Adam Lambert Pictured Locking Lips With His Bassist Onstage

October 07, 2010 02:29:06 GMT

The 'American Idol' singer smooches one of his band members when performing for live audience in Tokyo, Japan.

Adam Lambert
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Wearing his black leather pants and fingerless gloves, Adam Lambert rocked the JCB Hall in Tokyo, Japan on Wednesday night, October 6 as part of his Glam Nation tour. The 2009 runner-up of "American Idol" catered fans with songs from his first major-label studio album "For Your Entertainment".

In one point, Lambert who was criticized for his saucy stage act at 2009 American Music Awards was snapped grabbing his bass player Tommy Joe Ratliff and locking lips with him. The 28-year-old singer wrote on Twitter, "I wanna slay it tonight in TOKYO!"

Before flying to Japan, Adam Lambert took a break from the road to have an exotic vacation in Bali, Indonesia. He shared with his Twitter followers of his relaxing time in the island, testifying that "Bali vacation was a rebirth! Such a beautiful trip. My heart is full."

Following his Asian shows, Lambert will visit New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii. Afterwards, he will jet to Europe for a number of concerts until late November. Most recently, he has "added a final December 16th Glam Nation Show at Club Nokia in LA!!! Bringin it home! So excited!"


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posted by Peggy on Oct 19, 2010
Adam is the hottest singer there has been in years. I went to a lot of shows in the summer and it was really great....
posted by bobbie917 on Oct 11, 2010
adam, i voted for you all season long on american idol.. you have a fresh new voice that is sooo distinctive. i love listening to you sing. awesome voice.. you are one of the best around
posted by laura on Oct 09, 2010
love adma lambert the ebst in the world-sexy man sexy voice- never forget tired of adam lambert. p;s kdfh sr-ur tramp?
posted by SW on Oct 09, 2010
Yes, Adam occasionally gives his bassist a quick kiss. However, it was a lot more fun watching Tommy teach Adam how to play his base in Atlanta! It's all harmless fun. I wish Adam would cancel his Malaysia concert. Beyonce did - twice! If he can't be himself and enjoy his own performance why go there?
posted by Rose on Oct 08, 2010
It is a show, I think by now everyone expects it. Adam Lambert is the most talented showman around, Everyone has to lighten up and enjoy him, he is a true piece of gold.
posted by kdfh sr on Oct 08, 2010
you tramp !!!!! ^^^^^
posted by musicfan on Oct 07, 2010
Why is this making headlines? It's like a second of the show, he's been doing it all summer across the US. It's hot (fans cheer), but seriously, it's NOT THE SHOW! The show is incredible, Adam is amazing live, his voice is out of this world - one little kiss with Tommy (who is straight, btw) shouldn't be headlines. Adam's TALENT is singing incredible & putting on that fantastic show!
posted by ilow on Oct 07, 2010
hey adam your in bali, Indonesian why you dont make a concert in indonesian??? :'(
posted by lilyx on Oct 07, 2010
I LOVE Adam and everything he does. He can kiss Tommy all over the world as far as I'm concerned lol. I'm just SO HAPPY he is singing the beautiful song he wrote BROKEN OPEN! ~ Heavenly ~
posted by dexer on Oct 07, 2010
there's th picture,so there's news.see
posted by Yawn! on Oct 07, 2010
This is not new, in fact it's very old news. It's been going on all summer so often, in fact, it's news when it doesn't happen.
posted by lausy on Oct 06, 2010
Dear Adam, Malaysia is a beautiful, cultured country so locking lips here wont work. Please dont spoil it for your fans coz we love you.
posted by wewe on Oct 06, 2010
bali's worth to visit ... good choice adam!!
posted by kristy on Oct 06, 2010
Boy on boy, so hot. You'd think the straight dudes would be lining up to take their GFs to this show for the guarantee of action later on, lol.
posted by Hermany19 on Oct 06, 2010
Nothing there! He's been locking lips (VERY BRIEFLY) with his bassist all summer long across America. No complaints from anyone in the audience. To the contrary, there was major approval in the audience. The minute the media will realize that they're the only ones shocked by this will be a major step forward for equality in the US. Fans has millions and millions of fans worldwide and they are ALL fine with his live performances. They even demand more.

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