Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Reportedly Back Together

June 02, 2010 09:30:33 GMT

After Kim's mother Kris Jenner phones the NFL star and plays cupid, the on/off couple reportedly agrees to give their romance another shot.

Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian
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Photo credit: Chris Connor/WENN

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush reportedly give their relationship another shot. In the new issue of OK Magazine, the reported reconciliation happened after Kim's mother Kris Jenner phoned the NFL star and took matchmaking matters into her own hands.

A family insider revealed that the conversation started out light but then became a moving plea that Kim and Reggie are back together. The insider said, "They've always had a great relationship. He loves her like his own mother."

"They joke around, and Kris can say things to him that most people wouldn't be able to get away with," the insider continued. And the site claimed that whatever Kris has said is working as Kim and Reggie, who split in March, are back together.

In late May, Reggie himself admitted that Kim reunion is possible. Asked about whether or not a reconciliation might occur, he told E! News at the Cedars Sinai Sports Spectacular, "Yeah, anything's possible. We've always been on good terms, always. No matter what happens."

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush began dating in April 2007 after meeting at the ESPY [excellence in sports performance and achievements] Awards. They called off their romance in July 2009 only to reconcile in October the same year.


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posted by Sweet red on Oct 17, 2010
Go Kim and Reggie y'all love each other to much won't see each other with no one else just have fun.
posted by nativeblkgryl on Jun 24, 2010
Dont know what to say about all this but it is what it is
posted by Melanie on Jun 21, 2010
So many fckn haters ya'll need a life bitches, kim + reggie= sexiness lol wish you guys the best
posted by yesterday on Jun 15, 2010
leave them alone and stop hating
posted by I love kim on Jun 13, 2010
Im happy that you two are back together because we all go thru things in a relationship it is always on/off again but if he keeps coming back to you that means those other hoes dnt mean shit you dumb ass haters because no ones is putting a gun to his head and tell go back he's doing it his on his own
posted by IthinkITSfunny on Jun 10, 2010
Kim and Reggie need to be left alone they are no different than alot of other young couples who are confused and immature. How many of us know that girl and guy that break up and get back together... break up and get back together.. etc.. It's funny because I guess we only care b/c we are either that girl or that guy that find them extremly attractive and interesting and want to live vicariously through their lives or we are the ones who are so irritated that they keep ending up in the spotlight!!! I personally am more on the latter side of those choices. Is it at all possible to move on to something or someone more interesting and mature??? Probably not... entertainment is entertainment b/c people are curious, unsatisfied and jealous and need to experience life throught the eyes of others... It's just funny!
posted by sWeEts on Jun 10, 2010
i think all these ppl are haters nd r just mad that reggie wont look at them...who cares bout kims past everyone makes mistakes..if he had too many beautiful girls he wouldnt be goin bak soo he obivously loves her
posted by mia45 on Jun 10, 2010
ever since khloe got marry and kourtney had a baby kim now want to start saying she wants to have a baby and get marry but she just can't help see her sisters do better than her!
posted by king 64 on Jun 10, 2010
jane doe i feel you!lamar better make khole signed that prenut and reggie needs to be with a black sista just sayin all them white sista tryin to take all the rich handsome black men and leave us with the no good ones!
posted by guttie1 on Jun 10, 2010
hahahah i knew it wasn't the end.he might as well as her to marry him.he shouldn't get back with her its gonna be the same thing.
posted by Meek215 on Jun 10, 2010
Kim and Reggie I wish you all the best in the world! Hopefully, the third time around is a charm for you both. KIM and Khloe do not like WHITE MEN @jane doe. Get over it. Best wishes...
posted by jane doe on Jun 09, 2010
posted by prettylady on Jun 09, 2010
Im so tired of hearing about these two losers..they r so always crying his hurt and doesnt play to his expectations and the other just loves to b in the spotlight..who is this girl anyway? What is kim famous for again oh yea NOTHING!!!!
posted by me on Jun 08, 2010
I think they make a good couple.. like they say if it is ment to be it wil come back to you
posted by La bella Vida on Jun 08, 2010
All u on here are haters!!! Go Kim and Reggie you guys make a gorgous couple!!!
posted by Kardashianlover on Jun 08, 2010
I am so happy for both of them. I know that they both broke up twice before, but honestly, i think they're good for each other. Hopefully, they get married and start a family.
posted by 6ftmodel on Jun 06, 2010
ewww. what a trick ass nigga..that family will do anything for some spotlight
posted by keepingitreal on Jun 06, 2010
posted by reality on Jun 06, 2010
reggie will never marry anyone that you can google and see thier private parts let along a sex tape thats been out... she should star in the desperate housewife,,,, she seems very desperate,,, she never seems to move on, for someone who thinks is all that,,, so so so sad
posted by desperate kim on Jun 06, 2010
so sad im sure kim has a part of the call.... she needs to build a bridge and get over it,,, reggie has too many beautiful women n his side,, it wont last again..what a joke she gets dump every time,, get a clue kimmy
posted by indian doll 24 on Jun 06, 2010
posted by dollie on Jun 05, 2010
Im soo Sick of these ppl
posted by sexydar on Jun 04, 2010
Are saying he doesnt love her that he is only doing this for the publicity?
posted by publicity on Jun 03, 2010
WOW...All of a sudden they are getting back together when Khloe and Kourtney Takes Miami show is about to air. All publicity stunts. I never thought Reg would be into all that, but I have been wrong before :)

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