Angelina Jolie Is Said Sending Jennifer Aniston a Letter 'to Put the Past Behind Them'

September 24, 2010 07:56:23 GMT

Angelina reportedly sent love rival Jennifer a letter earlier this month because 'she hates the hostility that exists between her and Jen' and 'wants to put the past behind them.'

Angelina Jolie Is Said Sending Jennifer Aniston a Letter 'to Put the Past Behind Them'
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Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston's names have again been put after another. According to National Enquirer, via Showbiz Spy, the "Salt" actress has sent the ex-wife of her current partner Brad Pitt a letter earlier this month.

"It may seem crazy, but for those of us who actually know Angelina, it really isn't all that surprising," a source said as quoted by the site. "She's an unpredictable character, so for her to reach out to Jen like this is just the sort of behavior she's known for."

According to the site, Angelina sent Jennifer the letter because she wanted to put an end to their long-running feud. The source explained, "Angelina doesn't want any more bad energy in her life, and she hates the hostility that exists between her and Jen."

The source further mentioned that it took "a very long time" for Angelina to "work up the courage" to send the letters. "She's coming from a good place and genuinely wants to put the past behind them," the source stated.

Angelina reportedly sent good wishes for love rival Jennifer, hoping the "Along Came Polly" actress would join her in the world of motherhood. The source said, "In the note, Angie tells Jen that she would make a wonderful mother and that she's at the perfect age and time of her life to have her first child."

Meanwhile, Jennifer, who was allegedly in shock when receiving the letter and first thought that it might be some kind of prank, finally received the letter warm-hearted. The "Friends" star was said realizing "Angie's letter was sincere and genuine, she actually went from shocked to being impressed."

"Being a mature person, Jen must have recognized how much of an effort it was on Angie's part to have gone through with the letter," the source went on. And Brad was reportedly being as open as Jennifer. "What's more, Brad is fully behind her. He's so proud of Angie for reaching out to Jen," the source revealed.


