'Pretty Little Liars' 1.02 Preview: The Jenna Thing

June 10, 2010 03:56:33 GMT

The girls are struggling to leave behind what has taken place in their past, but 'A' won't let them forget.

'Pretty Little Liars' 1.02 Preview: The Jenna Thing
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Four "Pretty Little Liars" are figuring out who A is, linking the mysterious figure to their deceased friend Alison. In the second episode of the new ABC Family series, Jenna Cavanaugh returns to Rosewood and the girls must face an unpleasant past as questions arise about Alison's death.

The circumstances surrounding Alison's disappearance continue to haunt Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna, as questions arise about the night she went missing. To complicate matters, Jenna's return to Rosewood makes the girls face an unpleasant past and an incident that sealed their friendship forever. Meanwhile temptation is everywhere they look, as Aria tries her hardest to stay away from Ezra and Spencer won't shy away from her sister's fiance, Wren.

"The Jenna Thing" airs June 15.

On another news, the number has been submitted, "Pretty Little Liars" debuted with strong ratings. Its June 8 pilot drew 2.5 million viewers, about the same number that "Make It or Break It" pulled in its pilot.


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posted by Alison DiLaurents on Nov 23, 2014
I am not dead. Courtney is dead. I killed her.
posted by Rachel Bailey on Apr 19, 2011
I have my own cell phone it's called sprint
posted by A on Mar 13, 2011
Everyone watch the shows and you will know what happen and you are not being a good sport So stop doing this and wait for it don't rotten eggs. -A
posted by Little_girl99 on Jan 31, 2011
Can some 1 plzzz actually explain it probaly sooo confusing
posted by EmilyLOVESpretty lit on Jan 03, 2011
Emily doesnt die.I think maybe ali put Rosewoods population minus 1 because of Toby,im not sure because i watched last nights episode and it said Toby did suicide so maybe that or maybe Ali killed him.....
posted by PrettyLittleLiars<3 on Oct 22, 2010
WHO IS MONA? Imissed the last couple of episodes :'( .
posted by breee143 on Aug 10, 2010
I think jenna is allison . & jenna died & courtney , allisons twin died . MONA & ALI R BEHIND ALL OF THIS
posted by idk on Aug 04, 2010
allison is alive! she had a twin sister courtney who was mental and pretended to be allison, so allison who was thought to be courtney killed courtney by pushing her in a hole and allison didnt like the three girls because of sum stuid reason, so she wanted to get back at them, the person sending the text messages is moana. until spencer kills her and then allison takes over for her. It ends with all the girls re-doing the sleep-over and wake up, ally's gone, and the barn is on fire. The three girls make it out, it seems ally is dead, or is she?
posted by pretty little liar on Jul 28, 2010
Then whos body is it they find in allisons yard
posted by prettylittlejaci on Jul 27, 2010
@idk I completely agree with you! In tonights episode at the memorial they zoomed in on jenna's face with Alison's picture in the background! Jenna is definitely really Alison!
posted by idk on Jul 22, 2010
i heard a tip that A is mr fitz and that hes also the killer.after readsing these its probably not true though right?
posted by prettylittleliarsspo on Jul 21, 2010
well, ally did have a twiin sister who was crzy and yeah they switched places adn tehn ally got made at her sis for taking over so she lilled her.Then ally was the one stlking teh 4 girls and she told jenna everything and tehn jenna would text them and tehn toby would be the one to murder off each girl one by one..he couldnt kill emily bc he liked her but then ally had to kill toby adn tehn thats why it said population down was ally saying it was tooobbyy...a is jenna and teh killer is toby adn ally just instructs it allll !!!!! *** spoiler*** i just cant take all of yall asking so many questions ahaha
posted by A. on Jul 14, 2010
wow u guys my story is getting you guys this crazy well hi im sasha and i am 16 and I play alison in pretty little liars if you have any qeustions please feel free to ask and this is no joke but i am not giving anything away sorry you are going to have to watch some of you i see have some of it right or have a good idea about wut is happening -A.
posted by A. on Jul 14, 2010
posted by naptown_317 on Jul 13, 2010
what i've herdd is that ali is still alive and courtney her twin sister is the one who really died because she acted like ali and ali kills her. mona is "A" she knows all of there secrets from Ali's or should i say courtneys diaryy that she found on the curve and ali kills courtney and mona dies because the other blonde girl [sorry i forgot her name ] figured out mona is "A" but mona hits her with the car and forgets but then spencer is with mona and the blonde remebers and tell spencer to get out and why and mona rejects it and then trys to kill spencer but then ends up killing her self by falling off a clif and then the real ali comes in and really texts them and ian goes to jail because him and aria but aria didnt drop charges so he gets out and stuff and moves aria also gets kicked out because she didnt tell her mom and she moves in with her dad emily idk bout her uhmm then tobi kills his self because emily says i know what you did but she is talking about killing allison who so didnt but tobi thinks she is talking about having sex with his step sister jenna and the only reason tobi never told that ali or courtney did the firework thing is because ali or courntey said she would tell bout that sex thing and then jenna dies i forget out! i've been looking up things for this since the episode what wwas on tonight and i didnt no there were books im so going to read them (: and yea i dnt think jenna is really blinde ethier i think her in mona planed it but im so obessed with this now but i dont no if EMILY DIES OR NOT AND CAN SOME ONE TELL ME WHO REALLY KNOWS FORSURE AND GIVE ME DETAILS I KNOW ITS A SPOILER BUT STILL I WANT TO KNOW THINKS AND GET ME UPDATED N STUFF YOU GUYS FIGURE OUT WHAT HAPPENDS THANKS !
posted by hottie_2311930_me on Jul 13, 2010
nooooo ! monaa is "A" she gets all there secrets from ali's diary but ali was realy her twin sister who traded places and yea
