Katy Perry Disses Lady GaGa's 'Alejandro' Video

June 09, 2010 07:54:33 GMT

'Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke,' so read the tweet which is rumored to diss lady GaGa.

Katy Perry Disses Lady GaGa's 'Alejandro' Video
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Katy Perry is rumored to have taken aim at Lady GaGa. The "I Kissed a Girl" hitmaker sparked such speculation after writing on Twitter, "Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke."

The fiancee of funnyman Russell Brand didn't mention GaGa's name on her post. However, people were quick to link the tweet to "Alejandro" music video due to the fact that the newly-premiered clip features, among other Catholic imageries, a crucifix during a bed scene.

Aside from Katy Perry's rumored jab at Lady GaGa, the two female singers actually have several things in common. Katy glorifies lesbianism in her claim-fame single "I Kissed a Girl" and GaGa celebrates gay love in "Alejandro".

On top of that, they seem to have similar style when it comes to undergarments. Katy picks a pair of cannons that launch frosting to the camera for her bra in "California Gurls" video, while GaGa opted rifles to equip her own.


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posted by GaGa\'sGrrlfriend on Sep 12, 2011
I think Perry is a pretty good singer...But she issn't GaGa, no body is as good as GaGa. I'm dissapointed that Perry chose to play the spiteful jealous schoolgirl routine and be a bitch about GaGa, who I think does the best music video's/songs ever. Perry get a life!!!!!
posted by imma on Mar 11, 2011
both katy and gaga have weird lifestyle and i tend to think that they are way too evil.katy praises a kiss with women and gagas videos are too offensive to christian region.please if thats what their creativity is all about please they better find something else to do before they pay for it, coz they are showing people how stupid and disrespective they are. by the way, are they devil worshippers?
posted by little monster on Dec 06, 2010
i love my mother monster !!! she is GaGa !!! she most of amazing girl in the world hhaha .. because her style is different and so ....... i love it !!!
posted by katyperrysmells on Nov 30, 2010
Well it's not so much that they have things in common with undergarments. It's one person who copied the other. Gaga started the guns way before Katy. Katy just followed. Also copied Gaga's style of hair accessories in her music video what's with that? Then again Gaga's awesome you can't blame jealous Katy for copying she's not the only one, we also have Rhianna copying her if you've seen some of her recent music videos.
posted by killer on Nov 11, 2010
they are bothe illumanati devil worshipping whores !
posted by GaGa_fan on Oct 24, 2010
Okay gaga put a cross in her mouth, but she said she is a caltholic and now your saying she sings about sex to much so is katy is such a hypocrite she sings about sex TEENAGE DREAM, CALIFORNIA GURLS, I KISSED A GIRL... Answer back when you ppl get smarter.
posted by real b!tch on Oct 24, 2010
Idk why you ppl are bitchin Katy perry is a devil worshiper to so is lady gaga face it there both goin to hell.
posted by tommy2tone on Oct 16, 2010
lol @ the religious do-gooders here, Katy Perry included. How easily you forget that Katy Perry has sold her SOUL (note the correct spelling, aysha. The lack of English comprehension in your post REALLY hurts your credibility) to be a part of the exact same industry. The only differences between GaGa and Perry are that GaGa does what she wants WITHOUT having to judge others. Perry obviously feels the need to lash out and reprimand people who don't live in the way that she does, which is shallow and conceited. If you don't like what GaGa is doing then don't buy her material or watch or listen to her work. It's really that simple. Stop trying to lecture others or straight up act like a hypocrite (like Perry is doing). Does Katy Perry understand that homosexuality ("I kissed a girl and I liked it") and lust (selling sex and shooting a whipped cream bra in "California Girls") is NO better?? She is selling sex just as much, just in different ways. What a pathetic hypocrite it makes her to open her mouth and judge GaGa.
posted by Konochan101 on Oct 05, 2010
Shut up, it's just a music video. Their opinions and doings are their own affairs. Just leave them alone, don't look at it if you don't like it. Where the hell has everyone's common sense gone?
posted by david on Aug 27, 2010
i fucking hate her
posted by Devout on Aug 24, 2010
I am a Devout Catholic myself, and wasnt to overly offended by the video. I am more on the charismatic side, and get where it is coming from. Religion oppression, anti-gay by church members, celebacy... However the Catholic Church I know welcomes homosexuals, and teaches it's members not to slander them because they are our neighbors. I have no idea why people insist the Catholic Church so against homosexuality, when it is probably the only christian religion out there that has welcome them to attend mass regularly...