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posted by me on Jan 24, 2011
i wanna see brad blood muhahahahahhahahahah o.v.s. fake and gay
posted by boo on Jan 24, 2011
dear Jennifer. Burn that letter and kick Brad in the balls, ps your allowed to burn angelina too
posted by moo on Jan 24, 2011
Angelina is such a bitch, but so is brad... poor kids
posted by Baby pink on Oct 10, 2010
Angelooney woman, u put me on "ignore"!
posted by instinctively sharp on Oct 10, 2010
just look closely at what Mentalina is doing.her actions r way too easy to read through. she doesn't genuinely feel bad at all,what-so-ever 1 bit. she's quite aware of her whore'ish rep & is impressed with kills her that Shiloh isn't of age to replicate mommy's wholesome image.Brad would never allow this.but,Angie's still keeping her fingures crossed. By the way,has any one noticed how Angie is just mainly known 4 spreading her curtains below & not much more?Its what she does best. Its certainly not acting & any1 could've made Brad a dad. Everybody knows what this disease infested disgrace of motherhood is about...and her "played out" mind games that have become more than predictively boring. Maybe its time Miss Angelina Voight go back to her cave, under her rock with her cape in tow so that her dad & children can have e better chance at living sane lives. God knows this world would be so much better off.
posted by voodoo? on Oct 10, 2010
Jen ends up with no husband and angie sends her a letter? Burn it!
posted by deanna on Oct 06, 2010
Jennifer aniston might make floppy movies. So what, she hasnt peaked yet. The best movies of her career are still ahead of her. At least she did not have a bunch of kids and not care for them. Like some people.
posted by stephan on Oct 06, 2010
A producer on the smith movie leaked that angelina had given brad multiple STDs.
posted by Freya on Oct 03, 2010
truth, do you know for a fact that Angie didn't walk away? NO, you don't! You DON'T WANT to think of the possibility that she did walk away, which made him want her even more, and he chased her after he separated, all the way to the UK, then to Kenya.
posted by stupitt on Oct 03, 2010
Jen said goodbye to brad the second she found out he had sex with angie.
posted by truth on Oct 03, 2010
They were screwing on the smith set within one month of meeting. Brad would be married to jen for two more years. Angelina gave him herpes and jen would not touch him with a ten foot pole.
posted by noshedidnot on Oct 03, 2010
With your back on a mattress, and your feet in the air, its hard to walk away.
posted by braddrunkpitt on Oct 02, 2010
He was horny and drunk, dont forget drunk.
posted by sabrina on Oct 01, 2010
Angelina is a whacko. Look what she is doing to her kids already. Whoever entrusted this person with a child should be fired. She tried to adopt in the united states and was denied due to her suicide attempt. She is turning shilo into a boy. And taking away her identity. And meanwhile shilo is watching zahara get with lavished with thousand dollar purses and girlie stuff. Its called programming. And shilo knows that mommy will be happy if she plays along. And mommy will be mad if she doesnt. Its called mind games and its cruel. A grown woman pushing her mental illness on a child it horrendous.
posted by real truth on Sep 29, 2010
His marriage to jen TURNED INTO a dead end the moment angelina jolie opened her legs for the married man. She proved again that she definately deserves the title of whore.
posted by E on Sep 29, 2010
posted by Truth Hurts on Sep 26, 2010
This story is fake. It came from National Enquirer, must have been initiated by Jennifer's PR camp. Why did ACESHOWBIZ pick this up? Jennifer is the epitome of fakeness, from the color of her hair, her nose, down to her toes, to her bones. Her aura shows it. She is HOLLYWOOD SHOWBIZ FAKENESS PERSONIFIED.
posted by tourist on Sep 26, 2010
Angie is dragging out the X because her movie is coming out.
posted by COCO on Sep 25, 2010
posted by larry on Sep 25, 2010
posted by The Real TRUTH! on Sep 25, 2010
Jen knew her marriage was over in 2003. Long before Angelina was even a thought in Brad's head. That is why she did not include Brad's name in her "thank yous" for her little cheesy award. She made a point to tell her friends cast "they" were her "family" she did not include Brad in her "inner circle." Jen also said "THERE WAS NO CHEATING BY BRAD OR ANGIE" in her interviews because she knew that was true. Even Courtney Cox said Brad was upfront and honest with her and had not cheated. Call her a liar Jen hens, she said it. Maniston even offered Brad the opportunity to go out and have an affair but stay married to her and Brad turned her down flat. What kind of woman tells her husband to go out and have an affair but remain married? Only a sick, twisted, lame one like Aniston. Thank God Brad had sense enough to dump this sicko and move on with his life with the love of his life and a decent woman - Angelina. The only woman he wanted to be the mother of his children. His words. He labeled Jennypoo a "Deadend" his words. Jennypoo thought her career would sky rocket despite the divorce but when it did not she changed her tactics and started whining about being a victim. That no longer worked for her by 2005 and the entire world told her to STFU and move on. Instead of moving on she decided to make Angelina the villain in her despicable "who is to blame for my divorce" game. Well that has backfired too. Get on with your life Maniston. You tried to steal Chris Gartin who was huband to your once best friend. Chris Gartin's ex-wife's stepmother blew the whistle on you and condemned you for what you did to that marriage. So look in the mirror at yourself you homewrecking w.h.o.r.e. Jumping from one man's bed to the next. No wonder even John Mayer doesn't want your stinky rump. You have accommodated so many men in your bed their should be a health warning posted in your house above your bed that says "Enter at your own risk!" You need to send a letter of apology to Chris Gartin's wife. Move on hypocrite Aniston. Your 15 minutes of fame are over and the world has sent you a pink slip. Get Lost and stay Lost!
