a show i thought was very kept you was another LOST to me and i really loved that show.they take all the great shows off and leave the csi,law and order and all the crime shows on like we dont see enough of that already.i like vampires,shapeshefters warewofes .look at twilight and true blood they are really big hits.bring back the gates even at a new time and give it another chance.
posted by ABC FUK YOU on Jan 25, 2011
Way to cancel an amazing show ABC, The gates is about to air here in australia so i looked it up and watched it all online today... only to relise its been cancelled. This show is extremely popular and it hasnt even begun yet. I can only hope a good channel picks it up and makes alot of money off it because aussies are going to want more.
posted by krushednKY on Jan 21, 2011
I think I'm going to cry...(:O
posted by car64 on Jan 17, 2011
WOW,finally ABC had something going for them. I could not wait for the Gates to come back on,only to see it had been canceled.Such a pity abc had such a good thing and they blew it.You could at least finish it,i agree it is exactly like moonlight.
posted by I HATE ABC on Jan 17, 2011
posted by pissedoffchick on Jan 15, 2011
I realy loved watching The Gates !!! Why d u put this on and not return it is so stupid !! I thought there were some intelligent people working there ,guest not ! It will be your loss !!
posted by damber on Jan 15, 2011
you suck abc i really liked the gates!! this is moonlight all over again!!!!!!! we find a show we like and your to dumb to notice we like it
posted by lovesthegates on Jan 14, 2011
please please bring the show back we love it!
posted by RLR84 on Jan 11, 2011
IF ABC was smart, what they would do is give 'The Gates' a re-run. RE-RUN all the episodes WITH promotion, and see how good the ratings are this time!! IF ABC was SMART, they would bring back 'The Gates' for another season. The REALITY crap, needs to go! Who cares about rich nagging housewives, or celebrities trying to dance or skate, or stupid crap like that. It's old! Bring back "The Gates" and promote it right! You'll get your ratings!!
posted by RINKYROO on Jan 08, 2011
ABC YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!
posted by RINKYROO on Jan 08, 2011
posted by BOBBY6868 on Jan 06, 2011
posted by no more abc for me on Dec 27, 2010
First you left us hanging with Happy Town. Didn't even air all the episodes. Now your canceling The Gates,one of the best supernatural shows in a long time. I'm done watching your network!
posted by summerrain02790 on Dec 17, 2010
Ugh...can't believe they canceled this show. It's been few and far in between to have a show that actually has a story line. So sick of reality t.v. could we have some real shows stay...just for once.
posted by Whatthef? on Dec 17, 2010
All the good shows? ABC are you crazy! The Gates was a blast and it was great to have something other than re-runs and stupid reality TV to watch in the off season. Stop the the "reality" shows and keep the good ones. Bring back The Gates!!
posted by Tony on Dec 11, 2010
Thank GOD for cable, The Gates was awesome but they rather have those reality, stupidity shows, True Blood can't wait till you back in the meatime we got The Vampires Diaries,
posted by nancyz on Dec 10, 2010
Just looked up to see when the Gates would be back on to no surprise another great show has been cancelled. You keep all the reality crap and how many the housewife's from somewhere does there have to be???? This year thank God there are some good sitcoms. As the season takes a break I can't wait to see how many of those you morons decide to cancel. Thanks again for canceling another GREAT show you never disappoint on the big wigs stupidity.
posted by Andrea on Dec 09, 2010
That show was AWESOME!! Why are all the good shows canceled?!?!?!
posted by mean dog on Dec 07, 2010
shut the abc down forever, that was my favorite show A= another B= bad C= cocksukers
posted by porter on Nov 30, 2010
dang it :) i was looking forward for season 2..they should keep it on for people who do like it..please put it back on!!!
posted by ABC how could you ge on Nov 30, 2010
ABC this was truly a great show that kept us eagerly looking forward to Sunday. 10:00 p.m. wasnt the best time slot considering work/school the next day, but because of how great the show was, we watched at 10:00p.m. anyway! Andie, Brett, Charlie, Claire, Devon, Dylan, Leigh, Marcus, Nick, Peg, and Sarah, thanks for a great job. Thanks for giving us something to look forward to and obviously voice our concerns over. The staff that portrayed you on the screen really brought you to life for us. Thanks for those memories. ABC, you had a chance to capture the True Blood fans from HBO but I guess that wasnt the goal. I hope another network picks them up and Kills ABC with the ratings!!!
