Video: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Having Dinner at Matsuhisa

October 12, 2010 09:22:15 GMT

The longtime rumored lovers were seen enjoying their meal at the Japanese restaurant in Beverly Hills on Sunday, October 10 while talking to their friends.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart
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A newly outed video has shown Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart having a dinner date at Matsuhisa Japanese restaurant in Beverly Hills on Sunday, October 10. In the more than 2 minutes footage, Robert and Kristen were seen simply enjoying their meal and talking to each other.

After having the sushi date, Robert and Kristen, who were at that time accompanied by their friends, got into a Beverly Hills cap. Once they were in the cab, the rumored lovers were seen ducking down as snappers refused to fail capturing them. Though so, the two were snapped sharing a hearty laugh while in the back of the taxi.

According to E! Online prior to the sushi date, Robert and Kristen attended a private pool party at the Thomson hotel on Friday. During the party, a source told the site that the "Twilight" stars didn't try to hide their affection as they reportedly "held hands and were kissing."

"They looked really happy, laughing and hanging out side-by-side the entire time," the source went on. "It wasn't like they were trying to hide they were dating. They were just smoking and hanging out with friends. No one bothered them. They just looked like a normal couple!"

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's Dinner at Matsuhisa:


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posted by sandra on Oct 25, 2010
i am sick please stop before the media get these ppl killed running from them. like lady diana it is just not worth it. we adore ROBERT and KRISTEN
posted by simo on Oct 14, 2010
It said in many pages that at the end of the video is seen as Kristen and Tom kiss in the taxi, and this is true. Speaking of deception Robsten, see the video, is very clear, there is a kiss between Kristen and Tom, while Robert appears on the right of the image looking toward the window
posted by Faye on Oct 13, 2010
Now, that was just rude......paps should be banned!
posted by Trieste on Oct 13, 2010
Saw on another site where people were critizing Kristen for scowling in a photo taken while in this cab. Well, I'd be scowling (& more) if I had cameras flashing in my face. How intrusive! The poor kids can't even go out for a meal without being hounded. Who among us would want to be secretly filmed while eating dinner with friends?
posted by mema on Oct 12, 2010
hope ever one happy for spy on this private moment and they are not alone they are withe friends haveing good time please leave them alone
posted by StanB on Oct 12, 2010
I felt creepy watching them EAT. Famous or not, who of us would want to be filmed eating. People have said that Kristen should work at McDonald's if she doesn't. want the attention. When is enough enough?. If people think we are being entertained by two people eating, YES! two people, who happen to be famous,they will keep doing this. Its a invasion of basic privacy, that we all enjoy and should not be encouraged.
posted by Debbie on Oct 12, 2010
They are a everyone has proof...LEAVE THEM ALONE AND LET THEM BE HAPPY.......go bother another celebrity couple...
posted by NineLivez on Oct 12, 2010
That's about the most terrible thing I've seen....not only is it rude, but I'd be scared outta my wits!!!
posted by Noel on Oct 12, 2010
Its sad to see such a violation of privacy but its not as if some fans don't encourage this. The obession with this celeb couple is crazy. Its a double-edged sword. People moan when they see stuff like this but if they don't see it they moan about not seeing their idols.
posted by jbydec31 on Oct 12, 2010
WOW! That's just awful! Leave them alone and let them have their own time together. I would hide my face too if cameras were constantly shooting.
posted by Katherine on Oct 12, 2010
The paparazzi need to get a life!
posted by AARP on Oct 12, 2010
How about, since we love Rob and Kristen so much, we stop going to these websites that show them being humiliated, and therefore stop the paychecks to the paparazzi? We are the ones who subsidize these annoying photgraphers !!!
posted by nice2 on Oct 12, 2010
I as well feel sorry for them. They are celebrities and do their share of appearances,leave them to a normal existence PLEASE! How would the rude obnoxious photographer like to have to hide his head after dinner with someone,,just sad that Rob & Kristen are subjected to this beligerent and space invading behaviour. She was all smiles the other night on Leno, give her and Rob a break.
posted by Rach on Oct 12, 2010
Usually i love seeing anything on these too but seeing them trying to hide in the cab really I felt so sorry for them.
posted by isbella on Oct 12, 2010
they are so cute together!!i wish they both will stay together forvever :Dbut i think media has to give them privacy
posted by shortieecakee on Oct 12, 2010
because that's not creepy at all
posted by Becca on Oct 12, 2010
Honestly, it nearly hurts to see them having to hide that way at the end, they can't even get into a freaking cab like normal people and just drive off... I personally would go completely insane if I had to go through the same... I know they are famous and all, but they surely didn't sign for this, nor do they deserve to be 'hunted' that way!
posted by bess on Oct 12, 2010
LEAVE. THEM. ALONE. They are soooo cute but this a private moment that the fans nor media needs access to!! I am glad they are relaxing more; this may be the answer to the paps,so they stop bothering this couple!
posted by edith on Oct 12, 2010
I'm realy glad that Robert and Kristin are soo happy together.LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! Real fans don't need known about every step they do becouse we respect they privacy !!!
posted by Loredana on Oct 12, 2010
What a hell is going on with the paps.they should live them alone because evry one have a life

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