Picture: Christina Aguilera Goes GaGa in 'Not Myself Tonight' Video

April 27, 2010 07:18:51 GMT

One picture of 'Not Myself Tonight' music video sees Christina Aguilera sporting similar outfit like the one worn by Lady GaGa.

Picture: Christina Aguilera Goes GaGa in 'Not Myself Tonight' Video
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A brand new picture taken from video shoot of Christina Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight" has been unveiled. She is snapped sporting black latex outfit which is coincidentally similar to the one worn by Lady GaGa when she was out and about back in August 2009.

In response to the similarity which ends up fueling persistent claim that she copied GaGa, Christina re-tweeted a message from fellow singer Sia Furler who comes to her defense. "personally,i think lady gaga and xtina are SOOOO different! i love them both but they are just WORLDS apart.clothes do not make the artist," so Sia wrote.

"Not Myself Tonight" is the lead single from Christina Aguilera's June 8 release "Bionic". The music video will be debuted on May 1 and prior to the video premiere, images which feature a different look of Christina will be revealed each day on her official site.

Lady GaGa in latex clothes:

"Bionic" tracklisting:

  1. "Bionic"
  2. "You Lost Me"
  3. "Kimono Girl
  4. "Lift Me Up"
  5. "So What You Get"
  6. "Stronger"
  7. "Monday Morning"
  8. "Sex for Breakfast"
  9. "Glam"
  10. "Little Dreamer"
  11. "I Am"
  12. "All I Need"
  13. "Birds of Prey"


