Bill Goldberg Fired From 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Bill Goldberg Fired From 'Celebrity Apprentice'

The former WWE star stepped up as the project manager in the task that requires a lot of knowledge in the music world.

The literally biggest contestant in the current season of "The Celebrity Apprentice" has been eliminated. Wrestler Bill Goldberg got fired during this week's task to give a makeover to aspiring country singers. Donald Trump's reason to dismiss him was simple; Goldberg stepped up as project manager during a task that was more suited for Bret Michaels.

The objectives were to create a press kit for the singers and to give a makeover as well as media training. Rocksolid happened to be responsible in revamping Luke Bryan while Tenacity took in Emily West. The executives liked the men's press kit better bur preferred Emily's performance better.

Country crooner Trace Adkins appeared as guest judge in place of Ivanka Trump. He too liked the men's brochure better than Tenacity's. Bill said in the boardroom that he didn't regret being a project manager but credited Bret for doing 70% of the job. Mr. Trump came to a conclusion to fire Bill backed up by his son Donald Trump Jr. but opposed by Trace.

With two personnel left in Rocksolid, it is most likely that Mr. Trump will shuffle and mix the two groups next week.



    sharyn n.
    Apr 19, 2010

    Mr. Goldberg, When you spoke in the board room, you should have said to Mr. Trump ‘I knew all the tasks that needed to manage in order to keep my position of Project Manager. Everything that the rock star ‘poison’ said and did was monitored by me. Even though the ideas didn’t come from me, the rock stars ideas had to come past me for approval’. Bill, it would have made it look like you had more control of the game. Sharyn Nesbitt

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