Early Report and Pics From 'Transformers 3' Set

March 24, 2010 04:08:16 GMT

Wooden structures and a rocky terrain made of styrofoam are some of the things seen at the soundstages of Playa Vista where the crew are preparing the set for the upcoming movie.

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As "Transformers 3" will begin pre-shooting in April, the crew have started working on the set. On Tuesday, March 23, SuperHeroHype has received spy report and pictures from a source who claimed he just visited the soundstages of Playa Vista where the preparation for the upcoming movie is being worked on.

Peeking inside the wardrobe department, the source said he saw many clothing racks with some of them being labeled "Iranian Army", "Ukranian Army" and "Matt". The source also passed by the "model" shop and, while he couldn't get a good look inside, he noticed there were a lot of moon reference photos and NASA moon lander pics.

On the set preparation, the source informed that there is some big stuff being built. Some wooden structures and people chopping away at styrofoam to create a rocky terrain were all seen on the soundstages. Additionally, the source reported he saw the crew "rolling along something that looked like a giant gear." The pics taken from the soundstages can be seen at SuperHeroHype.

As of late, it has been reported that John Malkovich, Frances McDormand and Ken Jeong have been cast for "Transformers 3". Malkovich will play Sam Witwicky's first boss, McDormand will be the National Intelligence Director, while Jeong's character has not been known. A new Autobot, the Ferrari 458 Italia, will also join the forthcoming movie.

Some original actors such as Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel have signed on for this third "Transformers" film, with Michael Bay still tackling the directing duty. The helmer has announced the shooting will take place in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Florida, Texas, Africa, Moscow and China.


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posted by sorry on Apr 20, 2010
sorry sexmachine but it will be boring
posted by why on Apr 20, 2010
the film is suppose to be about robots not humans
posted by jackal on Apr 20, 2010
This film better not have too much human scenes otherwise it will suck like fuckin shit because of bay's god damn assholed mind i will kill him by slicing his face in half if he makes the film too human
posted by Sami on Mar 25, 2010
You know. Really, I love you!
posted by jhoo on Mar 24, 2010
ur the best movie for me!!!
posted by tae on Mar 24, 2010
lalang hehe.padaan..........
posted by sexmachine on Mar 24, 2010
hope this is not the same as transformer 2.trans 2 is so boring

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