posted by Lolli on Nov 30, 2010
I knew it. They just keep throwing shows up and canceling them. I just hope they realize that they are losing fans for the chanell and network, not just the show. they deserve the mess they are in.
posted by Karmen on Nov 29, 2010
What a MISTAKE!!! that was the greatest show!!!! How can canceling the gates be legal??? i'm so mad!!! goddamn... how can other shity crap survive on ABC??!! they always cancel everything that is good!! f*cking assholes!
posted by Dylanfan on Nov 29, 2010
I can't believe it this was one of my favorite shows Im tired of all the reality bs bring it back please
posted by jayme1229 on Nov 28, 2010
Seriously???? I am boycotting tv. I'm sick of all the reality shows and whenever a good new show starts the network yanks it
posted by :( on Nov 28, 2010
Really, thanks. You put on another stupid celebrity show, but cannot continue a Sunday night show? Screw ABC! I actually like the Gates. I watched it every Sunday. Sad to be left wondering what happened next....
posted by gosh on Nov 24, 2010
Man, first Happy Town, now The Gates? 2 shows that were creative, unique, had a great cast? And the airing time for gates - SUMMER, 10pm, SUNDAY, some have to work, some are on holiday, whatever, summer isn't a god time to start a show! and I feel they didn't promote it enough, I've got the feeling people just didn't really know about the show and ABC can F off if they don't pick it up and give the show the shot it should've got in the first place. I am royally pissed ABC!
posted by Losers on Nov 24, 2010
A.B.C A_lready B_een C_anceled! Nothing new survives anymore!
posted by THE GATES FAN!! on Nov 23, 2010
posted by thegatesforever on Nov 23, 2010
posted by nooooo!!!! on Nov 22, 2010
bring it back!!I really really love that show.Greetings from germany.
posted by that was stupid!!!!! on Nov 22, 2010
Omg i can´t belive they really canceled that show.I fell in love with it right away.
posted by Soapfan on Nov 21, 2010
Are you kidding me? The Gates was a true soap not like the crap they put on in the daytime - yes I'm talking about you General Hospital - but do they cancel that boring, uninteresting, disaster of a show? No. They cancel something people actually want and are excited about watching. Idiots.
posted by keli on Nov 18, 2010
abc also cancelled Happy Town not to long ago which was another great show that wasnt given a chance. I thought the Gates was a great show that needed alittle bit more time. i dont get it. whats up ABC?
posted by BobbyK on Nov 18, 2010
I am so sick of networks starting a great show and killing it after one season. The Gates was a great show had a great story line and a great cast of people. I this ABC sucks for this and I hope someone like syfy picks it up and make a ton of money off it
posted by ??? on Nov 17, 2010
you have to be kidding me right ..they can not cancel this show
posted by marie on Nov 17, 2010
are you kidding!!! Bring it back!!!!
posted by ABC is the new FOX on Nov 16, 2010
posted by llcd on Nov 15, 2010
This show was great!! Shame on you ABC, these types of actions is why your network sucks and will continue to suck. Listen to the public, bring The Gates back!
posted by shanie on Nov 14, 2010
This was an awesome show and I looked forward to watching every week. Maybe you should pay closer attention to your fans opinions, aren't we, the viewer, really the ones that count.
posted by detroitman on Nov 12, 2010
hey take it easy on the statement, i love the show to it just did not make the ratings.
posted by GRR on Nov 12, 2010
i heart the gates !!! come on abc why cancel such a good show !?! >=| seriously !?!? i thought abc was a family show for their viewers not about the ratings and money !!! come on !! charlie was soo cute to look at !! who am i suppose to look at now ?!?!
