Robert Pattinson Allegedly Won't Commit to Kristen Stewart

March 16, 2010 03:55:59 GMT

The 19-year-old beauty reportedly wants to take her relationship with the British actor to the next level by living under the same roof, but he is said still not ready to make commitment.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart
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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship is reportedly on the rocks as the actor refused to commit to his alleged girlfriend. The news sparked after Kristen's friend told Famous magazine, "She and Rob talked a lot about moving in together while they were keeping their relationship a secret. But when she brought it up again recently, he seemed non-committal and changed the subject."

Moreover, a source said to Now magazine that Kristen "wants get married and have kids, but Rob's not ready." The source added, "He gets stressed out whenever she starts talking commitment and it causes some nasty rows. Some people think Rob's still set on playing the field."

"Rob's so immature. He thinks that as this big movie star he can do whatever he wants, but he should realise that Kristen deserves better," another source additionally dished on the "Twilight" stars' romance. "Some of us wonder if he's serious about her at all. He seems intent on keeping his options open. If he doesn't grow up I don't think the relationship has any future for Kristen."

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were first romantically linked after they play a couple in "Twilight". Though the two have never admitted that they are an item, they are continuously hit with dating rumors.


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posted by McD on Apr 12, 2010
how stupid...
posted by @eastwick on Apr 10, 2010
posted by ha ha ha ha on Apr 10, 2010
u stupid tabloids..u don t know what to make it up anymore!:))
posted by Eastwick on Apr 09, 2010
First of all..ROb couold do so much better..she can't even act. Second who cares..they're too young and have too much wieght of "stardom" on their shoulders if all this nonsense is actually real anyway. Blah Blah Blah..
posted by nancy on Mar 19, 2010
I don't think commitment is good idea, they are too young specialy their job, they can't be together all the time, if they did, that just make more news and more mony for the taboild
posted by Naia on Mar 18, 2010
Robert is the smart one Kristen should slow down and enjoy her life before taking on a family and what comes with it. Don't blame Rob for trying to enjoy life and his hard earned fame. He has enough to deal with now and don't need anymore stress.
posted by angke on Mar 17, 2010
this is so fake!!!! they say that Kristen wants to get married and get kids. She is 19 for gods sake!!!! at that age you don't think about kids!!!!!
posted by victoria on Mar 16, 2010
wow this is so fake!!!
posted by Cookie Mon$ter on Mar 16, 2010
This story is so fake! Leave Rob and Kristen alone with all the bullshit stories out there. They are young and trying to lead a "normal" relationship. Its hard enough that they are always in the spotlight, and to have idiots like the papz and tabloids put their personal business out there is just wrong and even worse to make up stories about them. Leave them alone already! Run stories about their careers and future film projects.
posted by ss on Mar 16, 2010
Rob and Kristen should be careful with these so called friends (if this report is even real!) I just don't believe this story! It's making laugh! So rude of you to write something untrue!
posted by Rebecca on Mar 16, 2010
Funny, a few months back it was the other way around... with Rob being the one being too serious and supposedly Kristen calling it quits because she didn't want such a serious relationship at her age.. guess that now that they are an ocean apart and can't be snapped together constantly, there's the need to print something else to keep talking about them! *roll eyes* can't they just live in peace?... who cares if they are even together or not? as long as they are happy... in any case, I wish them the best! like anyone else, they certainly deserve it!
posted by erimus on Mar 16, 2010
Bollocks...absolute bollocks! So desperate for something to print about these two.
posted by Ellie on Mar 16, 2010
I don't think this story is true. Rob is been very busy filming. Kristen is also busy promoting her movie. So, I think people are bored so they just make up stories. I don't think he wants to play the field. Give them a beak!!!!.
posted by Teresa I on Mar 16, 2010
Who cares? No one really just DDDRRRRRAAAAMMMMAAAAAAA!
posted by LuvinTwilight143 on Mar 16, 2010
posted by Enjoy life on Mar 16, 2010
Please, Being in a relatonship is hard enough without rushing things. They are both so young. Neither one should worry about the next step. They should enjoy life now young and single. There is plenty of time for commitiment. Marriage and kids are a huge responsibility. They change everything. Not all people are ready to move on to the next step in a relationship. This does not make someone is immature. If they are not ready for whatever reason, it is better for someone in the relationhip be honest than end up hurting the other person in the long run. If they are true solemates then in time they will end up together. Sometimes waiting is the hardest part.
posted by mrsmn on Mar 16, 2010
kristen deserves better.
posted by Heather on Mar 16, 2010
I often wonder if Rob and Kristen read these sites, sit back and have a good old laugh. I mean, truly, they both seem really decent people from close knit families and I think they would know how to handle a relationship albeit long distance at times. I can't imagine having to be apart from your loved one for so long especially when you are so young so give them a break. Get off their backs and let them have as normal a relationship as possible given the circumstances. They both seem mature enough to keep their careers happening whilst still keeping (hopefully) their private lives that, private. I, along with millions of others, wish them the very best with their careers and lives. Keep the level heads you both seem to have. xx
posted by avisa on Mar 16, 2010
it is soooooooooo funny
posted by Bull on Mar 16, 2010
