'Bachelor' Jake Blogs About Ali's Departure

February 10, 2010 04:24:52 GMT

He compares Ali's decision to leave him to Mike Tyson punching him in the face and he defends his own decision to let her go at the end.

'Bachelor' Jake Blogs About Ali's Departure
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Jake Pavelka has come forward to address the heartbreaking situation when Ali decided to leave "The Bachelor" to pursue her career. The commercial pilot said that he was so hurt when Ali made the decision that it felt like Mike Tyson gave him a jab on the jaw.

In his blog posted by People, Jake gave a rundown of how the hometown visits made him feel good and how going back to L.A. was upsetting. "After visiting all the families, I felt really good about where I was in this journey. Then I got back to L.A. and the bottom dropped out. My heart crumbled when she told me her boss demanded her back at work. I didn't actually think she would leave me. We talked about it for three hours that night while the poor women at the rose ceremony just waited."

Jake then gave an insight about the situation, explaining "She actually didn't have to be back at work for four or five more days but we were leaving the country the next morning, so she had to make a decision I felt like she wanted me to make the choice for her, but I couldn't. How could I live with myself if I told her, 'No! You are not leaving me now!' and then realize a week or two later that she was not 'the one.' I couldn't make the decision for her."

He added, "When she told me she was leaving, my heart stopped. I wish I could've had Mike Tyson punch me square in the jaw, because it would have felt so much better than what I feeling as I watched AliCat drive away that night."

Jake praised Ali during his visit to her hometown of Williamstown, Mass. "It was hard to pull myself away from Ali that night; we shared some of the most passionate kissing I had experienced so far!" he said, adding that her family made him comfortable.

Next week on "The Bachelor", Jake receives a call from Ali. "Next week we are in Saint Lucia! EVERYTHING changes. This is where the real emotions start to run wild. Relationships are solidified and become unstoppable," Jake teased.