posted by SouthAfrica on Nov 10, 2010
ABC .. you cancel this program and you dont cancel the other crap you put on.. you pathetic the lot of you should be fired as you clearly have no clue what your doing .. a big fuck you from South Africa
posted by abcsucks on Nov 09, 2010
I LOVED THE GATES!!! Seriously LOVED it! I think ABC is making the wrong move by cancelling this show, it could be a HUGE hit if they brought it to primetime fall lineup... So unfortunate! I liked that it wasn't only about a bunch of kids, I'm 25 and I'm tired of watching high school kids! I liked the mix of characters in the show, the acting is better too. ABC, you suck for cancelling this show, I truly hope you listen to all of us when we say "BRING THE GATES BACK!!"
posted by albanian on Nov 09, 2010
fuk i hate abc ,no more for me abc.fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk FFFFUUUUUKKKKKK
posted by wtf on Nov 07, 2010
What the hell!!! I had never heard of the show until recently. I just watched the whole season today and im hooked!!! i cannot belive there won't be a new one!!! >:(
posted by tony on Nov 03, 2010
I was so lookng foward to this non reality show. I got hooked. I'm not going to get violent over it but I am upset.
posted by wu on Nov 03, 2010
nice one ABC, after throwing that kind of season finale, then you just go cancelling the show. Just want you to know that you broke a lot of people's hearts.
posted by Andreas on Nov 03, 2010
The Gates was great. ABC dosent seem to do any good choices....The X almost every good series they make. Or they try to destroy their own series, like Sci fi series "V". I Hope some other network picks up The Gates. The season final was great!
posted by tenn.songbird on Nov 03, 2010
well, great abc canned another show, i'm sure we'll get to watch yet another reality show,, umm skating with the stars??? wow abc ur stupid
posted by Alex on Nov 02, 2010
ABC you idiots.
posted by Wout Pennings on Nov 01, 2010
i am fucking angry! ABC!!! Greetings from the Netherlands
posted by Sad about The Gates on Oct 28, 2010
We don't get cable any more - too few good shows. So we we watched The Gates on iTunes -- hey, ABC, did you check on the downloads for the show????? We weren't the only ones downloading it....
posted by theos379 on Oct 25, 2010
After reading various is a SHAME...that once again....the people in power and the advertising execs only care about the dolllars. I remember a time when Friends, all 3 CSI's, Desperate Housewives, Friends and other long running shows struggled in the beginning only to gain viewers as the seasons progressed. Nowadays, with so many shows being cut off after 5 or less episodes is a real shame. Like others, I record my shows and watch them when I have time. I also watch more cable instead of the major networks for they keey cancelling shows...mainly ABC is the front-runner for doing this. Why even come up with a new show if you do not give it a chance to grow and shine???? I hope another network can pick it up. This show has so much potential and it has a great cast. So sick of all those reality shows... Further....that is why I never watch to many new shows for I know if they are on ABC...they will be axed..... I hope another network picks them up.........
posted by vivian on Oct 25, 2010
i am so sad. how can they do this, i love this show. i waited for nothing. stupid people cut off my bff
posted by kami-D on Oct 25, 2010
well no more ABC for me... used to watch THE GATES alone.... but I guess 1 vote wont matter.... and I guess the votes of the other disappointing fans DON'T count was a shame to bring THE GATES on ABC... cuz ABC quite frankly doesnt care about its veiwers.... And so we say RIP to a really good show... an once again CBS has all my attention...
posted by jpjasl on Oct 22, 2010
Wow, just found out. THis sucks. ABC is a waste. That was the only show I watched on that channel. No wonder more and more people are watching cable.
posted by Wowhowdumb on Oct 22, 2010
I have to say I'm shocked.You come up with a great show then cancel it...I have a DVR and followed every show faithfully.Maybe Syfy or one of the SMART channels take your idea and its loyal viewers.
posted by COME ON on Oct 21, 2010
posted by mari on Oct 21, 2010
i'm from russia. The gates in our country just released, and it made bomb effect, that's so bad that we will not see season 2, shame you abc. May be another canal will buy it?
posted by lashawnfun on Oct 21, 2010
BRING BACK "THE GATES"!!! Are the people at ABC on crack cocaine
posted by WTF on Oct 21, 2010
posted by ABCSUCKS on Oct 21, 2010
This just pisses me off. I loved The Gates! With the way Season 1 ended I was really looking forward to Season 2. Stupid ABC.