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posted by Reggie on May 05, 2010
How bout' you guys check out Ahanti's music video for her 2008 single Good Good and see where Gaga copied the using of Soda Cans as hair rollers. Hahahaha You Gaga fans are so pathetic for believing that Gaga us original. SHE'S NOT !!
posted by deliciousvinyl on May 05, 2010
they're both talented in different ways, HOWEVER, gaga's crazy outfits have a purpose. wtf is christina doing? the video is a disgrace to the song, and her catty remarks about other artists make her look weak.
posted by Gladiator on May 04, 2010
Christinas video is just a desperate attempt to get some attention. Why can't she just use her excellent voice to reach an audience. It's so unnecessary to take off her clothes and act like a fcuking pornstar.
posted by Xxx_List on May 03, 2010
Not my self tonight video like Madonna "express your self" that's great!!!,, Madonna as icon for X-Tina, Lady Gaga & Britney Spears (they're same)I love them !!!
posted by charr on May 01, 2010
It's funny, you guys are basically running around with your heads copped off trying to find someone to compare when you don't even seem to notice you're only provoking the meaning of this music video. She's intentionally fucking around with EVERYONE that called her a copycat. 'Not Myself Tonight', the title seals it all together, she's just fucking with you (Haters). This is going to be the most talked about video of the the year, and maybe years to come, just like Dirrty. Lady Gaga couldn't do this, She can't risk it, thats the difference between Her & Xtina. Christina has never left.
posted by azonic on May 01, 2010
way to rip off gaga christina! she even put a C around her eye like the symbol in pokerface! :/ get some original ideas christina! and fix those lumpy implants
posted by lady aguilera on Apr 30, 2010
no one's perfect. GaGa is good. Xtina is also good . don't compare these girls to each other cos they're way different on each other . people love them because they're interesting and great performers, they don't disappoint their crowd.. and most importantly, they sing! not lip sync-ing.. they're both grammy award winners!
posted by LastDayz on Apr 30, 2010
Im wondering why Christina took CHRIST out of her name and put an "X" there. She must have sold her soul like the others. So sad.
posted by Maria on Apr 29, 2010
All you sad desperate Xtina stans need to face. It isn't that lady Gaga created latex you horses's asses, it is that she wore that exact outfit less than a year ago and has worn it more than once. It is one thing to use a look used years ago, but to use before it has a chance to be forgotten is sad and pathetic. What? You think Christina Hoguilera is starting a trend and the stars will start wearing identical outfits to the oscars now? Duh, face it, Not "Gaga" Tonight is #61 on itunes, Alejandro #10, Not "Gaga" Tonight is #59 on Billboard when it debued at 23, Alejandro is at #12 and Gaga has 5 songs on Billboard ahead of Hogtina that are over a year old...Pathetic much? Yes indeed. Kelly Clarkson's debut went right to #1 before the video. Not video is gonna save this piece of crap song and piece of crap video. You should see the scared little stans scrambling to call radio stations, while the Gaga fans go to the Bar to listen and dance. This is a great day. Hogtina is getting what she deserves for being such a bratty, shit talking, copy cat.
posted by Maria Wheaton on Apr 28, 2010
Xtina is a side dish at the head of Lady Gaga’s table, cooled with only one helping taken out, a copper spoon buried in the center. Gaga, smacks her lips, bits of Xtina smeared on her napkin. “Show me your teeth”, she says, but Xtina doesn’t respond because she got cooked at 500 degrees. Gaga smirks dipping her finger in the forgettable side dish one last time. “I’ll save the rest for my little Monsters.” she coos. *The opinions and ideas exspressed in this post are entirely my own and are not shared by Gaga. Only Gaga’s evil self approves, and Gaga has banished her to Yonkers*
posted by Mike on Apr 27, 2010
why is people talk like GaGa is the only person who matters in pop culture? it's so insulting to hear these comparisons with Xtina! GaGa is just starting! Xtina has acheived a lot in 10 yrs including Grammys in every album. Fans have the right to be proud of your idol but not to this extent. It's getting so fucking annoying! GaGa has to prove longevity! Besides, a piece of outfit is such a stupid basis for this arguement! Think morons including you writer!
posted by Chris on Apr 27, 2010
Let's put gaga aside... she's still a newbie... She still needs to stay for long 10 years before we can tell what kind of artist she is... Britney and Xtina have passed that already... These two are already Proven alot...
posted by MIKE on Apr 27, 2010
why is people talk like GaGa is the only person who matters in pop culture? it's so insulting to hear these comparisons with Xtina! GaGa is just starting! Xtina has acheived a lot in 10 yrs. Fans have the right to be proud of your idol but not to this extent. It's getting so fucking annoying! GaGa has to prove longevity! She's not all that yet! Think morons!
posted by Mulzzz on Apr 27, 2010
All i can say is "Britney is the Best"... But i love xtina too...
posted by artisticguy99 on Apr 27, 2010
That outfit is a dominatrix outfit that has been worn before by MANY dominatix mistresses. So everyone shut the f#ck up on who is copying who. Madonna did the dominatrix look before so all these b#tches are copying her and she is copying Doms! This debate is over!
posted by Maria on Apr 27, 2010
No that is Gaga. Wow denial. Christina is intentionally doing this to drum up publicity for her new album. She is riding Gaga's fame by causing controversy. Doesn't matter, Alejandro just surpassed her new crap song on Itunes.
