Producer Provides Updates on 'Final Destination 5'

March 22, 2010 08:51:58 GMT

Craig Perry says they are currently working on the storyline for the fifth 'Final Destination' film, which is said to go back to the original storyline.

Haley Webb
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During last week's 2010 ShoWest in Las Vegas, Warner Bros.' Alan Horn spilled the plan to make "Final Destination 5". Responding to the statement, has just contacted producer Craig Perry, who has been on board for the franchise from the beginning, to quiz him about the status of the project.

"If we find the right storyline - and we're working on it - then we'll take the lessons we learned from 'The Final Destination' and make the necessary improvements to deliver what audiences expect from this franchise, going back to the original," Perry shared. "What I know for sure is that it will be in 3-D and deliver inventive, suspenseful, fun kills. That I can promise!"

"Final Destination 5" will serve as the follow-up to 2009 "The Final Destination" which managed to enter at the peak of North American Box Office on its debut weekend. Starring the likes of Shantel VanSanten, Haley Webb, Nick Zano and Krista Allen, the fourth installment of the thriller franchise has summed up $185.7 million worldwide as of late 2009.


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posted by Alex Hirsch on May 24, 2010
I agree FDfan. I bought the nightmare on elm street dvd set and only the first two movies where good the rest sucked dick. I recently watched the new one and even though the story was changed the movie wasn't to bad. But with Final Destination in my opinion they haven't ruined it yet! Really good so far compared to other movie series. I reckon the best Movie series if you think about it. Anyway that's what I think and thanks for reading bye...
posted by F_D on May 18, 2010
i agree it want gd at all in fact i cried i wasted £10 and 3 hours
posted by FDALLTHEWAY on May 18, 2010
The Final Destination was thee most cheesy crappy film i have ever seen! There was no suspence in fact one of my friends who hadnt watched the other three knew how it end after seeing the name of the coffee house. I think this film has made a mockey of the other 3! I hope final destination 5 is alot better and doesnt have cheesy unreal deaths!
posted by Wendy Christensen fa on May 05, 2010
i cant wait for the fifth final desination ive heard rumors of wendy christensen comeing back so ROCK ON WENDY!!!!!!!!!
posted by liam hunter on Apr 29, 2010
ive got them all but no.3 ive got the new one in 3d
posted by heyyyy on Apr 29, 2010
goooood moooovvvviiiiieeeeee

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