'True Beauty' Picks Taylor Bills as Winner

July 21, 2010 03:53:01 GMT

The 24-year-old, who had no knowledge of being judged by his inner beauty, received a cash prize for his good behavior in the last eight weeks of the competition.

'True Beauty' Picks Taylor Bills as Winner
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ABC's reality show "True Beauty" has crowned its second season winner on Monday, July 19 night. Shining with his inner beauty is Taylor Bills, a 24-year-old former Arizona League Seattle Mariners professional baseball player from Irvine, CA.

The show conceals the true objective in looking for a winner by telling the contestants that they want the beautiful ones to win while in fact they judge them by their inner beauty. This was revealed to the shocked final three which included Bills, Erika Othen and Craig Francyzk. They were given a key to the judges' spy room and were played a footage of their bad behavior in the last eight weeks.

In the discussion among the judges, Carson Kressley said Bills is with temper while Othen is catty. After the debate, the judges agreed on letting go Craig as the third-placer and Othen as the runner-up. Bills, as a winner, got to go home with $100,000 and a photo in People magazine.

Speaking of the nature of the show which exposes someone's garbage, host Vanessa Minnillo said, "It's tough. No matter how much you see us giggling and having a good time, it is heartbreaking when we expose them. I have seen these people crying their eyes out backstage, they are so mortified by what they've done."


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posted by ga ga on Aug 12, 2010
Taylor is not his father he is Taylor so its not him who is a fugitive!!!CONGRATULATIONS TAYLOR!
posted by karma on Aug 11, 2010
To FollowLove: I don't think people COME UP with crap, they just report the crap.
posted by vita on Aug 05, 2010
he is the best and deserve it :D
posted by followlove on Aug 01, 2010
its funny how people come up with CRAP that has nothing to do with the fact that this young man won a reality tv show
posted by Doug on Jul 30, 2010
I just read today’s STAR MAGAZINE article stating that Taylor’s dad, Stephen Bills, is a FUGITIVE running from the law! The article shows his Mug Shot. I looked it up in the Florida fugitive database and it’s true….says he’s been on the run since 2007.
posted by LaurieOwens on Jul 28, 2010
GO Taylor!!! You rocked it on the show. I wish I could see more of you. Love and miss you
posted by dancercrz16 on Jul 28, 2010
WOOOO HOOO!!!!! GO Taylor I am soooo happy that you were my favorite from the beginning. Hope everything in the future goes well for you!!
posted by whynotlove?? on Jul 28, 2010
crazy people love the drama
posted by valentino1 on Jul 21, 2010
vanessa - what a hypocrite! "it's hearbreaking when we expose them????!" it's the whole point of the show! if you find it so heartbreaking, quit!

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