posted by asdfghhjkl on Jul 11, 2010
Ali has a twin sister named Courtney who has some mental issues. Courtney doesn't live with the family; she stays in a mental hospital. One day Courtney took Alison's ring that had the letter A. Ali would always wear that ring so their paretns wouldn't get confused on which one is who. Courtney stole Ali's ring one day and pretended to be Ali. The REAL Alison was sent to the mental hospital. She tried to tell her parents about what is happening but they don't believe her. Courtney befriended the other girls. They didn't know that Ali had a twin sister. Courtney was actually the one who got murdered. The person that killed Courtney was Ali. The real one. Ali wanted to take revenge. "A" was actually Mona. She got all the girls secrets from the fake Ali's diary.
posted by bllaaaah on Jul 01, 2010
i think that everyone saying she has a twin is crazy because wouldnt they have mentioned it?
posted by dirtgirl123 on Jun 24, 2010
OK OK. lemme tell you something. here's how it goes. Ali had a twin sister courtney and jenna died in the accident but then it was really courtney that was with the other girls during the slumber party where she put the firecracker in that garage. she did this because it would look like SHE died and then she dressed up like jenna and pretended to be blind and then it was actually COURTNEY and JENNA who died and then she's sending the creepy texts and she's stalking them acting like she's jenna so she can get away wit everything. didn't you see how she turned STRAIGHT towards spencer after she got done sending a text? i bet one of those girls got another creepy text at that moment while she was having a stare-down with spencer. i got super freaked out after i figuered out all this ;-/
posted by udontgottakno on Jun 23, 2010
its obvious jenna can see. did u see the way she turned to spencer in the clip? she looked right at her. that girl gives me the creeps.
posted by udontgottakno on Jun 23, 2010
i dont think jenna is alison. why would ali try to hurt her own friends if shes the one who started all of the drama. unless, the girls kno a secret they didnt tell ali. it seems to me that the girls told ali everything, but ali told them nothing. so what revenge does ali have against the pretty little liars. technically, shes the one who blinded jenna and knows toby's secret that made him cover for them. she knew jenna was in the house when she blew it up. and she knew they could blame it on toby when she did it.
posted by udontgottakno on Jun 23, 2010
i love this show!!! i dont think jenna is really blind, and i also dont think that "a" is ali. its someone that ali told everything to, and someone is watching the girls. and remember, jenna did say that ali visited her in the hospital and that she was the only one who understood ali. maybe it is jenna. hmmmmmm.... let me kno if anyone has any other ideas.
posted by udontgottakno on Jun 23, 2010
the show doesnt match up to the books. aria's dad had an affair with a woman he worked with. it wasn'tpencer's dad with ali's mom. and jenna muight have something to do with it because toby cavanaugh tries to tell the girls jenna is dangerous without betraying jenna. so, idk if its a courtney thing or if its a jenna thing.
posted by hannah8thecookie on Jun 22, 2010
ok here's the correct answer: alison has a twin sister name courtney. courtney was allisons "boyfriends" girlfriend. courtney was taking alisons popularity and evrything and alsion got mad, so she pushed her in a whole. so they found courtneys body.
posted by oneoftheprettylittle on Jun 20, 2010
i watched the first two and love this show and i think that jenna is allison i dont think allison dressed up like jenna then killed the real jeena i just think allison really died and took over jennas body so she can stay alive cuz all those txts are really mysterious especiall these ones like dead girl walking and when a student kisses a teacher someone get hurt those were freaky but yah anyways i think ali took over jennas body but im not sure im reading the books right now so plz dont ruin it plz someppl might want te answer but someppl dont so dont ruin it guys its a mystery haha
posted by BLAH(: on Jun 18, 2010
I meant is blind b4 :D sorry...
posted by BLAH(: on Jun 18, 2010
Jenna's blind. You can tell because she went to a school that helped her relearn things (like picking orange juice up :P) plus she wouldn't have to tell the text to send if she could see it, she could just press send. I know she's not blind I read all the books (except wanted I need to buy it:) and reccommend them! I wouldn't read anymore FYI cause 50% of this is false! :D BUH BYE!
posted by Keli on Jun 16, 2010
Yeah I agree. Jenna is def not blind. The way she picked up her OJ at the lunch table, and also how she handed the cell phone over to whoever. Then at the end, Spencer sees Jenna telling the cell phone, send now....hmmmmmm
posted by -A on Jun 15, 2010
You guys are never going to find out things. Watch the show for your own good. I'm not really dead and this is not aliison. I am mona, hannas friend that stole with her. I found a thrownout diary for allison with secrets. -A
posted by loveable01 on Jun 15, 2010
ali has a twin sister who she switched places with and was murder but ali said that she was her sister so her mom thought that ali had dissapered
posted by idk on Jun 15, 2010
i think jenna is really allison and the body they found that was "allison's" was really jenna's and allison is pretending to be jenna. That's how "jenna" knows all of the other 4 girls secrets and is sending out the texts. Just a guess though...
posted by person on Jun 10, 2010
@whoknows actually its not jenna i know who it really is because i read the book series but i dont want to ruin the ending for you
posted by whoknows on Jun 10, 2010
Calling it now - Jenna isn't really blind. She in fact can see, and killed Allison for doing whatever it is she did to her. But not before getting dirt out of her, about the other 4 girls, since they were all somehow involved in the "Jenna thing." She's the one texting them as "A." No one will suspect the blind girl. Or should I say "blind?" For the show's sake, I hope I'm wrong!

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