Lindsay Lohan Tested Negative for Alcohol, Attorney Reveals

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley says that the actress did not have alcohol in her system when her SCRAM bracelet went off, denying allegation that the device has been tampered with.

Lindsay Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley claimed the 23-year-old star recorded a negative alcohol urine test at L.A.'s County Probation Department at 10 A.M. local time on Monday June 7, just hours after her SCRAM bracelet went off at a 2010 MTV Movie Awards after party. A source with knowledge of the test results told E! Online, "They did a urinalysis through Medtox labs and it was indicated conclusively that there was no alcohol in her system at that time. She was ordered to go right in and today just got report back and it was negative."

The reason why the SCRAM bracelet went off remains unclear. Shawn, however, denied any allegations that Lindsay tampered with the bracelet. Lindsay's mother Dina Lohan, in the meantime, previously suggested that someone spilled a drink on the device.

Although Lindsay's urine test tested negative, a source told radar Online her alcohol level was as high as .04 the day her SCRAM bracelet went off. The site reported that her alcohol level ranged from .03 to .04 from midnight to 3 A.M. on June 6, during the hours of the MTV Movie Awards after party.

"There was absolutely no doubt that Lindsay was drinking, and the report that the alcohol monitoring service provided to Judge Revel was very detailed and extremely reliable," a source told the site. "The (SCRAM) report also says that Lohan's SCRAM bracelet had indeed been tampered with, and this is one of the reasons that Judge Revel determined that Lindsay violated terms of her bail."

However, official documentation from that test has not been made public. The source further revealed that the time of the test will be compared to the SCRAM data by both the prosecution and Lindsay's defense.

On how Lindsay's test urine tested negative while the source stated her blood-alcohol level was anywhere between .03 and .04, Kathleen Brown of the Alcohol Monitoring Services explained to E! News. Kathleen said, "It's not just possible, but probable, that someone would have a .00 BAC the morning after drinking, even earlier than a 10 A.M. test."

"That is precisely the reason that judges order 24/7 alcohol monitoring, and that's the reason that this judge ordered both random drug tests and SCRAM in this case. Alcohol metabolizes very quickly in the body, and thus it's very difficult to catch drinking in random tests," Kathleen continued. "Random tests are very good at catching drug use - drugs leave residual indicators in the body that last much longer than alcohol."




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