posted by Fucktheperry on Aug 22, 2010
PS. I am a christian and so Is gaga she loves jesus, and god, FUCK KATY!
posted by Fucktheperry on Aug 22, 2010
Dear Katy Perry, Might I ask why you Tweeted that Lady Gaga's videos were "Blasphemous" Right after your "California Gurls" music Video was released where you were shown lying naked on a cloud, and Frosting shooting from your breasts...I think you contradicted yourself a little hon, Net time don't be so hypocritical :) kthxbai :)
posted by sdafun on Aug 05, 2010
- please ignore my last post it has many mistakes. Does anybody even stop to think the reason behind the symbols that she has placed in her video? Probably not. You should stop taking these things so personally, at no point does she direct hate against our god, At no point does she prove to be a "devil worshiper". She is merely making a stance on relegion itself, which is completly flawed, only cause man is flawed. Everyone is entitled to thier own opinion but you must not judge others through your own opinions for your judjment won't be empathetic but selfish. Look through her eyes and look into her heart, not through yours and you will truly understand her intentions. This video is about her gay friends, and about being gay. How christianity etc. are relegions of LOVE, yet they endorse HATE all the time. That is why she swallows the crucafix, for relegion needs to swallow its own medicine. They're are many different interpritations of the video, and you can interprite it anyway you wish but the only one that matters is hers, Its HER video, its HER music, its HER message. I beileve in god myself, i beileive he loves all of us no matter who we are no matter how where we come from, and no matter who we love. Acts of homosexuality may be a sin yes, but how is that any different from the sins that other people commit in thier daily lives. God said we cannot avoid sin, but as for forgivness, I am gay and I know god loves me. He may not like the things i choose to do, but his love flows through my viens and I will not stand for hatred anymore. Plain and simple her message is not of hate, but of Love. People need to show campoassion towards this message, didn't we learn this in church? compassion.
posted by sdafun on Aug 05, 2010
Does anybody even stop to think the reason behind the symbols being placed in her video? Probably not. The video is about her gay friends, and about being gay. How relegion is a relegion of LOVE, yet they hate all the time. That is why she swallows the crusafix, for relegion needs to swallow its own medicine. They're are many different interpritations of the video but the onlt one that matters is hers, Its HER video, its HER music, its HER message.
posted by unknown on Jul 08, 2010
mk...i have read most of yalls in my opinon. the people who are caling out others is not exacticaly dare me or anyone here? how about how dare you..u dont know lady dont know her and its ashame you are a God beliver. y ? because yall say she worships the devile. sorry, but you r not right...u should never ever jugde another person. its hypocritcal of you. if you lived her live its possibul you could say something. but your not. your not thinking right. shes a yong happy woman, she enjoys live. she reminds me of the 60s 70s 80s in a way. im sorry. but im young but i do know alot about psychology. you upset and your not being a very good disciple.
posted by cella94 on Jul 07, 2010
I have to say this video was, well...inappropriate. I mean she's very creative but... the spiritual signs were just kind of unnecessary. Quite frankly, I am not suprised. More of this and worse is to come in future times. I am just watching what I was already told is going to happen (by God in the Bible). This is only the beginning. It's only going to get worse, so if you're a Christian like myself and you're all worked up about this, lol, well you are in for a rude, rude awakening. Maybe it was unintentional; what Gaga is (hopefully) inadvertently portraying in this video, but I think satan is using her. I think it's safe to say that she is satan's puppet. I wonder if she will turn out to be that major
posted by Getoverit on Jul 02, 2010
honestly i think all of u should just get over yourselves. its just a god damn music video!!!! if u dont like it then dont fuckin watch it!! like seriously who gives a fuck. and didnt u know that judging people is a sin, so whos goin to hell now??? huh??? so all of u should just shut the hell up and move on with ur lives, and its also not that hard to just click that tiny little "x" in the top corner screen. but anyway...yup...
posted by Whitney on Jun 29, 2010
Lady Gaga is a christian, I doubt she would try to intentionally insult her own religion. I'm also sure that it's considered vain to have cosmetic surgery performed on yourself. Have you seen Katy's breast lately?
