Cameron Diaz Gets Into Red Mercedez On the Set of 'Bad Teacher'

Cameron Diaz

Filming her part on Monday, March 29, the leading lady was seen driving the luxurious car in Los Angeles.

Cameron Diaz has been spotted hitting the set of "Bad Teacher" in Los Angeles on Monday, March 29. Shooting her scene alone without companion of her co-star Justin Timberlake, the actress was pictured sitting behind the steering of a red Mercedez. During the sunny day, Diaz wore a yellow dress paired with sunglasses.

The day before, on Sunday, March 28, Diaz decided not to take a day off as she was also seen busy shooting for the upcoming movie. Donning a skimpy outift, the 37-year-old beauty held a poster mentioning "Car Wash" at Tinseltown.

"Bad Teacher" will revolve around Diaz's Elizabeth Halsey, a foul-mouthed, conniving seventh-grade teacher who pursues a colleague after being dumped by her sugar daddy. Starring opposite her is Timberlake who portrays the substitute teacher and also Elizabeth's new love interest. The new romantic interest, however, brings Elizabeth into conflict with Amy Squirrel, the school's model teacher.

In addition to Diaz and Timberlake, the film is also supported by Lucy Punch who tackles the role of Amy. Moreover, Molly Shannon, Eric Stonestreet, Jason Segel and John Michael Higgins are also cast. This Jake Kasdan-directed comedy has not set exact release date, but is planned to be 2011 movie.




    Mar 30, 2010

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