Video Premiere: Lil Wayne's 'On Fire'

January 07, 2010 04:00:24 GMT

The mentor of Canadian rapper Drake is jamming with Mayday! In the party thrown for a music video supporting his single 'On Fire'.

Video Premiere: Lil Wayne's 'On Fire'
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Lil Wayne is throwing a party where he is bringing his guitar and rocking out loud with a Hip-Hop band Mayday!. The video is directed by Chris Robinson and is premiered on various MTV platforms.

Produced by Cool & Dre, "On Fire" is confirmed to be included in Weezy's first rock-themed album "Rebirth" which after suffering from several pushbacks and accidental shipments is slated for June 22 U.S. release. The song samples Amy Holland's "She's on Fire" which serves a soundtrack for 1983 film "Scarface".

"He's talking about a chick that's on fire," Dre recently told MTV about the track. "He's on his knees praying to the Lord to keep him clear because she's on fire. He's got a bad one! She's that bad that's she might have came straight outta hell."

Lil Wayne's "On Fire" music video


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posted by mic green on Mar 16, 2010
Lil Wayne invented swag. I respect him. I look up to him. Wayne inspired me to make my own demos. At first I wanted to be an astronaught but he made me want to be in the rap game. When no ceilings came out I set up my own recording studio. And its in my room. And I'm10
posted by dominik on Jan 07, 2010
Lil wayne is so geil hehe

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