Itís quite an insult to say that Rob is playing the field, or to say that he even played the field. From all the interviews and testimonials about Rob, he seems the type of guy who would settle with only one girl, give her all of his attention, and turn a blind eye on everybody else. He even said in some interviews that heís not opposed to the idea of settling down and becoming a young father. Besides, if these two would ever talk about marriage and settling down, it would seem that the roles would be reversed. Kristen seems to be more adamant about the topic than Rob. So all in all, this is just crap. Pure utter crap.
posted by TwilightLover on Mar 16, 2010
hello....anyone out there paying attention. Eclipse countdown has started and they got to bring up the hype. On the set, off the set, does it really matter? I think they are both too young and their careers are just taking off. They need to concentrate on that. Not the personal relationships right now.
posted by Val on Mar 16, 2010
Such a stupid fake story.
posted by emma on Mar 16, 2010
Stupid lies, the more we post, the more stories they produce.Every girl in the world wants the same:have somone to love and be loved nad a fmily. What is the big news here?
posted by Abby on Mar 16, 2010
So, Kristen is seeking commitments and kids at 19 or 20? Stupid lies. She is way too private to elaborate about such subjects with anyone. I agree that she deserves more than Rob. With Rob it is like living with Statue of Liberty. He has nothing to offer it terms of emotions. He is also , mid that, confused about his own gender. One day he will OD and brought back to UK in a wooden casket . Leave Kristen alone. Not everybody has boyfriends all the time. Hope she find a regular guy ,civil engineer or somebody like that. Kristen , stay away from Rob for your own good. Do not follow the crowd. Let the mob have him. He has nothing for you. Love and luck.
posted by Jewellgirl on Mar 16, 2010
@Cat - Rob is in London filming Bel Ami, a movie in which he is in EVERY scene apparently. I am sure he would have loved to have been there to support Kristen but he has his commitments and can't just fly off at the drop of a hat. As for this story - bigget load of bull*!*! I have ever read. Just leave them alone - their private life is their own or at least it should be if it wasn't for the tabs & papz being so desperate for a story. I guess reporting on "real" news would be too much like hard work. Much easier to sit at a PC and make something up that actually get of your backsides and go out and get a true story.
posted by kviernes on Mar 16, 2010
this story is so untrue it is because of 4th book twilight saga breaking dawn.
posted by insider on Mar 16, 2010
This story is not true. Kristen and Rob are just fine. They are committed to each other and their work.
posted by Keilly on Mar 16, 2010
Hey wants wrong if he doesnt hook up with anyone? He was broke before - why shouldn't he be able to just like focus on a SERIOUS acting career or music or whatever Maybe even figure out who the hell he is or get his own place - whats wrong with that???
posted by vcm on Mar 16, 2010
such a waste of time...this story is so fake...
posted by Keilly on Mar 16, 2010
Geez, Guys - SHE is only 19! Who the hell gets married at 19??? Why shouldn't he do what he wants - who wants to get married at such a young age? Just because they do movies together - doesn't mean you MARRY the person! He is going to have a lot more leading ladies before his career is over and doubt if he is going to date or marry all of them right?
posted by delle1 on Mar 16, 2010
.Rob and Kristen have been busy filming and promoting their movies so how can anyone even say this unless they're with Kristen or Rob when they talk via phone. I think the media just make up stories because they have nothing else to write. Leave them alone to do what they have to and when the time's right,they'll be together...............maybe sooner than we think.
posted by rnkfanatic... on Mar 16, 2010
this is soooo not true!!!
posted by cat on Mar 16, 2010
in all turth i think he might be hideing some thing that nobody knows, he might have a girl in london i think if it was so important to kris to be at the showings with her he would of fly there and back i think if he loves her or cares for her dont you think he would at less show up for her run away showing, it was very important to her instead of tyler it was nice he was there as her friend and suport her that was very nice
posted by Kiky on Mar 16, 2010
It's so fake! Everybody wants to have kids, but i think for them not for now, if they commit or not just let them.......success for you both (rob n krist).....i love u both
posted by Jewellgirl on Mar 16, 2010
@Abbey - you talk as much crap as this article.
posted by michael on Mar 16, 2010
shame on you for this article! weird hoe no one else picked upon this story!
posted by siandra on Mar 16, 2010
it's totally shit man .they r a cute couple and let dm be.
posted by HoneyBee on Mar 15, 2010
don't believe this story for a second............Rob's always been the one to do the chasing.......who would want so called friends like that.
posted by sandi miller on Mar 15, 2010
these "friends" of theirs are awful, and not good "friends" if they are telling tabloid reporters and paparazzi kristen and rob's personal business. i think the story is a bit mixed up since rob had mentioned in an interview he would like to be a father when the time comes.
posted by Diann Chelson on Mar 15, 2010
This is so funny, cause there is a YouTube video from when Rob was promoting New Moon back in November where he said he would like to be a young father, but he wants to wait a few years. But he for sure wants kids. Then there was that lovely story of when Micheal purposed to Kristen in May, but she said she wanted to wait until she was 25 before she ever got married. Nice story, but you guys switched it! FAKE!
posted by meh on Mar 15, 2010
bull shit
posted by pam on Mar 15, 2010
oh be much more lamer can this tabloids must really think that people are really naive and stupid...kstew is only 19 why would she honestly want to commit to anyone! and Rob just started his fame run so why would he risk it.....tabs and papz both just suck!!!!
posted by s on Mar 15, 2010
what a fake story
posted by Jane on Mar 15, 2010
She should move on I have been there an her sole mate is out there if he wants to play the field let him go

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