posted by barred on Jun 27, 2010
i think everyone has a right to his or her own opinion. however, he or she must be responsible for his or her expression. i respect that people think the imagery in her music video is artistic. - that's one side of the coin. but there are also millions of people who wholeheartedly believe that these symbols must be revered to the utmost. it would take artists little to at least be sensitive to the millions of Christians who might get offended by their actions. you say that lady gaga should be praised for performing outrageous, "artistic" acts. but art does not coincide with defiling religions or beliefs. it is creating something beautifully harmonious with the other elements of society. which is why i find it ridiculous for artists to use our religious imagery for their distorted "art." i am disgusted with her new music video and quite frankly, i don't know how some people can even stomach it.
posted by unbelieveable on Jun 27, 2010
It just shows how immorale some people can be. I dont care in the slightest for either of these artists, but this video is a great new low. The bare fact that the mockery of a religion can be viewed as artistic or passed as gaga's right because we have freedom of speech is a disgrace. She has offended many of her fans knowinly. I dont care what religious view gaga holds, no one should be glorified for the production of this video! Lady gaga has recieved all the attention she wanted in producing this music video - but at the cost of insulting millions of her fans. Next, she could be makin fun of dumb and deaf people, old and poor people, homeless and the sick. She has showed great disrespect and lacked humility towards the hand that has fed her career.
posted by ST on Jun 21, 2010
stop being ignorant! Upside down crosses seem to shock you, but for your information the Pope himself uses upside down crosses as a symbol for the first Pope ever. He was also crucified but he thought he wasn't worthy of dying the same way Christ did, so he was crucified upside down. And so what if she's a devil worshipper? Who cares? YOU don't need to followe her, just ignore and everything will be fine :)
posted by - on Jun 18, 2010
you can't hate her video because it's against your views. understand what she's saying and criticize it yourself, don't impose your views on others. we can't censor ourselves, or we'll never make progress as a society
posted by Honeybee on Jun 18, 2010
Actually, Lady GaGa is a christian, as am I, but she isn't straight just like I'm not. I believe God judges on intention rather than how strictly you follow a specific religion. Both are talented artists, though I love Lady GaGa more, and deserve that same amount or respect from us and them for each other.
posted by j_r17 on Jun 16, 2010
both of them are wrong. one singer cant talk about the other,, because they both use unmorall & incorrect things to gain fame. seriously i am shocked with lady gaga & her new video., i just find it plain gross and disturbing. katy perry shouldnt judge, because she needs to look at herself first...and its so sad when people talk bad about christians.,i hope ur nott a lost case..maybe in time ull see that God is the only path to chose. :)
posted by TheEnd on Jun 16, 2010
I am a Christian, and i am very offended by this video ! Upside down crosses? Eatin a cross? Satanic symbols ?? Think about it you ignorant blind people who are defending this devil worshipper ! This is exactly what she wats you to do ! That's What you don't get ! I Hav to give gaga her props, she is very smart, and she knew that if she did something like this, you stupid people are gonna take her side! And ffor the people who call yourself christians, HOW DARE YOU?? You call yourselves christian yet you are listening to music about gay sex. Now Don't Get me wrong, im not defending katy perry at all , b/c she's just as wrong , b/c no sin is greater than the other, but gaga went to far. UPSIDE DOWN CROSSES !!!?!?!?!?!!?! She Should at least show some respect for christians. And Why Target christians? Does thi mean that this is the true religion ?????? o.O Open your eyes people !
posted by Jenna on Jun 14, 2010
Katy Perry is a disgusting, trashy, cheap, unwanted, talentless wannabee GaGa. She's obviously copying GaGa with her glasses at the MTV Moive Awards, and she's generally ripping off her style, as many other artists are. But to insult someone who you get all your ideas an inspiration from, is insane. She should be WORSHIPING her, GaGa is a talented and beautiful musical genius. Katy Perry will never be as famous and successful and her, so she whines and complains about GaGa's video, which in reality, was amazing. As if HER songs weren't offensive! She sings about guys that are "so gay", sex on the beach, kissing girls, and guys on "periods". She is ridiculous, so suck it Katy Perry. Get out. Nobody wants you. You're just another fame-hungry photo-copied popstar paper cutout. FUCK. YOU.
posted by nell carter on Jun 12, 2010
Gimme a break. This is coming from someone who uses her cleavage to sell records.
posted by GAGA FAN on Jun 12, 2010
Lady GAGA ROCKS!!! They should just kiss and make up.