posted by BulllC.r.a.p on Sep 25, 2010
Leatherface Jen is not even on Brad's nor Angelina's radar. I can assure you if Jen received any letter it would be all over the TV and the internet for ALL to see and read. Where is the letter ManFace Jen? Show us something besides your lame acting. You have bombed on the big screen and the little screen and you are desperate to hang on to the little fame you have left and that is riding the Jolie-Pitt gravy train. Get lost you Has been Loser. All you are good for is screaming "I was once married to Brad Pitt." In 6 years you have not been able to find another sucker to marry you. Sad Pathethic creature you! Put up or STFU!
posted by truth on Sep 25, 2010
The woman has the power. She controls the sex. She has the "vag". She says yes or she says no. Brad was away from his WIFE. Angie was aware of the WIFE. Brad was horny. Big surprise. Angie should have walked away. That would have been a classy move. Instead she got on her back and spread her legs for the married man. That is why she is called a whore. Because she is. Truth .period.
posted by jengoddess on Sep 25, 2010
The absolute worst things that can be said about jennifer aniston are as follows. #1 she called herself a retard. #2 she doesnt change her hairstyle #3 she has a favorite lunch she eats every day. Hmmmmmmmm. Still, not that bad. And oh yeah, brad pitt vince vaugn and dildo jon mayer , is far from half of hollywood. Angelina jolie has had sex with at least 25 people at last count. And thats only the ones we know about. Angelina is a walking skeleton these days. No longer attractive. Her mental illness is shining through.
posted by anggotdumped on Sep 25, 2010
Angie lovers can type and type till their fingers fall off. Angie got cheated on and dumped. Just like jennifer. Except angie has 6 children. Good luck finding another man to have you now. I think the problem here is brad pitt. I do prefer jennifer if i had to choose.
posted by Betty on Sep 25, 2010
Hey, Angie's jealous haters. move on. all of you are serious mental sickness and extreme jealousy
posted by Get Real on Sep 24, 2010
Angelina should have sent Jennifer a set of dildos instead.
posted by freddie on Sep 24, 2010
She wishes she could put the past behind her. It will take more than a letter. The one thing angelina needs to fix her reputation.... A time machine!!!
posted by jerry hall on Sep 24, 2010
Hi she slept with my husband too. His name is mick , maybe you have heard of him, im waiting for my letter.
posted by jan on Sep 24, 2010
Did she say she was sorry for having sex with her husband? Or for stealing jens movie? Or for spreading cruel rumors about her? Did she apologize for every single day she has spent with jens husband? did she also write to laura dern? Or uma therman for having sex with her husband? And patricia arquette ? Did she get a letter too?? Brad must have really cheated on angie! Maybe racine is telling the truth. Sounds like angie has gotten a big dose of her own medicine. Doesnt feel good . Does it??? This is what you do to others , and thats why everybody hates you angie! Everybody is interested in you , because your a trainwreck about to happen and everybody wants to see it. But dont confuse that with being liked. Nobody likes you. But you are interesting. In a dark way.
posted by angel on Sep 24, 2010
love and peace...
posted by federica on Sep 24, 2010
ahahah the letters are wonderful! unfortunately, I don't even think that this news of the letter is is another invention of jornalists..and brad and angie are happy together..and jen has a new life. that's the truth. (unfortunately!)
posted by howard on Sep 24, 2010
Ive dated alot of woman. Crazy woman are fun, For the weekend. I bet day to day life with her behind closed doors is a nightmare. You can tell, shes looped!
posted by jon on Sep 24, 2010
She probably did sell her soul to the devil. In exchange for a great life. She got jennifers.
posted by jennifer aniston on Sep 24, 2010
Yes it is true. That stupid whore wrote me a letter. When i saw it was from her, i ran out the front door holding it with salad tongs. I didnt want any bad vibes falling off of it and getting on my silk and wool carpet. Once i washed all the disease and vagina slime off of it. I read it. Alot of words were spelled wrong. She is not very smart. She wrote that i should have a baby. What? How do i have a baby without my husband? She is a nut. Absolute nut. Brad will be lucky to get out of this alive! Yeah i said it! JA
posted by Blackstrap on Sep 24, 2010
Jolie is in serious need of mental help. She has no class at all, which she has proved over and over again. This letter is just another way to make herself look good. She has alot of work ahead of her to accomplish that. What a loser!!!!! Jen is far to good for Brad anyway, and, deserves so much better. What, Jolie has her eye and Depp and this is her way out with Brad!!!!! What a FREAK!!!!
posted by jeanie on Sep 24, 2010
Give the 3 foreign kids back to the orphanage. Give the three bio kids to jane pitt. Brad needs to go to jail for his crimes against jennifer and get buttfucked many times. And angelina needs to be pushed off a cliff (i volunteer) and once that is all done, i will forgive angelina