posted by Bee on Apr 27, 2010
@K. Your pretty low, Judging an artists quality by their looks. In 30 years Lady Gaga will laugh all the way to the bank with those looks and you'll be at home whining.
posted by Andre on Apr 27, 2010
This is so obviously a publicity stunt to revive Xtinas career. That girls got vocal talent but she's always lived in someones shadow Like Britney and now Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga can't reach the octaves Xtina can but she can do just about everything else and make it look 100x better.
posted by maverick on Apr 27, 2010
britney and christina are talented....i'm not gonna say they're talentless....they're great singers and performers....but Lady Gaga has something that they can't compete with...She can write songs better than anyone else in pop music today....she doesn't need anyone to write songs for her....Britney/Christina since their mickey mouse days have been handed things on a silver platter....Lady Gaga turned herself into a megastar in only two years without it being handed to her on a silver platter....give some credit to the girl...
posted by ayayaha on Apr 27, 2010
@Jessica. Please stop, your comment is so ignorant. Lady Gaga isn't the prettiest girl in the pageant but unlike Britney Spears she can sing. And the "Bad Romance" video kicked the crap outta "Toxic" that could be why its the most watched on youtube the only similarity is that they have white backgrounds and incoporate a mans death and Gaga came up with that on her own, it took Britney an entire team of creative people. So don't flatter yourself.
posted by Ida on Apr 27, 2010
I think that pic of Gaga is a fake or have been modified by someone. Enlarge and take a look the detail, there is some inappropiate right hand, head and body.
posted by Jessica on Apr 27, 2010
Britney is the BEST-EST EVER, & FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok on a serious note, lady gaga as sum1 mentioned before was also inspired by other artists. FACT- SHE IS NOT UNIQUE, SPECIAL OR IN ANY WAY ORIGINAL!!! Take a look at bad romance video and resemblance to britney's super hit 'toxic' u know with all those diamonds and killing the dude at the end...get it!!! gaga is just doing what other artists have done and trying to be a freak and appear as though she has this great fashion sense..WTF..ANY LOSER CULD COME UP WID THE LUDICROUS IDEAS SHE COMES UP WITH!!! N.B- Gaga isn't that special or any way near britney or xtina-these girls are real artists with absolutely unique qualities!!! gaga is stiring up all over to get attention away from her hideous face- she is truly the ugliest artist of all time!!!!
posted by ggasfgsa on Apr 27, 2010
LADY GAGA DIDNT INVENT BLONDE HAIR, THIS LOOK, SHE DIDNT INVENT POP MUSIC OR ELECTRONIC MUSIC! enough! its sooo fucking old. xtina is pro, gaga is still new, she has ALOT to do match to up with christina vocally and music wise. gaga is good, i love her, and i love xtina. but this too ladies are NOTHING, NOTHING alike in any way shape or form.
posted by err on Apr 27, 2010
posted by MkMiku on Apr 27, 2010
Who cares? I'll listen to whatever music I like; it doesn't matter what clothes they wear. Artists inspire artists who inspire more artists. I’m a Lady Gaga fan, but even I know that she was inspired by the many artists who came before her. Now if people want to try to copy Lady Gaga instead, these days…well, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. But anyway, there’s only one Lady Gaga and one Christina, so we should just appreciate them for the individuals that they are, instead of trying to make false comparisons between the two or argue that one is better than the other based on the single merit of who came first.
posted by jay on Apr 27, 2010
first of all people are so stupid and immature although i like lady gaga and her music people need to stop the drama first of all lady gaga did not create that look latex its been worn by madonna,grace jones christina ect many times before and also she didn't create this outfit i dont see people saying anything about beyonce or rihanna or fergie or gaga wearing shoulder pads oh i forgot they are all orignal and christina is wearing it in a video gaga wears it like a normal outfit big difference so all thease stupid bloggers like perez hilton hes an ugly lonley loser 1 mintue he loves christina next minute hes rideing gaga's coattail please what a fake trying to say shes copying no christina has been in the business for over 10 years she dont need to copy anyone!!!!!
posted by harold on Apr 27, 2010
i love christina aguilera so much. it is so unfair comparing her to Lady Gaga. Poor gaga. if i am not mistaken, lady gaga became famous because of christina. coz, they're saying she copied her on her performance on VMA 2008. i did not even know a singer like lady gaga exist before.
posted by K on Apr 27, 2010
Also haha if you want to say Christina copied GaGa by wearing that, what about GaGa copying Madonna's look in the Telephone video, Britney's blue outfit from the Toxic video in Pokerface, and many other singers besides.
posted by K on Apr 27, 2010
By the time GaGa gets to Christina's age, she'll be too ugly to be a popstar anymore unless she gets botox. Christina has always been glamourous and beautiful. So was Madonna when she was reaching her 30's. Not sure about Britney though, she looks rough lately.
posted by Yanfret on Apr 27, 2010
PS: The Lady GaGa pic is real. she even wore pink skirt of the same material!
posted by Yanfret on Apr 27, 2010
Lady GaGa is the superstar now. That's why media seems to care only about her. Christina is just a poor soul who i always compared with anyone out there.I don't think Lady GaGa will let her FAME go away just like Britney and Xtina did. GaGa wants to create an empire as big as any other legend's!

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