posted by MikeAlike (recording on Jun 11, 2010
It has been commented on this video via MTV blogs the day it was released, and stated very clearly this video is not original by its origins- it was being taunted as a Madonna knock off/ rip off in the MTV America article-comparing it to “Vogue” when in fact “Vogue” is a rip off, or before this term was coined, a re:invention of Malcolm McLaren’s “Deep In Vogue” which humbly as he did for a lot of his career, Malcolm McLaren let the poor people or ones he found truly interesting star in the creation of works. Its not to type here that Steven Klein isn’t a genius at images, nor is Madonna the first to use others work or material. What is scary is the disjointed history the public perceives from not knowing the authenticity of art. Some people think sadly that front people write history or depict it- this is not true and will lead one to the evident surmise of why and how much of culture has lost its ingenuity and lack there of in perceptions. Lady Gaga has been detailed by myself and others as using art as an artifice to promote and profit, unfortunately this clouds her genuine talent and possibility of making something from scratch as artists, not commercial ploys actually do-do. What is noticed is the use of religious ceremony and practice- this is neither here nor there, as far as many are concerned imagery in religious institutions is nothing more than that, however the use of it in this context is intentional, the interpretation is, people must pay for their sins- this is a common catholic philosophical imprint,psychological path, archaic, no longer applying to homosexuals compared to 20 years prior, as much of society has evolved into an understanding of peoples rights, as opposed to oppressed sanctions imposed by a religious sect which at that time as the Catholic church did, used “God” to control the population through fear, as their then government guided “god’s” word as law, for “they” had little to none other means to instill law’s- so the use of this form of religious persecution instilled a level of populist control, “they” used sex, family and prophets/priests in order to get people to do the governments bidding and obey. Also the whole concept of females using gay’s is archaic in itself, 20 years ago again, it worked, its almost as if homosexuals are a malleable sub group while seeking superficial refuge in celebrity prototypes releases the bondage what many homosexuals experience while growing up in an oppressive church environment or dis connected family situations with sometimes government-less protection. “Gay’s” are easily susceptible to this sort of celebrity commencement and advertising technique as exhibited by Gaga or Madonna as they need validation in public to feel safe- these women feel the need to use this against world powers or institutions while requiring compensation for their so called “service work” its as if they use gay’s to make money from their inhibitions and fears while fraternizing with politics and sub communities, using art as a vice. Notice however, its about them and their own need for adulation, power, and financial requirements, generally they subjugate homosexuals while promoting “themselves” to ensure their satisfaction with monetary return. It seems to be something these females have learned in church- its called penance, and persons people will pay for either sins or public display of affections. Possibly had these persons not abused or intentionally slighted other artists, stepping on them and cashing in on the authenticity of original creations, then their “cause” would be effective without the rude ugly pretext of creating a further mess- as actually they perpetuate the actions of the church, while twisting it around to fit and suit self needs. Makes one wonder if they somewhere in the recess of their subconscious feel the same as the church and ones they try so desperately to insult of yes, affect they glamorize the act as they pretend to claim to be diminishing its fruition. Bring that to the discussion in public.
posted by yeahKaty on Jun 11, 2010
Whoohoo Katy Perry! She's totally right that using blasphemy is never necessary to make your point. I never respected her before but I'll pay more attention to her from now on.
posted by GoodbyeGaga on Jun 11, 2010
I am a Catholic and I am so offended by this video that me and my sister (a former die-hard Lady Gaga fan) will no longer listen to her music. Lady Gaga is free to speak her mind on gay marriage and any other issue, but this is not about freedom of speech. This video is about mocking and persecuting a world religion. Think about it: she's wearing a red leather nun outfit and sucking on/eating Rosary beads while wearing a cross over her lower areas in between soft porn skits. Catholics - and every other religious person - I hope you see what's wrong with this. It's an attack on religion plain and simple.
posted by f*cg gaga on Jun 10, 2010
go to hell gaga
posted by Hateful Anti-Theist on Jun 10, 2010
I am so full of hate towards Christians! RAGE! I feel the need to swear and make myself feel better by saying ignorant things! Any religious idea is dumb and stupid because they all think they're right but only non-religion is right! THERE IS NO HYPOCRISY IN MY YELLING!
posted by Meeech on Jun 10, 2010
Wth? What is wrong with Katy Perry. Lady Gaga did nothing wrong to provoke her. What a bitch.