posted by STAR on Oct 21, 2010
Oh, and one more thing: Did you cancel Scoundrels too? I can't find any confirmation on that, but I'm sure you did. I watched both of these shows faithfully. Scoundrels was a really great show too. I don't get into a whole lot of tv shows, but I did get into these two, and it's really disappointing that their already canceled. Two really great shows that were MISMANAGED by ABC.
posted by STAR on Oct 21, 2010
It's not fair to drag the fans out for a whole season, then cut them off so they never know what happens next. The show came on at 10:00 PM after a lot of people have to go to bed. And in the SUMMERTIME when it's very difficult for a new tv show to do well anyway! Why couln't you have given it a second chance?! I bet if it were aired after Desperate Housewives, or promoted a lot during Desperate Housewives, the show could have a much better chance, because this is the kind of show that would appeal to that audience. Most people I know have never even heard of the gates! Or what about promoting during, or airing it after V (whenever you decide to start airing new episodes, which I heard you are)? The two shows are kind of similar, and might go well together. Bottom line is, The Gates was a great show, it has fans, and it would have even more if ABC hadn't mismanaged it. PLEASE GIVE THE SHOW ANOTHER CHANCE! - A FAIR CHANCE!!!
posted by Please Reconsider on Oct 20, 2010
It was a great show with a great cast Please reconsider your decision. The fans want more of this show and perhaps season 2 will have a bigger audience which means more ratings.
posted by tan on Oct 20, 2010
je suis vraiment decu jaimais vraiment cette teleserie cest frustrant de pas decouvrir la suite serieux cetait la seule emission que jecoutait a abc et je me forcais a rester eveille car 10 pm cets tard un dimanche tout cas beau travail gacher une perte de temps quoi...
posted by dllopez on Oct 20, 2010
U suck abc. I loved The Gates.
posted by madaboutmarisol on Oct 20, 2010
This show had the most beautiful woman on the planet in it she is Marisol Nichols. It's a shame good shows don't get a chance to survive.
posted by CROigs on Oct 20, 2010
Im from Europe and I cant officially watch any of the ABC shows, but I try to get them anyway I can,... there are a lot of shows,THE GATES included, that I really liked, and they got canceled,... thats a shame...
posted by anonymous on Oct 19, 2010
posted by no lost no gates so on Oct 19, 2010
really.this is a sad day.
posted by CBScorpio on Oct 18, 2010
This is why ABC SUCKS!!!!
posted by lovethegates on Oct 18, 2010
love the gates, hate ABC for doing this.
posted by John on Oct 17, 2010
This show got canned for LACK OF PROMOTION. Jesus f***ing christ, ABC - thumbs down.
posted by biggatesfan on Oct 17, 2010
The Gates was a fantastic show! I am shocked ABC canceled the show. Bring it back, there are so many of us that truly enjoyed the was very different and unique, not like any other vampire -werewolf show.
posted by Big Fan on Oct 17, 2010
This is crazy!!! I was really looking forward to next season. I agree, the time slot needs to be changed. This was really a great show that both my husband and I got into.
posted by reallymad on Oct 17, 2010
posted by pam on Oct 17, 2010
no more watching regular t.v. every thing gets canceled
posted by jeffbdr on Oct 16, 2010
funny..everything you see on tv and in movies now are just remakes, and the one show that actually comes from scratch and gets a fair amount of views get canceled, bullshit in my books
posted by FUABC. on Oct 16, 2010
I can't believe that its gone, there is no point to the crappy network anymore. guess it's back to more ABC for me.
posted by Jiggs Malloy on Oct 16, 2010
The show rocks! I am so upset that its not getting picked up! I think the reason its got such low ratings is because it was on at 10PM at night!!! If it were given a better time slot, I think things would be way different. Who the heck wants to stay up watching TV untill 11 o’clock on a Sunday night when they have to work early Monday morning! I don’t know about anyone else, but I try to get to bed as early as possible come Sunday night. I really hope another chanel makes a smart decision and picks The Gates up for another season, change the time slot, and do a bit more promotional means for the show. There are so many directions they can go with this show at this point!!!!!
posted by pissedofatabc on Oct 16, 2010
posted by mad on Oct 16, 2010
No more ABC for me....

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