Eminem: There Is No 'Relapse 2'


In a short message posted on his Twitter, the Slim Shady announces there will be no 'Relapse 2' arriving in stores.

What was claimed as a big announcement by Eminem on Twitter earlier last month is indeed news about his highly-anticipated studio album "Relapse 2". However, instead of giving update on the status of his recording session, he has taken away fans' hope to see the effort hitting the market.

"There is no Relapse 2," so the Slim Shady wrote on the micro-blogging site which is rarely updated by him. The news comes as a surprise since there have been talks over the Internet in the past few weeks that the record was in the works and even the lyrical content of the album has been discussed.

This leads to speculation that Eminem actually is working on a new album but it is not aimed to follow up his 2009 effort "Relapse". So far, there is no other message posted by the rapper to explain about that matter.

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    Apr 14, 2010

    wow name title is very important for rap album or any album because of its theme. every eminem album released to date had a theme except maybe infinite. i think this album is really gonna be something big

    Apr 14, 2010

    i heard new name is EMPIR3

    Apr 14, 2010

    same album, new name. he's explained that his new music is completely different from relapse. ive been anticipating the name change

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