posted by lulu on Jun 10, 2010
i really like katy perry but i must say im a lil bothered by her recently... she critisizes gagas video using homosexuality/religion blasphemy but its ok to sell sex?... i mean she supported girls on girls which is against religion isnt it? so isnt her old video blasphemy as well???? srsly not trying to spark an argument, but how is she able to draw a line when she herself is using homosexuality and sex to further gain her career... she may not be using religion but is she not a hypocrite?
posted by GaGaTron FroM CyberT on Jun 10, 2010
As a GaGa fan I can honestly say that the video was VERY. Blasphemic. But then again, Catholicism dominates in Mexico and Spain, the origins of the name "Alejandro" so I guess it's forgivable. Plus if you would know anything, Katy Perry USED TO BE. A Christian Gospel Worship singer (as "Kate Hudson"), so I can just imagine how dissed she and her faith was when she saw this. Give her a break, y'all. :) ♥ To GaGa AND Katy.
posted by me on Jun 10, 2010
fuck off katy perry. gaga is WAY more talented than youll ever be. just stay the fuck out of it
posted by lisa on Jun 10, 2010
ok katy perry is dissing lady gaga and she used to be a faithful christian if you do research itl tell u that katy was a hardcore christian but she became a hypocrit today by saying alejandro was blasphemic... when shes the one that capitalized on pretending to be a a fucking lesbian, shes calling lady gaga cheap... he song talks about kissing girls and having sex in jeep s and how hot california girls are... shes the cheap one and i used to be a fan of katy until she dissed gaga shes jealous she wasnt the first artist to have 7 consecutive number ones the first artist in almost 6 years to have an abum go diamond and shes jealous that lady gaga totally took over her spotlight
posted by lol@yourignorance on Jun 10, 2010
'ladygagasucks', are you serious? 'DIS VIDEO IZ TEN TIMES WORRRSE CUZ IT USES BLASHPEMY!1111' it doesn't say anywhere in your bible that uh, 'blasphemy' is any worse then kissing a girl. try learning your actual religion before posting stupid messages on the internet and making a dickhole out of yourself. gaga forever <3
posted by Yo on Jun 09, 2010
Katy Perry is so hypocritical saying that "Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke" when her own music is cheapened by homophobia, sexism, and exploitation.
posted by makemelaugh on Jun 09, 2010
She is pathetic, can someone kick her in the face? She copied gaga's bra in her new mv, hypocritical bitch.
posted by GoGaga on Jun 09, 2010
This is ridiculous! Katy Perry, did you not sing a song called "I Kissed a Girl?" and your new song "California Gurls", which is not even spelled right, obviously intentionally, is a completely SHALLOW song. Lady Gaga expresses her divided opinion of the gay community and the Catholic Church through an art form and here you are singing about how "hot" Californian females are. Way to compete-NOT.
posted by lala on Jun 09, 2010
is katy perry serious? gagas expressing herself through her entertainment about celebrating gay love just like an artist tells a story through song...... talk about a hypocrite, didnt she write a song about celebrating homosexuality?? um i kissed a girl and i liked it.... stupid bitch.
posted by :) on Jun 09, 2010
How is Gaga's video evil? Cause she put sexuality and spirituality in the same video? So it's fine to be sexual and spiritual, but not both in the same time or in the same video? That's stupid. Nothing unhuman or evil about either of those things. Her video did it's job: it showed how repressive and close minded some people can be!!
posted by right on Jun 09, 2010
i agree with perry, show some class gaga - Class is something Katy Perry has yet to show (but probably never will)
posted by Ugh on Jun 09, 2010
I think people who take Gaga's video as an insult are just way too up tight and can't think outside the box at all. They just saw the superficial side of the video and since it seemed mysterious and dark they have to bash. I doubt the message in Gaga's video is as obvious as it seems. And all those symbols that people dug up from who knows where...I didn't even know they were evil. Checkers are evil? Really? Tsss. I don't see how she's brainwashing her viewers if they have no clue what the symbols mean...they won't get the message! -_- Even though I don't think they mean anything like what people claim.
posted by fuckthechurch!all of on Jun 09, 2010
you religious freaks need to stfu and realize its art. free your mind to expression no matter how blasphemous it is. who gives a crap!? and KP- your such a hippocrite and exploited lesbianism to promote your own personal gain! go to hell! lady gaga rocks!
