President Obama on Tiger Woods' Multiple Affair

January 14, 2010 02:58:02 GMT

The U.S. leader refuses to give a personal opinion regarding the sensitive issue but believes that the golfer will be able to pull it off.

President Obama on Tiger Woods' Multiple Affair
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The scrutiny over Tiger Woods' cheating scandal has not died down and even the U.S. President took time to have a word about it. Barack Obama who met the golfer in April last year said that Woods can absolutely be rehabilitated although he's been accused of infidelity with more than 9 women.

"I don't want to comment on his personal relationship with his wife and family, but I'm a strong believer that anybody can look within themselves, find their flaws and fix them," Obama told the newest issue of People. Obama added he is sure Woods feels "terrible" of what happened and is confident that he would "put his life back together again."

The latest development in Woods' story suggests that the golf ace has checked himself into a sex-addiction rehab in Cape Town, South Africa. Per The Sun, Woods is on a strict six-week program which costs 5,000 pounds a week.

"Celebrity spotters heard he flew into Cape Town between Christmas and New Year. He was apparently seen at the airport then went straight to Montrose Place for treatment," a source claimed. The area was in fact surrounded by two security firms as of Tuesday, January 12.


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posted by Bill OReilly on Jan 15, 2010
Now tiger is a homo too?
posted by Moses on Jan 15, 2010
Amen praised the lord free your heart and let Jesus in.
posted by ayfen on Jan 15, 2010
It is a choice of life to be good or bad, tobe a Jesus follower or the world follower. To be bad and a world follower who has no self-control surely are chasing after lust; one lust for sex and another lust for money. They are so matching.I'm sure lusting is only temporary in this world. Life is too short for chasing after lust. My question: would the mistresses love Tiger sincerely if he was nothing?I just wish Tiger would not make wrong decison in his life and Elin would forget and forgive.
posted by LMAO on Jan 15, 2010
No frigging religous recruit here plz. Sick brain wash people
posted by kefu on Jan 14, 2010
Tiger may benefit from sex-addiction rehab. But what he needs above all is to turn his life to JESUS CHRIST. There is no great cure than JESUS. Tiger needs to repent his sins and accept Jesus Chist as his saviour, that should the his first step. The sin is in the heart and only Jesus can heal him and make him new. Jesus wont condemn as many people are doing but the love of CALVARY will set him free. Tiger Jesus Loves You, He died for you so that you might be set free from the bondages of sin.
posted by Natrod25 on Jan 14, 2010
Jesus? LMAO. Jesus is nothing. Plus, I agree with david.
posted by david on Jan 14, 2010
Jesus doesn't have a say in the world, unfortunately. The world was created and God stepped back to give us all free will. If Jesus is running the show, and the world is STILL in the shape it's in, then I'm not sure I'd want to be a part of your Jesus.
posted by Ally on Jan 14, 2010
Another thing is that hopefully the so called mistresses will also be able to find Jesus in their hearts so their bodies will not be continually used to breaking other families' lives. We all need Jesus the only way, the truth and the life. For with HIM there is no more condemnation. I meet a man who told me he is single and yet he is married. I think that is worser act and this sinful act was revealed for my protection. Who will be able to protect me? I am still a wounded heart, but i cannot do as these women do telling the guy's family of what He did to me, I just pray that he will meet Jesus too so he stop putting an innocent woman having a wounded heart.We all need a savior.
posted by ally on Jan 14, 2010
I agree with you Kefu, I just hope that Elin and Tiger would turn to Jesus and that they will be able to heal their wounded soul and so they can learn to forgive each other. Let us just hope that they can still be friends and through time fix their marriage.

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