posted by dear loser on Sep 24, 2010
Hahahaha i still cant believe i stole everything you love. You can have brad back if you want. Ive depressed him so much he stopped showering and he stinks. Hes a total alcoholic now because he cant handle my mind games. Im tired of beating the crap out of him. Are you lonely? I bet you are! When im sad i think about all the horrible things ive done to you and it cheers me up. I dont even know why i had to destroy your life. I wanted EVERYTHING you have . I sold my soul to the devil in exchange for success . And now i have to go to hell. By the way . The paper this is written on is from my personal evil stationary set. By the way, have you ever had sex with a woman? AJ
posted by dear jen on Sep 24, 2010
Hello how have you been since i used my vagina to steal your life mate???? lonely i bet. Are you still mad i stole your movie part too???? Dont worry it bombed....... I know i tried to completely destroy you by spreading lies but now a really mean book and some horrible pictures of me came out and brad is so disgusted with me that i decided to pretend to be nice to you. By the way you should have a baby . Too bad i stole your man. Angie
posted by amanda on Sep 24, 2010
God bless both of u
posted by trinilady on Sep 24, 2010
i cannot believe that, people believe this crap. C'mon AJ does not know who JA is.
posted by OMG!!! on Sep 24, 2010
I cant stop laughing!!!
posted by Lola on Sep 24, 2010
That letter won't make me watch jolie pitt movies, they think," we are dumb with all media manipulation I'don't give my money to them..What for? give them more power to control all.That letter stink!
posted by two fans on Sep 24, 2010
Hi angelinas two fans, i see your both here. Is all you can say is "jennypoop"??? Good comeback. I know you are mad your homewrecking idol got dumped! Dump dump dumped! She is getting a dose of her own medicine and has found out what all the fuss is about. When a tramp steals your husband it hurts. The worst pain ever. And when the tramp twists the knife, it continues to hurt. This is exactly what angelina jolie did to jennifer aniston. Maybe angelina will stop destroying marriages now that she is on the recieving end.
posted by Lol this is the trut on Sep 24, 2010
Dear jennypoop, As you can see from the responses of the reetards (remember, thats your favorite word to describe the mentally challenged, you hypocrite)your fan base is a reflection of you. You are what you attract. Thats why youre so dumb and a loser, while Angie's star power, talent, life and love, keep growing and expanding. But you and your reetarded fans are too dumb, blind and stupid to see. And you will remain stuck in your 20-year therapy sessions, eating the same chicken salad lunch for 10 years, wearing your hair the same way since the 90s and still think youre a 'cute' 'girl' when in fact youre an aging, no talent, grown-azzed, finger-up-the-butt h0. The end.
posted by starrhatestruth on Sep 24, 2010
I thought they were hilarious and true. Angelina should have kept her private parts to herself. Because everyone knows that sex goes as far as the girl says it does . Otherwise its a crime. They had sex on a movie set in europe with jennifer in USA . I agree. Angelina should have kept her pants on. She was in control the whole time. This was a carefully executed plan. And she used sex to gain her objective. And now brad is cheating on her. Fabulous!
posted by awodatisangie on Sep 24, 2010
Keep saying it awhodat..... Dont mean its true........ Angies still crazy .......
posted by Starr on Sep 24, 2010
What is with all these angry Aniston fans ridiculous comments? They are judge, jury and executioners and they sound like they are no better. They are actually putting Aniston down by saying Aniston must not have had the "vagina" to hold on to Brad. And Jeanie, why would you return 3 children to an orphanage?? If anyone is cruel it's the Aniston fans from their comments. Plus the Aniston fans are so upset their comments are saying that Aniston can't get another man ever (actually that part is true.) From Dear Jen's comment, you are saying that if Jolie was using sex to entice Brad then you are saying Aniston must not have used her "vagina" with Brad when she was married to him or maybe her "vagina" was so bad it caused him to leave his marriage? Your comments aren't even educated. The bottom line is: You can't make a man want you or stay with you if he wants someone else. If you have any sort of common sense or experience with men in your relationships you would know that. Brad left on his own. This isn't Iran it's America. The men leaving are to blame too. Aniston's fans have just hurt Aniston with their comments and Jolie bashing. All this Jolie bashing is just ruining Aniston and her career even more but not Jolie's. I'm sure it was Aniston's PR people but the evil they have caused by spreading evil just came back to bite them and Jennifer A.
posted by AWHODAT on Sep 24, 2010
Dear jennypoop, As you can see from the responses of the reetards (remember, thats your favorite word to describe the mentally challenged, you hypocrite)your fan base is a reflection of you. You are what you attract. Thats why youre so dumb and a loser, while Angie's star power, talent, life and love, keep growing and expanding. But you and your reetarded fans are too dumb, blind and stupid to see. And you will remain stuck in your 20-year therapy sessions, eating the same chicken salad lunch for 10 years, wearing your hair the same way since the 90s and still think youre a 'cute' 'girl' when in fact youre an aging, no talent, grown-azzed, finger-up-the-butt h0. The end.

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