posted by lady gaga SUCKS on Jun 09, 2010
lady gaga is HORRIBLE! im a christian and will NEVER listen to her music because i believe that it is very disrespectful. she is actually polluting our minds today wth these horrible messages that shes sending. i too believe that katy was bad for singing the song i kissed a girl but the alejandro video is 10 times worsse because ituses blasphemy which is an eternal sin and is probably the one of the worst sins therfore people shouldnt say let her do whatever she wants and they shouldnt say "live and let live" like theEnforcer or "Katy Perry = big jealousy" like Lady Gaga\'s amazing LADY GAGA IS HORRIBLE AND IS SENDING BAD MESSAGES THAT WILL POLLUTE YOUR MIND
posted by Christian Dude on Jun 09, 2010
First off, I am a Roman Catholic. While I do have some differences with the church regarding homosexualism, I've got to say that Lady Gaga is an artist and she's got to shock her audience more with each passing video. If she didn't, people would criticize her for being un-creative. Yes this video has some things that do disturb me (especially the shots against the Catholic Church) but she's said on Larry King that she believes in Jesus Christ. I think her video could have been just as shocking without all of the religious attacks but what's done is done.
posted by Kristin on Jun 09, 2010
Katy, stop being a hater! You are a jealous hypocrite and you know it! Everyone loves Gaga. Nobody likes you!
posted by katyperyjisjealous on Jun 09, 2010
this is interesing, katy perry is californian and lady gaga is new york, its like east vs west lol
posted by theEnforcer on Jun 09, 2010
Gaga has more talent in her pinky that KP will ever have. KP comes off as jealous and petty. So what if LG wants to use what KP considers blasphemy. It's her life, her song, and her video. Live and Let Live.
posted by Lady Gaga\'s amazing on Jun 09, 2010
I totally agree. Katy Parry = big jealousy.
posted by Anon on Jun 09, 2010
Jealousy at its finest,considering the song which made katy famous was called...what was it? i KISSED A GIRL. She will NEVER be as famous as Lady GaGa. So therefore,why not tweet ourselves a little hate , this will spread around the internet ( as if it hasn't already ) and will give Katy the attention she can't get on her own with her music. Don't get me wrong,I think Katy's vocal abilities are nice,but her sing-alone songs aren't that impressive and catchy to me as the "if we ever meet again - ft timbaland" and "starstruck" are. sorry katy,but with that comment of yours you failed on so many levels maybe next time you actually think before tweeting something like that and not let your hate drive in. As much as controversial she might be and even tho she's not a real beauty like other celebs,GaGa has spiced the music world. Who said you have to be a perfect beauty to be famous? GaGa proves the opposite and she has all my respect for that. Just my opinion
posted by Not impressed with T on Jun 09, 2010
Lady Gaga=Lady Caca
posted by bootogaga on Jun 09, 2010
Lady gagas alejandro video is satanic, sadistic and a total waste of space, time and a disgrace to the music industry
posted by lu on Jun 09, 2010
hahaha katy perry, i used to like her until i realised what a hypocritical religious moron she is. she sings a song about girls kissing, and 'tmkv64' according to YOUR bible, that IS blasphemy. don't make excuses, she's another 'christian' cunt that calls others sacriligious when we all know how 'holy' she is. katy, weren't you the one talking about your addiction to sex? oh who's going to hell now? how is using a crucifix blasphemous douchebag. if anything it's preaching for christianity. fuck, it's people like katy perry that piss me the fuck off. and her new song fucking sucks.
posted by PT on Jun 09, 2010
Yeah, Gaga rules! I'm a Catholic, but it doesn't offend me at all that Gaga uses religious imagery in this video. Madonna was worse, and she didn't offend me either. Gaga's hot though and many of the whores I've nailed had crucifixs swinging around their necks! Oh yeah, and fuck athiests and satanists too, they gotta get some as well!
posted by tmkv64 on Jun 09, 2010
katy perry sang about girls kissing girls but didn't use the crucifix or religous symbolism in it....We all know religion has a problem with the gay community...katy perry didn't use blasphemy to represent her statements...
posted by ladymangaga on Jun 09, 2010
i agree with perry, show some class gaga
posted by katykuntyperry on Jun 09, 2010
katy perry is a hypocritical bitch. she sings about lesbianism, works with porn industry and now she now preaches about blasphemy and religion?!? what a pretentious c,unt.
posted by Fuck Christians on Jun 09, 2010
I agree with katykuntperry that katy perry is a hypocritical christian cunt who is just jealous of Gaga's fame. And to the whiney christians on the forum here: please take your shitty opinion and shove it up your ass.

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