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posted by better then Jake\'s on Mar 01, 2010
He is such a fool to have chosen Vienna...what does he see in her? She is a dog in every aspect. Good luck when she controls him from his family and friends, gains 30 lbs and runs out of that cheap hair dye. Why is it that everybody can see on the outside what people "in love" can't see.
posted by keekeekaren on Feb 21, 2010
Vienna is super fake, young and immature, If jake picks her it does explain why a good looking guy like him is single, bad taste in women
posted by AB on Feb 18, 2010
If Jake chooses Vienna it's no wonder he's single and on the Bachelor, with the dumb@ss choices he makes when it comes to women!!! He and Ali were perfect for each other.
posted by lets b honest on Feb 16, 2010
Vienna, is as fake as they come, from the fake blonde hair to the fake smile, I would have done some convincing to keep Ali on the show and with you at the end Jake, what a awsome couple you would have made,
posted by Star Gazer on Feb 16, 2010
Tonight was as Spoile Steve said it would be. Now I just hope he is wrong about Sausage being the one !! If she is, then Jake has chosen his own heartache. Remember, if Jake chooses Sausage he also chooses her "daddy".....Yikes....Go with Tenley...she adores you...and her family is awesome.....not straight out of Deliverance !!!!
posted by fizzie on Feb 16, 2010
Obviously Ali made the right choice. She went back to work and then a few days later called Jake and begged to come back and he said no! He said he didn't love her and had stronger feelings for the other girls. I'm glad she didn't lose her job and find out that Jake was taking her for a ride two weeks later! Jake is a loser and deserves Vienna. If he could fall out of love with Ali so quickly he doesn't deserve someone who really loves him. I hope they both get eatten by an alligator...and her little dog too!!!
posted by Maya on Feb 16, 2010
I am so happy Jake rejected Ali. She is so shallow, choosing a career over the man she claimed to love. Well then let her marry her career. This shows the kind of wife she would be. Imagine her leaving the kids so she could pursue her career. Sometimes you can have them both, but most of the times its either or, and we all know what Ali worships, her career. Good riddance.
posted by 88888 on Feb 15, 2010
Jake loves Ali and Ali loves Jake.....How the hell can one possibly be in love with 3 women at the same time....get real!
posted by bella_glo on Feb 15, 2010
For the life of me, I don't understand what Jake sees in Vienna!!! She depicts trouble and is nothing but a spoiled brat. I can't help to think that if Jake asks for Vienna's hand in marriage, he will also have to ask for her dad's hand in marriage. Jake has no idea the degree of impact Vienna's dad could or will have on them. Her dad will be breathing down his neck constantly reminding Jake that his daughter deserves to be treated like a Princess at all times. In my opinion, Jake's love of his life, soul mate should NOT be Vienna. Huge, big mistake. Now that Gia has been eliminated and lets just say that Ali does not return ( because one never knows) I hope Jake comes to his senses and asks Tenley.
posted by M on Feb 11, 2010
Anyone but Vienna would be my preference.. But if it can't be Ali, Tenley or Gia, then I guess it would be Vienna... blacch.. I think Jake is really cute with Ali and Tenley.. (of course separately,.. ) But my top choice is Ali!!!
posted by prettywoman on Feb 10, 2010
Ali is a good person but she needs to have more confidence and focus on the prize. Vienna shows more confidence which fuels Jake's fire and which he sees as something good. However I dont think that she may be the right pick for him. Ali might be a better pick but she has to focus on Jake and not the other girls, especially Vienna who i think Jake may be secretly in love with. I like Tenly, she may be the one as well.
posted by splashnk on Feb 10, 2010
I was so hurt when ALi walked away....NO Vienna!!! But praying that Alicat does come back!!!! Not the same without Ali on the show!!! JAKE is such a eye catcher....he is HOT!!!
posted by pro-independance on Feb 10, 2010
Oh hush up u Ali haters! seriously.Ali made the right choice.. men come and go, people break up, divorce, die... the only person you can truly count on is yourself! If it's meant to be, it will happen. Vienna... I hope she gets eaten by an aligator.
posted by Ashley on Feb 10, 2010
Okay, so Ali was one of my favourite people on this show and im happy she chose what she did. A man will come and go out of a girls life but your work will always stick with you. So the jerk talking about Ali can shove it. Ali and Jake would be a cute couple and your just pissed becuase you will never have a relationship like theirs. Ali has a good head on her shoulders and chose the right choice. If Jake really did fall for her, he needs to step up to the plate and show it. She gave him the option to choose and he couldnt which means her feels something positive about her. Obviously Ali was going to say things about the girls in the house. Its a compitition for Jake, and she shouldnt care about what the other girls think of her. She was standing up for herself with Vienna because she is a spoiled cow. So honnestly get over it. Ali would be good for Jake, and if Jake talks to her in the future. Than you know he likes her more than the others who he kisses and pretends to like it. I cant wait to see it happen, and prove you Ali hatters wrong (:
posted by WildOne on Feb 10, 2010
Anyone BUT Vienna!!
posted by Jesse on Feb 10, 2010
Ali showed so much dis-respect to Jake and the other woman by taking up so much time for her own little "pity party". And to learn that she really doesn't have to be back to work for a week even makes it more bizarre. I think she displayed such perverse jealousy thru-out the series; 1st w/Vienna and then her final night just glaring at Tenley because she was so happy and talking to Chris. I think that Ali is insecure about her body, did NOT want to put on that bikini and strut in front of the cameras at a tropical location and she tried to force Jake's hand by pushing him into choosing her in advance. I think she is the "spoiled" one and Jake is better off w/out her knowing that she would chose a job over true love. She should have got her work pass to go the distance on the show if she was serious and I think it is all hype on her part. She chickened out (in many ways) and she is "not all that". Good riddance, Ali....long time over-due. Plus you walk like a deformed idiot in heels and your hips will never see the light of day in a bathing suit....just my observation. Bet I'm right....!
posted by me, myself & I on Feb 10, 2010
really? who cares? doesn't matter who stays on the show. nobody's hooking up in real life. they never do. everyone wants a nother season, so if you hook up with the winner, you won't get a second season. besides, all the bimbos and airhead men on these shows just want fame, not love. get real please.
posted by luck-e on Feb 09, 2010
The girl that got away, she is/was THE ONE! You would be wise to stay away from Vienna!!! She just seems so fakey! If not Ali, Tenley would be my next choice for Jake.

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